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  1. Hello from Serbia

    Bugger !
  2. Hello from Serbia

    Here comes the hot stepper, murderer I'm the lyrical gangster, murderer Hey there. Hi there and where the pictures... ( I thought I'd get in before Dutchy!)
  3. Busted up VFR. .

    Thanks, I will be writing to the repairer and the insurers listing my complaint. I am most disappointed in the dealer is it is a company I have been going to for some years and I have a very good relationship, even to the point of a healthy" loyal customer discount" and I am not used to expecting this level of service. I am not after any re-imbursement as I have the bike and I don't want to lose it again for any time but I feel I need to voice my disappointment and any further works will be thoroughly inspected before I leave the premises. Rant Over... time to enjoy "The Defiant" before settling back into the Humdrum of the daily commute.
  4. Busted up VFR. .

    Well after being with the repairers for 3 weeks (?) I have it back. Apparently the workshop manager forgot to order the front mudguard (fender) and they had to source a second-hand one. Not happy with the dealer as I got it with a few bits I wasn't happy with. silly things really. Clips missing on the fairing, loose bolts holding the upper fairing cowling to the lower panels, headlight wiring dangling in the breeze, paintwork didn't match and the air temp sensor Zip tied to the oil cooler ??? who on earth thought tying a temperature sensor to a heat exchanger was a good idea? Am I being too picky? I know the bike is 15 years old and the paint Non-Standard but surely if they are charging the Insurance company for the repairs they should have at least made an attempt to match the paintwork.
  5. I don't think so, "Self Amalgamating Tape" is what we used to use for temporary water hose repairs. "Harness Tape" is like Insulation tape without the sticky on it. used it a lot on Vintage looms when working on old WWII trucks. If you use Insulation tape to lap-wrap wiring looms it eventually degrades and you get the glue leeching out, also Harness tape should be fire resistant.
  6. Advice needed on second bike

    I'd echo the sentiments for the CB500x. Heard lots of good things about that. I used to ride a Suzuki 500 Twin (only bike so had no choice but to commute on it) with higher bars and raised suspension it was fabulous. The CB500X gives you that upright riding position and high suspension from new.
  7. Bikini Bike Wash at Ace Cafe Orlando

    I would hope it didn't need to be resolved. My bikes get pressure washed once a week, especially in the winter, and I do 16-17K miles a year. Especially over the winter here in the UK where they use salt to clear the roads I'd rather wash the salt off than let it rot them. If a bike can't stand a little water ingress here and there they are obviously not fit for purpose which is to ride in any weather. If you are still unsure of their cleaning prowess and worry that they may damage your delicate bikes please feel free to send Amy and Bri over here and they can clean my bikes for me, I will of course observe them very closely to ensure their technique is up to standard. P.S. Can you give me a little notice of their arrival so I make sure "Household Management" is not on site to observe my observations..
  8. Or use Back To Black Bumper shine. ready mixed, designed for the job and less likely to contain solvents or anything else that might degrade the plastic.
  9. Why Do You Ride

    I ride because....Why Not? I ride because... Traffic! filtering (lane splitting), front of the queue at lights/junctions. shortens every journey. I ride because... The sun is shining (But don't not ride because it's raining) I ride because of the scenery, . . . my reasons are endless.
  10. New Addition

    Pshaww..... a bit of t-cut and that'll all polish out...
  11. Not as obsessive as some of you guys but I had 6 bikes at this stage. 2 X Triumph Sprints, 2 X Suzuki GS500's, a Yamaha YBR125 and Suzuki Gladius (Technically the last two are SWiMBO's)
  12. The TT

  13. I am not sure about 3rd or 4th gens but my 6th had a tab on the bolt hole at the top near the oil filler neck. a Lever bar behind that to apply a little outward pressure and than gave it a good larruping with a rubber camping mallet. Once it had started to move I used some little wooden wedges driven into the gap. 'twer well and truly stuck on.
  14. Programming a blank HISS key

    Easy innit. My local dealer wanted £250, I did the whole lot for under £20.