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  1. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    Haha, yeah my point is that they don't just say the "recommended octane is 86, period - end of discussion". They say "86 or higher". Therefore, I tend to read it as "recommended octane is greater than or equal to 86, with 86 being the absolute bare minimum to achieve acceptable engine performance"
  2. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    My owner's manual recommends "86 or higher". It also says "Use recommended octane number. Using lower octane gasoline will result in decreased engine performance." I'm skeptical as to whether or not the 8th gen's engine, with its 11.8:1 compression ratio, would really deliver optimum performance with only the minimum recommendation of 86 octane. If the manual says using lower octane (85 presumably) will result in decreased engine performance, doesn't it stand to reason that using 91 or 93 octane would result in increased engine performance? The manual does recommend "86 or higher", not 86. I was curious so I did some quick research into what minimum octane is recommended for some other Hondas, here's a list below with their respective compression ratios and minimum recommended octane. I wonder why all those engines except the 8th gen recommend a minimum of 91 octane - what is so special about the 8th gen's engine that it won't derive some benefit from the higher octane? Maybe someone can do a dyno run with their 8th gen using both 86 and 93 octane fuels and post up the results. CBR 1000RR 12.3:1 91 CBR600RR 12.2:1 91 7th gen VFR1200 12.0:1 91 8th gen VFR800 11.8:1 86 S2000 11.1:1 91
  3. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    Thanks for the stats Grum. To what do you attribute your 8th gen's better fuel efficiency? Also, is your standard octane in Australia 91? Or do you guys have a different rating system? Here in Florida it's usually only 87 as you can see in the pic below. I usually fill up with the 93 V-Power.
  4. Handlebar Muffs

    Gloves and heated grips aren't enough?
  5. Ducati supersport

    I read somewhere that they were also specifically engineered to hold adult diapers for their intended demographic - old guys who can't lean over on their Panigale anymore
  6. Performance Mods rap up

    That's right! On behalf of the Rap Coalition of America I must insist we get some sound
  7. Performance Mods rap up

    And hear it too please.
  8. Intro and Wheel Question

    Welcome and great vid! You had some of the best lean angles I've seen for an 8th gen since Smoke's vid - I'll link his vid below in case you haven't seen it. To answer your question, I've never seen an 8th gen with an aftermarket wheel.
  9. Pilot seat recommendations

    Wow that looks great - might be the best looking black VFR I've ever seen - too bad we never got them in the USA!
  10. Pilot seat recommendations

    That looks very comfy! How much does it add to the seat height? Is that stripe silver or white? Any more pics? Did you get the rear seat cover as well? Here's another pic from their website that shows the rear - the front looks a bit different from yours without the stripe.
  11. Good luck with your auxiliary lights Katie. BTW, has anyone in the USA removed their reflectors up front? I was able to rid myself of the rear red reflectors by adding the tail tidy but as you can see in the pic below I still have the ugly yellow ones. I'm guessing they wouldn't be that hard to remove since most of the world doesn't have them?
  12. Quickshifter

    AFAIK it's only for the 8th gen - here's a link to the installation instructions:
  13. I'm not sure but I think it uses ugly brackets - according to Ducati's store description their $1,500 side panniers "...come complete with mounting brackets..." Link: https://store.ducatiusa.com/p/ducati-supersport-side-panniers-kit-red/accessories_supersport_supersport-all?pp=20 And another thing. AFAIK Ducati does not even offer a centerstand as an optional accessory. This of course is a standard feature found on the VFR deluxe and a low cost accessory for base models. In addition to facilitating maintenance it also comes in handy when chicks are posing on your parked bike as seen below - you don't have to worry about them knocking it over And another thing! Ducati owners on the forums are warning each other (see quote below) that if they load up their side stand It could puncture their thinner/lighter engine case!!! Think about that the next time you read a moto-journalist complain that the VFR is heavy - LOL http://www.ducatisupersport939.net/forum/#/topics/1377?page=1
  14. Free automatic heated seat, eh? That's very generous of Ducati considering they want $350 for heated grips! My 8th gen deluxe has them as standard equipment of course. Personally, I could do without Ducati's free automatic heated seat here in Fla https://store.ducatiusa.com/c/accessories_supersport_supersport-all
  15. Who needs an SUV when you have a VFR800? Happy Thanksgiving everyone!