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  1. The slower you go, the more you need another radiator! Or one bigger one, maybe...you've got plenty of room for one, though. Very nice job. Love the cam gear whine combined with the VFR growl--perfect sound track for a "power cruiser", IMHO. Ciao,
  2. Clutch m/cs are very annoying to bleed when you're starting from dry. Brake m/cs are a lot easier. Are you sure you've not given up too early? Ciao,
  3. Perfect thing for Burning Man...er, maybe not. Ciao,
  4. Who tightens an oil filter with a wrench? I can see some torque being applied to remove a used oil filter, but the filter would then most likely be replaced with a new one. No, these K&Ns with the "nuts" manage to fail all by themselves for some reason... (Oh, and I didn't see anyone mention Fram filters. There's (an historical) reason for that, but it's probably faded from the memories of most by now. In short, a lot of Fram filters failed, disastrous consequences ensued, and many riders swore off Fram forever.) I use Purolator PureONE oil filters. Or OEM Honda. Ciao,
  5. List prices... All I can say is, keep your eyes peeled. I know for a fact that ultra-exotic Honda parts list prices are meaningless after a period of time, because Honda isn't going to have the spares in stock anyway, and those that do have them will sell them at whatever price they think they can get at a particular time. About ten years ago David Silver Spares in the UK had a lot of NR spare parts, for example, no doubt scrounged up from bankrupt or stock-clearing Honda dealers around the world. They sold them for much, MUCH less than the Honda "list price", because they wanted to sell them and didn't want to wait forever for the "right" buyer to come along. I just wish I'd bought more when I could have...because when I went back later, everything was gone. Ciao,
  6. I think I can do this... "This" being: swap fork internals from SP2 to SP1. We all know SP2 forks are "shorter" than SP1 forks, but my online research strongly suggests that this is simply a function of the SP2's monstrously long OEM top-out spring, rather than of any of the SP2's non-springy parts actually being shorter. The US RC51 workshop manual doesn't even bother illustrating the SP2's internals, they're so close... (FWIW, I've found that the 954 workshop manual does show the maintenance procedures applied to the same type of fork parts that the SP2 has.) (I have a set of SP2 forks that have been fettled by a well-known suspension tuner over here, so I was planning on using them as-is on my FP, but the "clamping zones" of the outer tubes of these forks are slightly different than those of SP1 outer tubes--not a lot different, but just enough to be incompatible with the lower triples I'm using (VFR1200*) and the height at which I want to mount the forks. * Note: VFR1200 lower triple clamps have 55mm ID openings; in order to use SP1/SP2/929/954 forks (54mm OD) I will have to fit 0.5mm shims, but this is easily resolved.) That said, there are some parts differences between the SP1 and SP2 fork internals, but I don't know if they would prevent swappage. I currently have a pair of newly re-annodised SP1 outer tubes, good condition SP1 lowers and new bushings/seals ready to go. I'm thinking that all I will need to do is fit the new bushings and seals to the cleaned SP1 uppers and lowers, and drop in the already assembled SP2 cartridges/springs/fork caps, oil and Robert's my mother's brother, right? Cheers,
  7. I shall be following your progress with interest. Especially the vacuum table bit! I've been a Retrofit Source customer for many years (they were always good, even before they developed their excellent Morimoto product line), but what has stopped me doing anything with my FP's headlights was "the lens issue"... My vague plan was always to somehow grind down and progressively polish the inside of the glass lens (only a 3" circle would be necessary) until I'd achieved two unfluted sections the projectors could peek through, but I never moved much beyond the "musing" stage! The reflectors are separate and removable, and at least on the 5th gen are necessary to maintain the OEM adjustment mechanism. I have baked a 3rd gen headlight apart, but I don't recall if it is designed to use the same kind of adjustment mechanism as the 5th gen. I think leaving the reflectors in place helps avoid the "Wall-E" look, too, but that's really a question of aesthetics. Good luck with the lens-forming. Too bad the 3rd and 4th gen headlights are different (significantly so?), or I'd ask you to make me one! Ciao,
  8. What, no link?!? Ciao,
  9. Almax or Pragmasis. Top, top quality stuff. I've got several lengths of 16mm chain, Pragmasis Anti-Pinch Pins and Squire "BMF" padlocks. Not really necessary in the USA (where, believe it or not, you enjoy a realtively low motorcycle theft rate!), but here in the UK we not only use large, heavy locks and chains, but also cemented-in ground anchors. Unfortunately, top security gear is HEAVY, so doesn't ship well internationally. I've still got a few old "large" Kryptonites, which I use as travel chains. Better than nothing. For a VFR, the Anti-Pinch Pin (with the correct Squire padlock) would be a good way to secure the bike with any chain (the biggest you can find), as it secures both the bike and the precious 8-spoke rear wheel (if you've got one)! Ciao,
  10. I ran across his site many years ago, and something didn't sit right with me at the time. I don't remember exactly what it was. Perhaps it was his touring background coming through (if you know what I mean...) Some useful information, for sure, but very preachy. Ciao,
  11. The "touring flip" (like the one above) seems to create turbulence, from what I've read. I had a dark smoke Skidmarx (UK) double bubble, which I liked, but always thought looked too big/bulky on my red bike. Then I saw John in London's clear version of the same screen and it seemed much less noticeable. Ciao,
  12. Who is this "Talus"? I have two Compufires, one on my sadly rarely-ridden 5th gen in California, and the other in a box here in the UK. (Anyone want to buy one?) I believe the early positive reports did not reveal these reg/recs' limitations on high-revving engines--they were designed for Harleys, after all. My current flavour of the month is the massive OEM Suzuki DL1000 series-type, of which I have now acquired a few to use on my VFRs (I never learn!) I have long been an uneducated believer in the "resistance" theory of VFR charging system failure and hence an early adopter of environmentally sealed electrical connectors. It's nice to get some educated agreement. Ciao,
  13. Krauser K2 racks on a 5th gen? How retro! Ciao,
  14. The twisted red and black wires are also not OEM. Nor is the other black box (just below the bigger one in the top picture), unless I'm mistaken. There should be a "service connector" somewhere, but it's a 2P according to the Haynes wiring diagram. Is this an ABS model? Ah, the VTEC Honda workshop manual (p.20-13) clearly shows that white 3P connector and says it is the speed sensor connector. Are you sure it doesn't go to the speed sensor? (The 2P green connector is indeed the side stand switch connector.) Ciao,
  15. Powerhouse. Ciao,