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  1. One Year Review Vid

    Wow, you're on pace for 54,000 in one year - is that miles or km? I only have about 4K miles on mine after one year.
  2. One Year Review Vid

    Florida is between Georgia and Cuba My learner bike Ninja 300 had a slipper clutch so I got used to having one - I've had a couple instances of hearing the rear wheel chirp on aggressive downshifts with my VFR especially the 3 to 2 shift - something that never happened on the Ninja. I've gotten much better at rev matching though so it's not really an issue for me anymore. I do have a bicycle (Trek Marlin 7) but I don't consider myself a "road bicyclist" - i.e., you won't ever catch me wearing spandex biker shorts
  3. One Year Review Vid

    Still in love with my 8th gen:
  4. Two VFR's in One Day?

    There just so happens to be a sexy '86 RWB for sale not too far from me with 35K mikes for $3K - I might have to ride out there this weekend and check it out: https://www.cycletrader.com/dealers/Motorcycle-Enthusiasts-705323/listing/1986-Honda-VFR750-122130442
  5. Buying advice - 8th gen

    Good decision getting an 8th gen, I love mine. Are you anywhere near Denver? Getnoff recently bought a new base model 8th gen for $5,397 and ZERO fees there - just tax and tag extra - and rode it back home to Florida! See this thread: http://vfrworld.com/threads/any-difference-in-2014-and-2015-vfr800.54272/ In addition to the 4 things on your list the Deluxe also gets the center stand and adjustable suspension. Rear seat cowl is standard on both. Yes the center stand can be added to the base model but I've read it's a PITA to install as it requires dropping the exhaust, plus folks are having trouble finding them these days. Yes the heated grips can also be added as an accessory to the base model. Speaking of heated grips, there are LOTS of threads here dicussing the pros and cons of base v. deluxe if you scroll back through the 8th gen subforum so I won't beat that horse to death. It's too bad we never got the black 8th gen in the USA like in your pic, or the silver '17 model for that matter. But who needs black and silver when you can have the best color, pearl white
  6. Are you guys getting your tanks blown regularly to help release the built up vacuum pressure? I believe the owner's manual recommends this service be done at least twice a month in order to ensure proper performance
  7. VTEC Downshift

    LOL, yeah there are a TON of funny VTEC memes on google images but I thought that was by far the best one! Here's some more good ones
  8. Bikini Bike Wash at Ace Cafe Orlando

    Followed up by a good blow and polish
  9. VTEC Downshift

  10. DCT model

    Traction control was added in 2012 along with better software for the DCT. It also got an improved saddle and slightly bigger fuel tank - see this thread:
  11. Bikini Bike Wash at Ace Cafe Orlando

    I'll send them right over - nonstop flights from Orlando to London take about 8 hours of flight time - is that enough notice for you?
  12. VFR vibration

    Very sorry to hear that - I would just trade it in for an 8th gen (this is the 8th gen sub-forum )
  13. Advice needed on second bike

    I would recommend a 2013+ Ninja 300 w/ ABS over the CBR 300R or Grom. I had a lot of fun on mine - it was very light and maneuverable around town but could also do well over 100 mph on the highway. I had the 2013 "special edition" just like the one in the video below and everyone thought it was a 600 because of the wild paint scheme, at least until I started it up - LOL. The main problem with the CBR300R IMO is it's a thumper so they sound like a dirt bike no matter what you do to the exhaust and they have a very low redline which is out of place IMO on a sportsbike. The Ninja 300, on the other hand, has a parallel twin and would rev to 13,000 rpm which made it a lot of fun. Keep in mind that the CBR in the vid below is the older 250 version before they made it a 300 but it's still a thumper and quite a bit slower than the Ninja 300.
  14. Bikini Bike Wash at Ace Cafe Orlando

    Good one. Here's my fave AFOS vid - I always feel the urge to go shopping at Target after I watch it
  15. Bikini Bike Wash at Ace Cafe Orlando

    Oh no - is that a problem for the 8th gen too? I assumed Honda had resolved that issue but I guess time will tell.