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  1. Austin MotoGP 2018

    how long does the circuit have the race for?,I thought things were 'difficult' there and the future was looking dodgy as it is on our bucket list for races to see, have done Silverstone three times,Catalunia,and Misano all great circuits and will be well pissed off if COTA loses the race before we manage to get there
  2. 2017 operating budget released

    quite surprised when I went online this morning it threw me for a second or so, looks very nice, thanks
  3. Ensuring you re-torque every bolt

    nothing to do with bikes but my rear hub nut on my VW Vanagon is torqued up to 368 lbs ft or 500 nm, do not know how I will manage to tighten that up
  4. I got caught with two other people, we all in our VW camper vans!,I was the first person on my speed awareness they ever had with a camper van
  5. just fitted LED indicators into my VW camper this weekend and just changed the flasher unit for a LED type and it flashes just fine do not know if you can do this with a bike, does anyone know as it would be dead simple to do
  6. never seen this programme before, great job he is doing
  7. 1986 VFR750 - should I buy it?

    is that a tank cover?
  8. how is the seat unit bodywork with the exhaust so close to it?,no problems with melting or warping??,just curious
  9. Recall and a Gutting.

    how did it end up??
  10. they do look nice in white, very nice indeed
  11. Busted up VFR. .

    lucky you did not fall off and end up under the truck,hopefuuly all will end up well
  12. Motorcycle DVR (Dashcam)

    looks good, makes you wonder how the hell they do it for the money
  13. what a great lady,and a great film,thanks for posting
  14. Chain Mileage

    just checked my bike and I do not have the 'Honda wear sticker' on my bike cannot see a residue of a sticker ever being there,did all bikes have one fitted??,I use Wurth chain spray and have only done 125 miles on the bike since I bought it,the chain is a DID ZVMX and had recently been fitted with new sprockets by the previous owner
  15. always had a clean license since the early 70's and three years ago I was following two other VW campers (vanagons) to Busfest and we got done for doing 35 in a 30(out in the sticks) never saw the camera not that I was looking as I was the last vehicle and just followed the vans in front of who were lost I later found out so I did a speed awareness course and kept a clean license but I was really pissed off about it also the 'instructors' on the course told me I was the first VW camper van they ever had do the course!!,seems the local plod have a blitz on Busfest week as it is easy money for them especially as vans come from all oner the world for it