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  1. project 86 750

    bad, but i've seen worse ! bad, buti'sew on these FJ1200 carbs both the throttle shafts and slides were seized up solid !
  2. Keihin needle part numbers

    and i have a working gen3 carb set just cleaned and ready-to-rip for sale ! ad in classifieds
  3. '86 VFR750 engine oddities

    posted this @ http://vfrworld.com/threads/what-do-i-have-here.54567/#post-576927 i hoped and expected to buy a stock, running 750 engine but instead got this shipped in, not runnable as-is and needing work. first, a major disappointment, as right front cylinder compression means big trouble: so i pulled the front head and found some surprises ! special (mystery) high compression domed pistons CNC machined vs.oem cast pistons, fancy stuff ! a spot where the top of the piston hits the plug electrode at TDC is visible, the next big disappointment. stock piston for comparison: \ hot reground cam at right, stock is left: hot reground cam is marked "NFF" or "NFI". anyone know him ? .020" more lift than stock. porting and polishing by "R.E.D." he has a website and alot of rich-guy, big-boat, fast-lane endorsers : Edit nice work by a pro i discovered 2 very leaky intake valves on the right front cylinder, accounting for the low compression. my current theory is that new rings aren't seated (cylinders were not honed or cross-hatched) so running he engine for awhile might boost the compression up..........i hope. ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ from what little i think i know about building engines and some experience, my best guess is that this one would be a troublesome beast in a street bike, needing expensive race fuel and prone to bad idle and overheating. my challenge now is just to get it running, to test it out on the road a bit, then maybe sell it at some profit to a younger he-man multi-tattooed bloke who needs to go fasta than i dare, or maybe an AMA or ARHMA vintage racer with deep pockets and 70+, enjoying life in the elite atmosphere of the pits. if it don't blow apart, that is.
  4. RS850 Replica

    but not much travel, eh ?
  5. Valve adjustment

    might be easiest to just put trans in 5th gear and bump the reaR WHEEL AROUND.....or use the starter to turn engine.
  6. ^^^ yes, you can send those carbs to me for a professional carb cleaning, inspection, adjustments, a very accurate synch and a tweak of the factory-lean mixture screws and a leak test too.
  7. Case jointing

    "Yamabond" is also great stuff !
  8. Coolant from overflow tank

    a failing rad cap that won't hold pressure could be the cause.
  9. 2002 headlight aiming question

    you've got it backwards !! to aim lights use the HIGH beams, and the low beams will be OK then too.
  10. look in the FSM, and if you don't have one, download it. to move the screw you'll need to carefully scribe a groove into the head so a screwdriver fits........or find the proper D-shaped tool. you can do alot of damage to the screw head if things go wrong, so use the PROPER TOOL. looking at the plug colors will give better info than using your nose.
  11. 1986 VFR750 - should I buy it?

    correct: worth twice what he's asking ! if you never rode one you wouldn't know.
  12. check both ends of the main ground wire for corrosion or loose bolt. unplug the connection between ignition switch and wiring harness, looking for corrosion, then clean the contyactys.
  13. check both ends of the main ground wire for corrosion or loose bolt. unplug the connection between ignition switch and wiring harness, looking for corrosion, then clean the contyactys.
  14. VF1000R questions

    another tip for bleeding clutch slaves is to remove the slave from the sprocket cover, and use a C-clamp to hold the piston in fully retracted position while bleeding.
  15. strapped to a pallet, shipping would be around $200-$250