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  1. AWE VFR800 sport cruiser custom

  2. Honda N600 Car with VFR-800 Engine

    that's awesome!!
  3. AWE VFR800 sport cruiser custom

    lol......no.....but there is some Engine Ice in there
  4. AWE VFR800 sport cruiser custom

    there.........got ma new radiator on....geez
  5. AWE VFR800 sport cruiser custom

    While the coolant system is currently functioning and cooling......yes, I already have a larger radiator in hand and waiting to go in
  6. AWE VFR800 sport cruiser custom

    this was the very first test ride......tank wasn't even done........chain wasn't yet tensioned lol(you'll hear it during shifts)......and the engine mounts weren't even tight yet. But peer pressure......the guys were like "ride it man!!!..ride it!!!" so of course, I had to oblige
  7. AWE VFR800 sport cruiser custom

    Flat black and Honda Electron Blue Pearl (matching blue that's on the pressure plate and front wheel) will be the colors Haven't weighed it yet......but so far, feels way way lighter than a few of my friend's bikes....one being a Yamaha Raider. Handling.........this sucker rides like a champ......very very comfortable, tracks straight as an arrow......and turn in is remarkably nice considering how long this sucker came out lol.
  8. AWE VFR800 sport cruiser custom

    faaaaaaaar from a magna....lol....but I read ya
  9. So what's up 5th gen'ers........ Just wanted to say a lil thank you. I have lurked around this forum for a very long time gathering copious amounts of info that has allowed me to start, work on, fix, troubleshoot, and ultimately get on the road a project of mine that I have been working a very very very long time on. So, a big huge thanks to the forum and all those people that have helped me without even knowing it .......and to those that do know it :P here are a couple pics of how she sits now........still a long way to go and more changes to come....but ya get the idear
  10. Tan line.....lol......yessir, plans are in the works for one of yer covers ;)
  11. Back fender went on tonight
  12. Thanks guys :) Actually I'm quite proud of my RedBull overflow can lol.......if I had it just taped up all ghetto style, that would be one thing.....but no, I machined and fabbed the mount and its super solid and works perfect. It's a lil nod to the hot rod/rat rod world........and hey, I love RedBull :D
  13. She is alive and on the road!!!!
  14. Yeah ggathagan, I only didn't post cuz of the nature of the "fix".............wasn't tryna be impolite.
  15. lol...it's such a weird creation....not sure where to post the build thread :P ......just in 5th gen maybe?