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  1. The Sprag Clutch fault was on the earlier 955i engine Triumphs, the 1050 is a much newer design. As for heat issues, I live in the UK the only heat issues is we don't have any .. LOL. it's a very vague description.. "Doesn't start" Personally I would ride the Triumph over the bandit (I'm on my second Sprint) also you don't say which sprint... the earlier ST or the GT.
  2. The background blur makes it look like a Plastic Model of a Viffer.
  3. Me too !
  4. I have ContiAttack2's on the VFR and I must admit they do not inspire confidence in the wet. Maybe just me but don't feel they are as grippy when it gets damp (I'm from the UK which means most of the time)
  5. Blimey I wish I had roads as nice as that round here, usually they are half as wide with twice as many pot holes ... and covered in 'Tractor Pooh'...
  6. I have a dual port Marine rated power connector on one of my bikes. (Dual USB charger and Accessory/Lighter socket) connected directly to my battery and have never had a problem. Even with two tablets and a phone plugged in over night I've not had any problems. Could there be a short in the unit drawing power even if nothing is plugged in, can it not be metered.
  7. Looks comfy, Cheers.
  8. I'm having a few running problems with my 2003 VTEC. After swapping the engine I have run it for a few weeks and now find it runs rough once it gets warm. It seems to run OK when cold but gets very hesitant when it is warm. This is more obvious when running at constant revs, if I'm accelerating or slowing under engine braking it seems OK but as I drive a lot in traffic I tend to be going at steady engine revs for miles. It seems to hesitate, at first I thought it was warped discs binding the way it feels but if I pull the clutch it coasts quite easily. Also if I rev the bike with no load it seems to climb smoothly. I did notice it got worse when the engine temp rose to about 105 degrees (Centigrade) as I was in traffic, the temp dropped to 80 degrees it improved but wasn't smooth. Also if the engine is running at below 3k revs it doesn't like to pull. I'm quite good with spanners so not afraid to tackle most jobs but have no idea where to start. This is my daily commuter so I could do with this running better. I have checked the air filter and reseated the velocity stacks in the air box. I am going to remove the air-box and reseat the throttle body rubbers in case I have an air leak. Anyone have any suggestions for further investigation.
  9. What is that seat? I've never seen one like that before?
  10. Needs more photos of it's blinginess!
  11. In the Garage next to the Lump hammer and the Angle Grinder.
  12. Not quite as glamorous as Mountains in the US but at a Local Biker Café in the UK. SWiMBO's Gladius in the back.
  13. I hear ya! I rode a GS500 twin for about 9-10 years and it was a bit like Granddad's Axe by the end. But it did teach me an awful lot about bike fettling although I never did sort the charging issue out by the time I laid him to rest (RIP 'Dubious') One Triumph had a CCT let go at 50Kmiles but that was an easy fix. So far the Viffer has had a Replacement engine, replacement Stator cover, ripped out the alarm, Lights failed, replacement side stand switch and melted paint..... But apparently Honda's are really reliable.. LOL>
  14. As a new Viffer rider I am not sure what Generation that is but I do like that model in white. Looks the Canines Testes.
  15. Nope, must be a Colonial thing, I don't understand