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    1997 FV VFR,1982 Suzuki GSX1100.1990 VW T25 campervan
  1. I joined last September and posted a few times but never got round to saying hello,great website and lots to learn as this is my first VFR and first Honda,have not managed to get many miles on the bike since buying it last September as it was delivered to me the evening of the day we moved into our present house and the house needs loads of unknown things doing to it,bummer!,hopefully will manage to get that rectified soon
  2. From the album scottbott

  3. From the album scottbott

  4. nice looking bikes,luckily you live in a nice warm climate and can have plenty of riding in the sun!,lucky bugger
  5. sounds well tasty
  6. fancy looking bit of kit,people rave about KTM's but a lot of them are as ugly as a hat full of arse holes in my opinion
  7. thanks for the video,that is how mine are now as I said before the metal 'plate' was against the bodywork and had no space for the boot,annoyed that is seemed such a shitty fit as the VFR is brilliantly made
  8. had a good look at the mirrors today and thought that there is no way that the rubber boot will fit over the metal plate,I took the mirror off and thought that the metal plate and rubber gasket looked to be in the wrong place and swopped them round and it works!,the metal plate was against the bodywork and the rubber gasket was next to the mirror base,is that wrong?,it looked wrong to me and now I have both boots fitting round the metal plate and "pushed"over the lip just fine,my first repair to the bike since I bought it 5 months ago,quite chuffed
  9. thanks for the replies will have a go at trying to get them to fit,still looks helluva tight fit,the back has spent a lot of time in storage by previous owners so hopefully UV will not be a problem,one owner did 9 miles in 8 years!
  10. the rubber 'boots' of my mirrors are not a very good fit at the base of them,they are loose,having a look at them yesterday it looks to me that there is a 'lip' around the circumference of the boot,does it clip over the metal mounting of the mirror??,if so how hard is it to get it to fit as mine look like there is no where near enough gap to get them to latch in place,or am I being stupid?(quite possibly)
  11. don't worry will be anywhere near another rider as I am still getting used to the bike after a very long time from riding,not a pretty sight I reckon,just waiting for better weather to get more miles and confidence
  12. mine has Hel brake and clutch lines fitted by the previous owner,this is my first VFR so do not know how good or bad the brakes are,never used them in real anger as yet
  13. just bought a back issue for this,thanks for posting,a recent new (to me) 1997 VFR owner and keen to find old articles etc to read on these great bikes