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  1. Handlebar Muffs

    The only thing I had to do was grind the end of the lever to clear the plastic of the handguard and engineer new longer pivot bolts for the levers. They clear the screen/fairing (just) despite have higher bars fitted. and I bet it was on a CX500.
  2. Handlebar Muffs

    I've fitted Cheapie handguards to my Vtec. it's made a difference as it has cut out the wind chill factor. Not had a chance to try them at sub zero conditions but my get my wish later this week.
  3. London calling...

    BLIMEY DUTCHY... you don't half get big cats over there !
  4. London calling...

    Me too... didn't fancy the M25 on the bike. took me twice as long but got here safe.
  5. Question about OEM saddlebags

    That's what Spray paint is for?
  6. 2017 operating budget released

    Hi Woodie, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. I need help removing a screw

    the flat punch is a good tip. I've used it many times. it also helps loosen any corrosion gripping the thread.
  8. Hello from Somerset UK.

    How be on youi? welcome.
  9. London calling...

    Very nice. I must admit I am partial to the earlier 'curvier' styling. nice one.
  10. You can get a 'manual' Impact driver. One you wallop with a lump hammer. Cheaper than either of the powered versions or you can use a flat ended punch and hit the bolt in with a few sharp taps. Sometimes the sharp shock is enough to release any grip on the threads. by the looks of that the heads are proud of the mounting so getting a slot cut will be easy. I have in the past sacrificed a slightly larger torx bit and hammered it into the recess. If you do resort to drilling it out you only have top drill the bolt head off and that's quite easy with torx/allen type bolts as the pilot hole is already there and central. Once the head is off the threaded bit comes out quite easily -using vice/molegrips as it is no longer under stress.
  11. London calling...

    Ditto on the Fully Comp insurance.
  12. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    A balmy 12 Degrees C today. almost rode to work in jeans. I did too but never did get the hang of it. That being said I still think of distance in miles, and fuel in gallons. and as for building products, you buy 6mm ply in sheets 5foot by 8foot... DOH!
  13. London calling...

    Yeah, the 1050 is the same engine as in my Sprint and it's a stonker. Pick a gear, any gear...it'll pull. I was looking at one to replaced my Sprint ST but the GT came up and it was too good to miss. Less than 4K on the clock, a year old and only minor damage for half the going rate. He has now done 35k without missing a beat. Wifey doesn't need wind protection as she has her own beastie... As my Viffer now takes on the commuting role I can afford to wait for the right one to come up. Lots of Tiger 800's but I want the 1050.
  14. London calling...

    Nice, I am looking for a Tiger to replace My Sprint Gt but want the later 1050. Just waiting for someone to crash one first...
  15. 7 years old battery?

    Just swapped out the OEM battery from my 2002! On the down side the bike has only done 23k miles but still no bad.