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    1984 VF500F, 2014 YAM FZ09
  1. Sorry it didn't work out for you this year. It's been a fun ride for me anyway, thanks for that. In any case, it'll be great to see your dyno and action pictures when you get there.
  2. I agree, maybe you can get somebody to loan you a set of VF500 carbs, clean em up, throw in new jets (very common jet types) and you're set?
  3. wow, not sure what getting off the needles or overcoming the restriction means but best of luck with that. Strange how a California bike ended up in your neck of the woods with so many other possibilities out there in the whole wide world. I assume you've checked that your vacuum diaphragms are all in good order.
  4. A work of art my friend. Congratulations, hopefully you'll be able to video the dyno? that would be awesome to see after following along all this time. What radiator is that from? You shouldn't have any cooling problems with that upgrade. Awesome!
  5. It's been quite a few days now, anxious to see how well she fires up for you. Always a nail biting moment.
  6. You are the ultimate ANTI-hack! You do everything the way most of us wish we could. Thank you for letting us tag along!! I'll admit that I check this thread sometimes twice a day to see if any new progress is posted. Will you be using an electric fuel pump or are you going to try gravity feed with the single inlet on the left side?
  7. What I meant to say is that it was you who built the belt-o-ceptor, a legend among us VF500F owners because of the astoundingly high mileage. How many miles when you sold it to your buddy? Most don't make it past 20k miles.
  8. Hi Busy, I have a question for you completely unrelated to this thread (sorry). What happened to your 100k mile BELT-O-CEPTOR? Did it finally drop a valve or? Did you ever replace valves or valve springs on that thing? That was you right? If it wasn't sorry.
  9. Actually, it takes water-melon sized to do that today given the weakness of the old valves. Back then, raisin-size would have been more than enough wringing out the new engine.
  10. Wow, you have bikes like that collecting dust in containers? Living the dream right there... Anyway, just in case you're curious and hadn't seen one opened up, this is a stock collector picture I pirated from that aforementioned site.
  11. I have never seen one dyno'd at more than 53 but that was from stock magazine tests about a million years ago. I can't say I've seen anyone dyno one of these in good condition in recent decades. I've only seen a couple with very low numbers on engines in poor condition. I will mention, IF I remember correctly that a fella named Jamie Daugherty (an ultra expert from another site) who used to race these, mentioned something about the stock exhaust collector and that it isn't a terrible design for this bike and that sometimes attempts for more free flowing exhausts have come up short or something along those lines. They had a pretty extensive discussion on it. http://vfrworld.com/forums/showthread.php/30249-VF500F-Aftermarket-Exhaust-Systems-from-Back-in-the-Day We hope you nailed it with your design on this one and perhaps your porting and richer jets can be calibrated efficiently enough for you to make good numbers. It'll be very interesting to see what you end up pulling.
  12. This is truly an epic thread for remaining vf500f fans worldwide! Are you planning any dyno pulls? Thank You!
  13. Had to "google" that one! Well, the basic frame and the engine are pretty legit vf500f but I hear you on the rest of it. Different "handles and heads" but the core is still a vf500f in spirit. Besides, all the NEWer handles and heads are better than the originals right?
  14. Things are getting exciting. Can't wait for a shot of the entire bike. Nice idea on the extended idle screw, definitely beats burning your hand on the hot valve cover or reaching in there with a glove. Thank you Sport!
  15. Very impressive progress, can't wait to see the final product. Changing up the transmission has seemed to be the most complicated aspect of your endeavor so far. I hope everything continues to come together well and that those God-forsaken valves hold up for you.