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  1. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Suzuki also use Denso COPs (like Honda), but there are a lot of different versions. 129700-3440, 3630, 3881, 3960, 4150, 4400, 4420, 4800, 5100, 5140, 5230 and 5330. Those are just the ones I know of! I was just about to suggest that someone post the Denso part numbers of the "GSXR" COPs they've found to work... Cheers,
  2. 5th Gen Engine Modifications

    Recalling my start-up issues some years ago: are your injectors sticking? Ciao,
  3. In London they'd just lift it into a van (screaming disc lock and all) and be gone in 60 seconds... Ciao,
  4. I sense another trip down the garden to my shed is imminent! The throttle bodies pictured were acquired solely to harvest their injectors, which were then professionally cleaned and used on my yellow 5th gen in California, so these TBs have no injectors. If you want to try them with 6th gen injectors, feel free; I have no use for them, so you're welcome to them. I'm happy to help your projects in any way I can. Some of my spare parts made their way into lovely Rick Oliver's RC30/36 some years ago, so no pressure there! (The bike's original injectors are still in California, sorry.) ISTR Dan from A&A Performance experimenting with 6th gen injectors on the Torocharger bike, but ultimately he decided the 5th gen injectors were fine. That suggests that they can swap, but I don't remember the details, really. Btw, the RC36 carbs in that picture are from my FL; FR-V carbs are 2mm smaller, I think--and they are definitely different in many other ways (I had not realised that until I compared the set I have here with that picture. Ciao,
  5. 5th gen engine in 6th gen

    Bloody hell, I'm now looking for a penny somewhere under my desk. "World Superbike Racer", indeed. Good luck this weekend, (aka)Phil! Ciao,
  6. Always carry one of these... ...and never be stranded again! Ciao,
  7. Only the 3rd gens had the bump pad...but you can add one if you want! Ciao,
  8. 99 VFR Replacement tach/speedo unit

    Unfortunately, Dave is no longer with us. I don't know of anyone who can do it, but it is evidently not impossible. Ciao,
  9. Thermostat issue?

    It's a good question! But I haven't fit them to my bike. Ciao,
  10. Newbie with new mods!

    I did something similar, but never actually finished the project...er: Ciao,
  11. Excellent, thanks. Ciao,
  12. Well, it's only 748cc vs 781/2cc, innit? Forget rubber, why not do something with silicone hoses? Use some good clamps and I can't see the injectors going anywhere. Yes, I was kinda expecting that... I have now located all of my carbs in the shed, so I will have a look. (The RC36-II set I mentioned earlier is missing one of the 16016-MZ2-E00 mixture screws. At least I think that's the part number--TBC.) Ciao,
  13. What does "popping it out" entail? I have never looked very closely at mine, but there must be a seal of some sort? Ciao,
  14. 7 years old battery?

    SSB PowerSport (aka SuperStart) is virtually unknown outside of Australia. I don't think they manufacture their own batteries, but as long as they're good, they're good. Ciao,
  15. Thermostat issue?

    OEM hoses for older models are already NLA. Sillycone makes more sense then (though the Chinese sets for the NC30 seem to be cheaper than OEM would be anyway). Ciao,