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  1. Side Mirror Alternatives

    It's usually when they are completing roadworks and they have narrowed the lanes ! WHY do artics (18 wheelers!) have to move to the middle lane and take up all the free space across 3 lanes.. Grr... From what I have seen of the 8th gen (correct me if I am wrong) the mirrors are a bit wider than your elbows are. I know I'd rather clip a mirror than twat me elbows, body armour or not?
  2. An out and about

    Grrrrr... I am so jealous.. these are the only 'twisties' I get to see here in the UK.
  3. Universal switchgear

    I'm hoping to fettle it back on the road just waiting for the inevitable delay as the Insurance company tries to wiggle out of their obligation to cough up.
  4. Universal switchgear

    Katie, Do you have a set of switchgear yet. I currently have a "lorry Modified" 6th Gen VTEC sitting in the garage I can rob the L/H switchgear off if you want to borrow it.
  5. Universal switchgear

    Mine has no choke.
  6. Universal switchgear

  7. Riding quotes

    Same with Horses, plus you add in their own unfathomable nature.
  8. Riding quotes

    To Wife’s friends “You ride something that is only 1 Horsepower but has no brakes, a mind of its own and bolts at the sight of a squirrel and you call what I ride dangerous?”
  9. Riding quotes

    Similar "Heat rash is better than gravel rash!"
  10. Busted up VFR. .

    Oh Yes, I am more miffed as the bike was bought as a crash repairable bike, to use as a commuter. That being said I still like the bike to look nice so I'd spent time repairing the original fairing and repainting. Ah well. Time to get the tools out again.
  11. Chain Mileage

    Hmmmm. . . 32k miles on the Sprint chain. weekly oil with 10W/40. Yup it flings off but I have lots of it to spare and so far I've not had any problems. It's last MOT the Chain adjustment got mentioned but not chain wear. It's going to get changed as soon as I get the other bike back on the road.
  12. Busted up VFR. .

    Brilliant advice in hindsight but he stopped suddenly and I anchored up quite to about 3 feet behind him. Didn't expect him to reverse on a straight road with no turn offs. Usually I would be on the offside so I can see the drivers mirrors (if I can see him then he can see me) but the lane was so narrow there would have been danger from oncoming traffic so I was about the middle but hard braking sent me to the nearside. still waiting on a verdict from the shop as to the cost of the damage.
  13. Brakes - Warped Rotor Fix

    Yeah me too, it's the Scotsman in me... too tight to buy anything I can't fix unless I have to.
  14. Brakes - Warped Rotor Fix

    if the discs were warped then cleaning the bobbins wont do anything, but if the carrier is bent it might allow the steel of the disc to find it's own true by not pulling them out of shape. TBH I was prepared to go buy new discs but the bobbin clean cured it.
  15. Brakes - Warped Rotor Fix

    I had a pulsing brake on the VTEC, and read this. I decided to give this a go as I couldn't really afford to replace the (Discs) rotors. Every Bobbins was locked solid, I didn't over tighten the bolt through the bobbins and used plenty of brake cleaner. They all started to move very easily with little pressure and what came out with the fluid wasn't rust but road dirt. Floating or semi-floating discs work the way they do as they allow a small amount of lateral movement between the carrier and the disc. if the bobbins are not free then they won't do what they are designed to do I gave the discs a good clean down and took them for a test ride, instantly I had lost the slight judder on braking. I can see where people are coming from saying this could damage the bobbins or crush them but if you need to tighten an M5 bolt and two flat washers so hard that you flatten or warp the bobbins it would be 1 of 2 things.. 1) You are using far too much force to tighten the nuts, and if they are that hard to turn they are damaged anyway....2) Bobbins are usually stainless so if they do deform they must be too soft to withstand the mechanical strain usually in employed on brake discs. What does make me cringe is advocating straightening the disc carrier with a bar. IF the bobbins are free enough to allow the manufacturers recommended movement it wouldn't warp the disc and if the carrier is warped enough to add run out to the disc I certainly wouldn't try and bend them THAT far to get them re-aligned.