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  1. installing cylinder heads on an '86/700 and i find that the external oil lines have one dowel pin open and another one restricted by small holes !!! which goes where ?? service manual sadly lacking info.
  2. My 1995 VFR750F is surging & backfiring.

    That's not the idle jet !! instead, it's the fuel pickup tube for the starting enrichment circuit.
  3. My 1995 VFR750F is surging & backfiring.

    pull off the line from the tank to fuel pump and check for a good, full, free flow. anything less and you might have some restriction in he tank. pump will click alot if it's not getting enough fuel.
  4. Starting issues

    your carbs need cleaning, especially the idle jets.
  5. New guy, to forum and to Hondas

    good timing !! from what i've observed on different bikes over alot of years is that OEM head bearings are OVER-due for replacement at 35K unless they've been maintained properly. tapered bearings last longer but are not as sensitive to tire feel in turns as balls, so replace with Honda-supplied Japanese OEM bearings, not chinese !
  6. 92 VFR750 Fuel Leak

    if the O-rings are going to swell and seal it takes one or two days--with fuel in carbs--to happen. heat helps, so if you can run the engine, do it. you really don't need new tubes to fix a leak, just new O-rings on the tubes you have.
  7. yes, indeed ! it seems like the filter oil eats the filter. unifilter...............never again !
  8. Engine Temp @ 100C aka 212F @ 100KM/hr aka 60M/hr

    that's why it's always smarter to check under the rad cap and refill there rather than filling at the overflow bottle when coolant seems low.
  9. Rate my spark plugs :)

    hate to differ from yoshins cause he's smarter than i, but color on side electrode looks like good A/F mix to me.
  10. 87 vfr 700 questions.

    sitting so long, that bike needs new tires.
  11. that's bloody ridiculous, that is !!
  12. 87 vfr 700 questions.

    good luck with it but an y previous owner who painted it black probably crashed and abused it.
  13. VF500 new restoration, carb advice?

    @ 35k that bike is likely in need of new steering head bearings. with stock filter and exhaust, no rejetting needed.
  14. My 1995 VFR750 won't start!! Help!

    be sure to separate the plug from the starter relay and check for melting, discoloration, burning.
  15. First Service: 10W-50 Oil?

    if you don't want the engine running with ZERO oil pressure on starting, pour oil into the new filter by hand, over few minutes, up to about 1' below the hole. you won't spill as much as you think, and no dry bearings.