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  1. How about if the text is written this way? How about this? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum tincidunt posuere magna vel bibendum. Cras vulputate eros eget dignissim vestibulum. Integer libero justo, laoreet nec bibendum sit amet, auctor quis sapien. Cras in orci ex. Quisque rutrum nunc eget egestas tempor. Aenean eget nibh quis tellus euismod porta. Ut consequat laoreet enim ut mollis. Curabitur dignissim suscipit mi at malesuada. Morbi quam est, consectetur sed hendrerit ut, venenatis ut nibh. Etiam pulvinar placerat lorem tempor cursus. Nullam cursus tortor egestas purus vulputate, vitae pharetra mi ullamcorper. Quisque eu nibh ante. Nunc condimentum at ipsum quis suscipit. Proin ut vehicula magna, ornare convallis nibh. Fusce sed odio fermentum, volutpat tortor sed, tincidunt quam. As soon as he hit the front, I was thinking, "too early!...now the weather will make the next move." Sure enough, just another couple of laps later the white flags came out... Ciao,
  2. If it isn't leaking... The screws are M4 or something, so if they corrode and snap, drilling them out can be tricky. Pull the lid off and see if the stub is still accessible? You could get lucky and be able to remove it using a vise-grip/Plus-Gas. Ciao,
  3. Crickets! Well, I'm not finished with the idea, yet. I've completed the table a bit more (updated in the post above) and found someone on the web who had observed that if the only reason for wiring the COPs in series was to increase their resistance, the same result could be achieved by wiring in a 1 Ohm 20W resistor. Would that really work? I suppose it would--if wiring in series "works", that is... I would like to know if the people who had already tried this on 3rd-4th gens had wired the COPs in series or in parallel. Maybe I can piece it together from the thread? Forgot to mention: I test -fit a 3440 and a 4800, which are a short, internal grommet, old style COP and a long, external grommet, old style COP, respectively. The long is way too long. The short looks to be a good fit for the RC36 front cylinders--once fully inserted it doesn't really protrude much more than the OEM plug boot and is not much bulkier (I didn't try it with the OEM fan). The grommets don't do much sealing, however, even the external one. A really thick o-ring would probably seal better--something like 4mm), but wouldn't really be an ideal solution. However, I did some more poking around the 'Web and discovered that the Yamaha R6 (1999-2002) used Mitsubishi F6T549-9630 COPs, which appear to be quite similar to the short Denso COPs (and the spec seems to be similar as well). I've ordered some to test because they appear to have fairly large-diameter external grommets that might just be the right size to cover the RC36 plug opening... I live in hope! Ciao,
  4. If I had a CNC mill, I'd be making something like this: Sadly, I do not, but some Chinese dude obviously does: eBay 261358076567 (about US$14, shipped). Ciao,
  5. If HD couldn't do anything with MV (other than lose money), I seriously doubt they're going to be successful with Ducati. And it wasn't that long ago! Doesn't HD have shareholders? Ciao,
  6. did a bunch of research online the other day and ordered a couple of stray COPs off eBay to look at. I've now got a long one and a short one, one with an internal grommet and one with an external grommet. (A 3440 and a 4800.) I think the RC36 needs a short one, but I don't know yet until I test-fit. I would want GSXR-style external grommets if possible, or adapt the OEM external grommets. All this was gleaned from the web, so all data is somewhat suspect... In particular I would ignore the Ohm readings, as they're susceptible to wide variation due to different testing apparatuses producing different values. What does seem significant is this (note that some of these bikes use two coils, rather than four): I'd guess that all of the Denso part numbers above actually have the same spec, but that could be wrong. I could not find any official Denso specs, but the various Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM and Honda manuals should list specs. Am I right in thinking that an OEM 4-coil setup like the 3rd-4th gen would need to have 1.5 Ohm COPs wired in series? Ciao,
  7. Umm... Has everyone given up on this by now? Ciao,
  8. I don't. Don't trust them. This old thread suggests why. I don't know what they're selling these days, but there are plenty of reputable manufacturers out there to choose from... Ciao,
  9. He was reportedly riding from a side road across a main road, and the main road had no stop sign. Let's wait for the official report. Ciao,
  10. Valve shims, I think you mean? The cams do have to be removed if any shims need replacement, but talking about servicing the cams might cause some furrowed brows... Ciao,
  11. RC46 triples, axle and front fender might do it, I'd guess. Measure first! Ciao,
  12. I think the F4i offset is 32.5mm vs. 40mm on the 5th/6th gens. Not ideal, but could be worse. Ciao,
  13. Btw, "Chain 50" means a 530 chain... Ciao,
  14. Here you go... Ciao,
  15. An Italian company called Ognibene also makes rubber-damped sprockets. This shows the relevant JT sprockets (non-damped), but shows some of the common Honda countershaft sprocket sizes: Ciao,