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  1. Amsoil synthetic fiber filter and their oil
  2. If you're considering the handlebar riser, just go for the 1.25. If you already think you need the risers you might as well go the full extra inch.
  3. there ya go, that explains it....
  4. bike should have probably been delivered with all these parts installed and the seat in the higher position from the factory leaving the customer the option to lower it. So the question becomes...where had that bike been before you got it?
  5. DITTO, i only made up as far as the empty wanaque resevoir and Ringwood
  6. Its true ...here in the northeast...gas is gas...the only difference is the amount of detergent that gets added to the tanker before it leaves the refinery. Sticking with Top Tier products hopefully gets you a little more than what the Feds require. Shell seem to be the only one that advertises a different additive for their premium, i.e. Nitro?? Other than that...gas and oil...who owns anything long enough to find out what works and what doesn't. But their isn't a motorcycle, truck or auto message board that does not beat the topics into the ground. That's part of the fun of how we stay connected, agree, disagree and banter....
  7. how about the idea of just debadging the fairing and have nothing...makes cleaning easier...
  8. sometimes higher octane in an engine that does not need it doesn't fully burn, compression and temps not high enough and you can get a miss under WOT....most top tier gas has the same detergents package through their entire octane line up so clean is not a function of 87 or 93.
  9. not sure, but i suspect that US models are amber, possibly Europe white?
  10. I just emailed them to find out if he can do a removable backrest like Corbin.
  11. Just got an email from them...not yet
  12. its going to take a while to get some reviews on this seat, just not enough 14-15 VFR owners. Although the seat looks comfortable, its specs make it slightly higher that the highest OEM setting and the width is the unknow...the seat can be any height, if its too wide your feet wont get to the ground. close to 800 bucks with a back rest...thats a leap of faith.
  13. I agree. I got rid of a 700 lb ST1100 and a 600 lb FJ1200. Just could deal with them at low speeds, city use and parking lots. Just wasn't doing the hours in the saddle anymore. The VFR was clearly the next step because cruisers just didn't fit the bill.