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  1. Some BMW and Ducati bikes also have cornering lights. It'd be nice if other manufacturers could start having them as well. (Are you reading this Honda?)
  2. Nice - my accessories (panniers and top-box) took almost 2 months total to arrive piecemeal at the dealer.
  3. Looks like another 2017 change, my '15 lights up red as well.
  4. I'm very happy with mine, though I did need to add Motopump's 1.25" bar risers to put my old frame in a comfortable state. Heated grips are great, and a heated seat would be nice - though there's a Corbin option for that and better comfort as well. On longer (2+ hours) freeway drones, I find my neck getting a little sore from having to angle my neck up so I have a straight sight of the road. I think something like a Laminar Lip addition to the windscreen might help with that though. Also for longer freeway drones I needed to get an AirHawk for the seat, as without it some serious monkey butt would set in. That's about it for ergonomics. I have not yet had a situation where the ABS or TC kicked in. The adjustable shocks, center stand and heated grips are worth the price of admission for the Deluxe model.
  5. Whereabouts in LA are you? I'm in the Southbay/Torrance area and get up to the Rock Store and the Crest (ACH) quite often. So if you don't mind hanging with a slow old guy, I can show you those sometime. ~Ron
  6. So basically you're SOL. Classic bait and switch! EDIT: I just checked their web site, and they have not updated the pictures to include the logo!
  7. I'll be interested in if they get back to you.
  8. The white looks like any other white until you get close to it, then you see the pearl metal flake.
  9. There's many videos of the SS on YouTube, which one are you referring to?
  10. Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder.
  11. If the SuperSport had the same luggage capacity as Honda's OEM panniers and top-box I'd consider it. But IMHO it's not a sport-tourer with semi-rigid panniers and no top-box option.
  12. It really depends on the aftermarket exhaust - there's many different variations out there.
  13. Like a fungus?