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  1. That's my laser cannon No, actually it's just an LED flasher - a Bontrager Ion 35. Here's a link and a vid: https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/equipment/cycling-accessories/bike-lights/bontrager-ion-35/p/12536/
  2. Lake Brantley near Orlando, Fla
  3. Yeah you can hear it with no muffler at about the 1 minute mark of OneLife's vid below and it doesn't seem to sound much louder than it does with the Delk with no baffle
  4. LOL - yes it seems that but for the Honda getting passed on the long straightaway at I'm guessing 175 mph or so it would have been the #1 pick of just about every tester. So for most mortals the CBR would be more than adequate. What I don't understand is that when MCN did their Shootout (see vid below where CBR got 1st place), the CBR actually had the HIGHEST top speed of all the bikes (although they were all governed I assume) and it had WAY MORE hp in their test than in the Motorcycle.com test (179.01 hp per MCN v. 153.2 hp per motorcycle.com) - see screenshots from end of vid below. The CBR tested by MCN was the "SP" version but I don't think that trim level adds anything over the base model that would effect horsepower or top speed (just better suspension, brakes and titanium muffler). So that makes me think it's purely a Euro spec v. USA spec issue since MCN is in Europe and motorcycle.com is in USA - with the USA spec being severely restricted by its computer. Reminds me of the situation with the RC213V-S where the European-spec bike has a claimed output of 157 peak horsepower at 11,000 rpm, while the U.S. machine only makes 101 hp at 8,000 rpm.
  5. Wow, great work! I can see the wheel and it looks beautiful! Does it cook your foot? Hard to tell in the pics but it seems to come VERY close to the right foot peg - or maybe it's just an illusion? I wouldn't want it to melt my crocs
  6. Yes I do! I just don't have a turntable anymore to play it on
  7. Oooh that was a great song! I saw Styx on this same tour in Orlando - hard to believe it was 21 years ago! Time flies
  8. The '17 CBR 1000RR just took 2nd place in Motorcycle.com's 2017 Superbike TRACK Shootout, beating the BMW S1000RR and all of its rivals from Japan - but losing out to the Aprilia RSV4 RR. Way to go Honda! Seems the main thing holding it back is a lack of hp at the top end supposedly due to some sort of EPA noise regulations? As you may recall, the Honda recently took 3rd place in their '17 Superbike STREET Shootout where it barely lost out to the BMW for 2nd with the Aprilia in 1st. Once again, they marveled at the sound of the Aprilia V4: "Oh, and let’s not forget that mellifluous V-4 soundtrack that Honda probably wishes it could match like it did back in the glorious RC30/45 days.” ARE YOU LISTENING HONDA?!? Link to Motorcycle.com's 2017 Superbike Track Shootout article: http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/2017-superbike-track-shootout Motorcycle.com 2017 Superbike Track Shootout video:
  9. Thanks! See, this is precisely why I have to wear extremely light weight crocs when I ride - it helps to offset the extra weight of the Pearl White paint . As far as girls go, yes they do like the VFR! In fact just as I parked at this location there was a group of 3 teenage girls (in bikinis!) that had parked in the lot just to the left who went out of their way to come check out my bike before they headed down to the beach to get in a boat. Turns out they know my son GG Jr. from high school - they said I was a "cool dad" for riding such a "fast" bike - LOL
  10. Thanks Tom - excellent point! Yes I forgot to mention that in my rant - that the VFR has a considerably larger fuel tank (5.6 gallons) to serve its sport-touring mission which means not only does the tank itself weigh more but so does the extra gallon or so of fuel it holds when the bike is measured "wet" by the motorcycle press for their reviews. The new Ducati SuperSport for example (which many in the press compare to the VFR) only has a 4.2 gallon (16 liter) tank! Even my old Ninja 300 had a 4.5 gallon tank and that got MUCH better mpg than the Ducati could ever dream of getting! Ducati actually has the gall to say on their website: "long-range 16-litre fuel tank give the SuperSport good touring capability." And yet the press actually praises it for having such a low weight - go figure!
  11. Haha sorry about butchering your name Cam! Sounds like you might actually know that Boris guy? I'm guessing he's an accountant or something in real life . Thanks again for the tidy and congrats on your pending nuptials! That's very exciting. Reminds me of a funny story: One of my older brothers was getting married (for the 3rd time) and I was put in charge of making arrangements for his batchelor party. When I contacted one of his best friends to let him know about it he told me to pass along his apologies to my brother for not being able to come but to tell him he would try to make it to the next one
  12. Thanks - I couldn't agree more!
  13. That park is part of my subdivision only a 1 or 2 minute ride from my house. I don't usually wear crocs when I ride but I wore them while washing my VFR and didn't feel like changing them even though I knew I would catch grief from the ATGATT peeps. I must say that the feeling of the air blowing through those little holes onto your toes while you ride is awesome - you should give it a try at least once! The Labrador sticker is actually a Golden Retriever magnet - I have a collection of about a half dozen magnets I use as tank protectors - I like to be able to switch them out depending on my mood. My Golden is the best dog ever! Sounds like Florida is rather laissez-faire compared to Spain, at least in terms of vehicle inspections. I'm pretty sure there are no annual vehicle inspection requirements in Florida - and there are definitely none in central Florida where I live. I think at one point about 20 years ago they had annual inspections in some parts of Florida but I believe it was only in bigger cities like Miami and Tampa for pollution control / tail pipe emissions only - not for sound levels or anything else. But I think even that was abolished many years ago.