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  1. Single Nut mod 4th gen

    Nice. Prefer the look of the NC35 wheel as it kinda keeps it all OEM (or, at least, Honda)...
  2. Replace '97 with a '01????

    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of it I'm afraid. I think the front looks a bit flabby. The jowels of the the front fairing where the line should be nice and taught from headlamp to bellypan kind of.... sags IMHO - not helped by the side-mounted radiators I suppose. Nowhere near as bad as the Yammy Thunderace/cat but still. And once someone had described to me that the rear panels looked like a scooter, I never quite saw it in the same way again...
  3. Replace '97 with a '01????

    I think the truth is that there is no such thing as a bad VFR750/800 - every single one of them have their pro's and con's - so it is always going to come down to personal preference. I've always had a hankering for 3rd/4th gens, the 5th gen is generally regarded as a sportier version and the 6th even more so while the RC24's the purer choice. Some like CBS and FI, some like underseat exhausts.... don't hear so many people say they prefer VTEC but that engine has been around longer than GDC's now so it must be doing something right. If Honda could've done a 1000cc V4 GDC engine, USD forks, underseat exhausts, digi-dash and kept it under 200kg/450lbs we'd still be debating if it was the ultimate model or not...
  4. Replace '97 with a '01????

    Bollocks... 5th gens are fine - just de-link the brakes...
  5. Replace '97 with a '01????

    Early models of the 5th gen had an abrupt step onto VTEC that was described as 'unsettling'. In a straight line - not so much a problem. On a wet corner? - well, I wouldn't want it. Later models solved the problem so buy as late as you can IMHO...
  6. Gen 4 center stand removal

    Are you sure you need to remove the centre stand to replace the exhaust? I replaced mine last year and didn't take the exhaust out...
  7. Pillion seat storage 6g

    I did something similar just the other year. Managed to source a cheap seat off the bay, cut off the pillion section of the foam, recovered the seat and added the seat hump. This pivots forward from the two frankenstein bolts with just a 5mm extension of the slot that the lug sits in. The rear was secured with a simple lock. If I could do it again then I wouldn't have lopped off the two rear retaining lugs completely but was quite pleased with the result. I now have enough space (just) for waterproofs, some water or my DSLR - just not all at once. Still, made a handy little cubby...
  8. 4th Gen Dyno charts/results

    Couldn't tell you from the top of my head - it was about 4yrs ago - but I'll have a little hunt around for the dyno print...
  9. 4th Gen Dyno charts/results

    Nope. I'd taken it to the dyno as I had a horrible flat spot just as the main jet comes on ISTR @ 5,000 revs. Other than a proper clean up and having the carb rubbers sealing properly, the only mod was a K&N filter...
  10. 4th Gen Dyno charts/results

    I made 89.2rwhp on my 97 FV - I was pretty pleased with that. That was after I'd put 92,000 miles on it.... and then left it in a lock-up for 8yrs.... and just got it going again long enough to get it to the dyno. It had lost nearly 1hp. Honda. They know how to build quality kit...
  11. This is starting to bug me. It may be a complete one-off and never been seen before but does anybody recognise the tail unit on this FR-V model? I'm not sure if I like it or not. Sadly the seller doesn't show a good 3/4 angle. Have a look and let me know what you think... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172584825164
  12. RR is a decent shout but, according to the pics, it already has a finned RR so someone somewhere along the line has looked after/replaced/modified it. Won't hurt to got through all your earth points though and make sure they're nice 'n' shiny. It is a great bike - arguably Honda's finest moment for the road. Keep it between the bushes and let us know how you get on with it...
  13. 4TH Gen rear tire hugger

    Apexandy did a very tidy hugger on his streetfighter. Scroll to page 2, 26-02-15 for pics...
  14. Adjustable Pillion Pegs

    There are these.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-VFR-750-F-1997-Vario-50mm-Adjustable-Rear-Footrests-Foot-Peg-/141449968862?hash=item20ef133cde:g:0gAAAOSwcu5UTKYw and these.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Shinobi-Adjustable-Rider-Footpegs-40mm-for-Honda-VFR-800-F-ABS-02-12-13-/361439799829?hash=item54277daa15:g:OH8AAOSw7FRWXAXd The second link is for the 800 but I'd be surprised if there was significant difference...
  15. Run to the Pyrenees

    Yep. Tried to condense down 11 days of riding into something watchable - hope I got somewhere near that...