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  1. RC30 Arai, who's gonna buy it?

    Not sure on exchange rates ATM but I just bought a CF helmet, for £260. fits well, double visor, looks good ... to be honest JZH posted the RC-30 lid was $830 and the plain one was $670 ! a hundred and sixty bucks extra for a few stickers... NAH !
  2. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Like Skids I have MX style hand protectors. They do deflect the wind and allow my hands to suffer less from wind Chill but don't eliminate it entirely. I can't see those deflectors being anymore effective.
  3. Hello from South Oxfordshire!

    Ayup... nice to see another rifer from the Sahff of Ingurlund. whereabouts in South Oxon you at?
  4. New Member from Surrey, UK

    Ayup? how's the bike going or not given it a good thrashing yet !
  5. Greetings from Berkshire, UK

    Wotcha neighbour..
  6. Ageing can have its rewards😀

    Where'd you get the seat done Woods? Turn around time? Did you forward a second used one to save on down time? How much did it set you back? Would you recommend their work? It was a local auto Upholsterer called Phill Silk in Newbury. dropped it off got it back 2 days later. easy-peasy.
  7. He He. I deliberately didn't mention the make as I scavenged them from my "Stock". They are actually Triumph Sprint GT 1050 bars which I fettled to fit with some ST1100 throttle cables. They have the same fork diameter and clamped on with some modification. I know LSL/Speigler do some good kits and also Helibar but they were a bit expensive to me for something that might not be suitable for me., I'm Scots by birth so I object to paying for anything unless I have to. There is also this thread found on this very esteemed site.
  8. I put higher bars on my 6th Gen and found the throttle cables from a ST1100 are the same style but a few inches longer. I'm not sure if this helps as mine is a FI engine. hope this helps.
  9. I have a 2002 6th Gen VTEC 800 which I am adding auxiliary lights to. I know the relay needs to be fed from the High Beam positive to provide the switching. The mains feed I would like to be provided by the fuse box to keep it switched and protected. is there an axillary feed on the VFR fuse box or is it best to piggy-back the power feed for the headlights ? Many thanks.
  10. Hmm winter in UK, dark and potholed country lanes so time to upgrade the lighting. Built these from some 50mm spotlights and some old/redundant indicator units. Not wired in yet discovered I need to remove the whole top fairing for that. I'll report back when I have finished, painted, properly installed and wired them in.
  11. Ageing can have its rewards😀

    Ha... I may grow OLD but I refuse to grow UP! . that being said I have modified the Viffer for more comfort. higher bars, softer seat for my ageing posterior. and I am relatively young.
  12. Well I fitted higher bars to my VFR. I am similar to yourself. 6' tall and about 190. As I am the wrong side of 50 (only just.... honest!) I also decided I needed to take the pressure off my back. The best modification I have ever done, I got 50mm (ish) of rise and a pull back of about 30-40mm, the difference it has made is phenomenal. My VFR is my commuter bike and I can happily manage 100 miles in heavy traffic everyday. No achy back. I have yet to find an affordable peg lowering system but will keep looking as knees are likely to be the next thing to start complaining.
  13. Swapped Sprint 1050 for VFR

    Technically my Triumph is my oldest bike but I got nagged by other Bikers who said "get a VFR, Honda's are really reliable" So I did and then everything started to fall off. to be honest, I am a great believer in the best servicing tool is to use a bike. leaving things standing for years just leads to unnoticed deterioration. and I think that was what happened to the VFR. Now I've fettled the Viffer it's not let me down but I am still in love with that big Triumph as I do distances touring so the Trumpet will always win. Back on the Viffer this week so lets see how many trips to Farnborough it gets through before something else falls off ! . ..
  14. Swapped Sprint 1050 for VFR

    I've also done the adjuster on the GT but same thing for the Viffer so swings and roundabout's Don't get me wrong I love the Viffer but My Triumph is my big love.
  15. Wind deflector question.

    I have fitted wind deflectors and they work wonderfully. It not only keeps your hands dryer but helps abate the wind chill. My 6th Gen heated grips have never worked but with these and winter gloves sub zero riding (degrees centigrade ) is tolerable. just bought some cheapies of Evilbay. took some fettling but they work and don't foul the fairing, even with the high bars.

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