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  1. Yeah but none of those bikes had a V-type engine so obviously the V-Power fuel would be of no benefit, duh!
  2. Oh yeah - my "VFR" stickers added approximately 5 hp apiece! However, only Shell V-Power gasoline lets me unleash this hidden power as it's specially formulated for V-type engines. My butt dyno was manufactured by Rectaltronics so it should be extremely accurate
  3. My Delkevic mini carbon slip on added 2.96 peak hp and cut just over 7 pounds compared to stock. NZCam's tail tidy (get one while you can!) shaved about another pound. I read somewhere that you gain the equivalent of an extra hp for every X pounds of weight you cut but I can't remember what the "X" is - anyone remember? I think that's pretty good for about $300 and my butt dyno tells me the bike has a bit more power. But I would have spent the money anyway just to get the better looks and sound regardless of actual power gains. To get your desired 10-15 hp I'm afraid it will cost a lot more. Good luck.
  4. Comfort on VFR

    I'm reminded of a song Where in Fla are you? We might be putting together a VFR meet in September on a Thursday night at the new Ace Cafe in Orlando - see this thread from the other forum if interested: http://vfrworld.com/threads/ace-cafe-in-orlando.53710/#post-569572
  5. Ixil Exhaust - sound open throttle

    Based on the recommendation of another motovlogger I just bought a half dozen dirt cheap lapel mics on eBay or amazon, I forget which one and I don't remember the brand either, sorry. I knew they would be hit and miss which is why I bought 6 at once. Sure enough only 2 of the 6 worked but they were so cheap I didn't mind
  6. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Reminds me of the old Tom Cruise movie
  7. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Haha - yeah I was thinking some of those Euro plates looked big enough to affect their top speed I just remembered we have a members map on the forum: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/membermap/ Obviously not a scientific representation of sales (probably overrepresents English speaking countries) but still interesting to look at. I was surprised to see that Florida has as many members as Australia and England - I hardly ever see a VFR on the road here.
  8. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    LOL - I hear where you're coming from and respect your point of view. And this may be why Honda gave us the choice in the USA of having ABS and TC on the 8th gen, they know that a significant portion of our population don't like having computers taking control of things for us or government regulators forcing safety equipment on us. But if you are anti-regulation, can we assume that your car is a pre 2012 model made before Electronic Stability Control became mandatory? Actually, you would probably want to get a car made before roughly 1995 when airbags became mandatory, right? Or better yet, you should insist on only buying cars made before 1968 when seat belts became mandatory. Or maybe a car made in the 1930's or whenever it was they started mandating the use of safety glass in windshields? That said, I'm actually a little annoyed that Honda put this low rpm assist system on my bike without my knowledge. Even though it's actually kind of a nice feature and it wouldn't have prevented me from buying it - I was kind of creeped out when I found out that after almost a year of riding my bike a computer has been monkeying around with my throttle for all this time What else is it doing that I'm not aware of? I think Honda should have mentioned this feature in their promotional materials like Suzuki does. As for the Traction Control poll I referenced above, I was by no means claiming that it was scientific. I only referenced it because I felt someone reading Rectal's assertion that it was "awful" should know that not everyone here shares that view.
  9. Ixil Exhaust - sound open throttle

    Nice vid Sparky - sounds great!! You may want to consider getting the external mic adaptor for your GoPro and running a cheap mic into the helmet - it will cut your wind noise way down but still allow much of the exhaust noise to come through.
  10. 8Th Gen Tail Tidy

    Very interesting - thanks for sharing that data. If my math is correct, 45.1% of the tidies went to the USA. I wonder if that roughly corresponds to overall sales of the 8th gen as well? Do you happen to have the breakdown for tidies by state for the USA?
  11. Welcome and thanks for the thorough review! I agree with you on the awful horn placement. The 2 bros should significantly add to your enjoyment of the bike - almost all the slip-ons shave at least 5 pounds and add at least 2hp - not to mention the vastly improved sound. When I added a slip on to mine it really transformed the riding experience for the better. One thing that caught my eye in your review is when you said you just bought the rear seat cowl. It's supposed to come as standard equipment. You may want to go back to the dealer and see if it's sitting in a box gathering dust up on a shelf in their parts department.
  12. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Exactly my point - the 8th gen really was a "technology showcase" for 2014. I think maybe the Panigale 1199/1299 had all three (ABS, TC, LED) in 2014?
  13. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    But that wasn't my question - my question was how many had ABS, TC, and LED headlights?
  14. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Very interesting info Dave! I was just wondering what would have happened in my experiment if I had already throttled the RPMs up to say a steady 2,000 RPM before letting out the clutch - would it still go up by 250 or would the effect go away if already above idle? You're saying based on your experiment that it still increases the RPM and perhaps by as much as 500, not just 250? The 8th gen really is a technology showcase! I was also wondering what would have happened if I had the bike in 2nd gear before letting out the clutch - I assume they designed it to only work in 1st gear? This gives me a good excuse to go out for a ride now and do some more experiments - I'll report my findings later tonight LOL. EDIT: Okay I THINK I was able to duplicate Dave's result of roughly a 500 RPM increase at 2,000 and no increase at 3,000. It was difficult to keep the throttle steady when releasing the clutch because when the wheel starts spinning on the center stand it still jostles you a bit. When I pulled the clutch back in it was never at exactly 2,000 rpm again which tells me I wasn't keeping the throttle perfectly steady throughout the experiment. Also, it DOES work in 2nd gear too - rpm would increase by about 250 at idle when releasing the clutch.
  15. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    No, I was only referring to the "innovative low rpm assist system" (as Suzuki calls it) which was the subject of this thread and was apparently designed to help noobs launch their bike - hence my reference to training wheels ABS and TC on the other hand are technologies that can help expert riders (whether they admit it or not) as well as noobs. I did consider the 8th gen a "technology showcase" when it came out in 2014 (and to a lesser extent even today). What other bikes had LED headlights, ABS, and Traction Control in 2014? And if there were any, what did they cost in comparison to the 8th gen's original MSRP of $13,499 in 2014? I bet none of them also had the "innovative" low rpm assist system back then I think your characterization of the 8th gen's Traction Control as "awful" is unfair. Currently, 5 folks voted in the thread/poll (linked below) that it works just fine (including me) and only 1 person has voted that it doesn't.