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  1. Starting Problem

    I have all the suspension work done now and the bike has been setting for a while but we have put several hundred miles on her. New battery and the wiring has been updated. The problem is when it sets over night the thing is hard to start. When you press the starter button it just makes a clicking sound. I tried jumping it off and it still clicks but if you keep on pressing the button it will finally start and after it starts it will be fine the rest of the day. It has me confused. Jumping it off makes no difference so it's not the battery. If it's the relay why does it start fine the rest of the day ? Thanks for any info.
  2. RC-51 fork installation

    It has been setting since 2010 so it might need to be ridden and see what she does after a good ride. Get the tag next week and then we will find out what happens.
  3. RC-51 fork installation

    Getting the suspension dialed in will be the next thing to do. The Penske shock has a ton of adjustment. I did end up using no catalytic converter. The power commander does need set up. When it's cold it idles like crap and smells rich. After it warms up it seems to run fine. It will be interesting to see just how good the finished product will be.
  4. RC-51 fork installation

    Well it is now ready to ride. I think it turned out pretty awesome. My wife Deb is ready to ride it. She had one when we first met and she is excited to have another one. I know one thing it has one heck of a set of brakes.
  5. Exhaust Info

    I am waiting on one more piece and it will be finished. It is going to be nice. I cannot wait for the first ride then it's off to the dyno.
  6. Exhaust Info

    It is close to being finished still need the inner fairing pieces. Just had to take a break from spending money. Should get back on track next month. She runs great and that was my main concern since she had been setting so long. With only 5000 mile on her she is still new.
  7. Exhaust Info

    We got the exhaust on this evening and even though I drilled a hole through the inside of the mufflers it was still quiet. I am thinking about getting two small car mufflers and getting a muffler shop to make pipes for it.
  8. Exhaust Info

    I got all my exhaust gaskets and seals yesterday so now I am ready to move along. I will have to use the stock mufflers for now. Just do not have the extra money at this time.
  9. RC-51 fork installation

    After setting since 2010 she fired up today.
  10. RC-51 fork installation

    All the inner fairing pieces are missing. Matter of fact all the black trim panels are missing. Pete's wife has been trying to find them but I would say they most likely got thrashed.
  11. RC-51 fork installation

    It's getting closer to being finished. The Dan Moto clip ons came and they worked out great. Waiting on exhaust gaskets and after that it should be pretty much finished. I am very pleased at how it's coming together.
  12. RC-51 fork installation

    The master cylinder hits the gauges but I ordered a set of adjustable clipons and I am pretty sure that will remedy the problem. Pete bought the forks under the impression they were SP1. He had two sets of forks and this set was longer then the other set. From what I have read the SP1s are a little longer. As long as everything comes together I will be happy.
  13. RC-51 fork installation

    Pete bought a brand new Honda RC51 master cylinder so that's what I am planning on using. The forks are SP1 worked over by Ohlins so they should be great. The rotors are SP1 and you said the calipers were SP2. I do not know what they are. I am happy with the way things are going . We are wanting to get it on the road.
  14. RC-51 fork installation

    If anyone wants the 1000RR clipons I will sell them for 40 dollars. I just could not make them work the way I wanted to. A 600rr or similar master cylinder would help. I also have the stock clipons.
  15. RC-51 fork installation

    It is coming along pretty good. Waiting on more parts now. Brake lines for the front and rear and the clipons. After they get here it should not take to long to finish it. All the inner fairing pieces are missing but I am hoping Pete's wife can find them but I have a feeling they were tossed. They could not find the exhaust Pete had on it either but I do have the stock pipes. That's a plus. Thanks for all the info.