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  1. Smoothed out OEM, looks like. Not the best job of it (but better than I could do!) Ciao,
  2. I had a huge gripe with them about the design of their 3rd-gen headers, but overall I thought Motad were pretty good at what they did: aftermarket replacements for rotted OEM headers. They tried to keep production in the UK, but were ultimately undermined by the cost of Chinese labour. Sign of the times... Ciao,
  3. I'm glad you can still afford the good stuff...after splashing out on all that Titanium! It's a good thing you haven't discovered what you can get from Titan Classics. Oops... Ciao,
  4. I always had a problem using speakers and earplugs together, so I switched to in-ears. The trade off is, of course, rather complicated donning and doffing of thy lid... Ciao,
  5. They should be M6. I don't think Heli ever did something retarded like fit SAE bolts on a part for a Japanese bike. Ciao,
  6. Honda bearings are fine, just more expensive than you can get from other sources. Ciao, Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
  7. I'm in with the in crowd... Ciao,
  8. You probably need a new pump, but the points can be replaced with an optical trigger made for a KTM 950, I think it is. A dutch guy on ADVrider sells them. Ciao,
  9. We're gonna need a sound file on that... Ciao,
  10. If you don't want to notch the wheel, you could just replace the disc bolts instead... I always get the nomenclature wrong, but I think they're BMW "S1000R" disc bolts. I used some titanium ones off eBay, but you could also use OEM BMW. There's enough clearance on the other side for flanged nylock nuts--at least there was on my 3rd gen. Ciao,
  11. The pound Sterling has lost a lot of its value vs the USD, so fill yer boots! Ciao,
  12. Er, yeah, but the pins you have don't have hollows/dimples! At least, not as I know them. The link should look like the top one in rc51jim's pic. Do a Google search for "EK rivet link" and look at the pics. EK appear to do a weird threaded master link as well, but the standard rivet link should have very obvious dimples--yours doesn't. Ciao,
  13. Well, the differences might be a little less obvious with a supercharger... Ciao,
  14. Was it a clip link? I've never heard of any chain manufacturer selling a master link that cannot be either flared or clipped. I mean, how are you going to get that chain onto a press? (Yes, on a 5th gen you could do it, but most bikes, no way without removing the swing arm.) Ciao,
  15. I had a Pyramid hugger once. Well, it's a hugger. Silly bracket on mine. The early and late RC36 swing arms are slightly different, but I don't know if they're different in a way that matters for mounting a hugger. Possibly...but you can always make your own brackets if you're handy. Ciao,