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  1. N o matter where the crank is positioned, you can always measure 2 valve clearances.
  2. If you need any hands-on tuning help contact Derek Capito at MotoLab near you. He's amazing!
  3. Maybe u need to clean the carbs to fix the running prob. If breather oil is being sucked into airbox and getting into intakes, that darkish carbon build-up is normal. certain spray chems can dissolve carbon, and a toothbrush helps. with valves CLOSED you could cleAN the area and blow out any debris with compressed air.
  4. It's not like Honda practice to make changing the diode a fAIRING-removal operation.
  5. Looking for a good engine, any sellers ??
  6. Don't expect to ever get all the extinguisher dust off your bike !
  7. since you didn't adjust them, it would most likely help your idle by custom-adjusting each idle mixture screw with a proper D tool. OEM setting is EPA lean.
  8. There's a fat O-ring behind the thermo housing, and that might be leaking ?
  9. dija check the charging system output ?
  10. air can hide behind the slave piston, so use a C-clamp to push it all the way in with bled screw open.
  11. No, polarity IS important !
  12. good voltage monitor led lights on Harbor freight's "alternator tester" @ about $5 ! sorry, no photos