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  1. True Struggle

    I would buy Daves VFR if I was looking. $6,100 for that bike with all the goodies attached! And 22k is just broken in.Look at Fay Myers in Denver!
  2. Greetings

    Welcome! Nice sliders. Where did you get those? As far as breaking it in: Im sure you can ride normally. Don't lug it or over rev it and I'm sure it will be ok.
  3. 2018 Gold Wing v. VFR

    I would love to test ride this couch; hope it does not make me wanna trade in my VFR. I guess I should stay away from freeway test rides or it might just do it.
  4. I traded in my VFR...

    Sweet! Im afraid this bike won't slow you down much. And those bags can hold a 12-pack and some? Look forward to seeing in person.
  5. That's too bad you had to come in Yellowstone via the north entrance. One of my favorite roads I ever been on is Chief Joseph that runs from Cody(east Yellowstone) and pretty much connects to the Beartooth highway. Beartooth is has impressive views and tight switchbacks, but it can be crowded and beat up near the top. Chief Joseph on the other hand, is smooth with many sweepers and a few tighter sections-perfect for VFR.
  6. Air filter

    Thanks. Is saw a well priced one on Amazon that did not say that it fits 2014 vfr but fits a 2003. https://www.amazon.com/Hiflofiltro-HFA1801-Premium-Replacement-Filter/dp/B000WJAUWM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1506900352&sr=8-4&keywords=Vfr800+air+filter except that it says it does fit now so maybe Amazon reads my posts:)
  7. Air filter

    Maybe a dumb question: Are air filters interchangeable between 6th and 8th generations? same engine but is air filter design the same?
  8. 2018 SumSum4 Location

    I voted Dillon not cause it's closer. I love Black Hills but from my experiences, July is a camper and minivan shit show, in addition to near 90 degree weather. Lots of slow twisty stuff out there but if you are stuck behind row of minivans on a hot day vs warm 70 degrees on Colorado mountain passes. Think about it!
  9. Haha, I don't want the bike but it's impressive story-telling and engenious way to sell a bike.
  10. The reason I wanted a white one:

    The exhaust looks great. How do you like the sound? congrats and don't go crazy with those pink ideas!
  11. Agreed with pretty much everything you said, especially around design of bags, horn placement, and other small niggles. However, having owned 6th gen, I did not notice a big power difference you describe,maybe just a tad less top end. After the exhaust mod on my 8 gen, I don't know if there is noticeable difference. However,the sound my 6gen cans made was a little more deeper rumble.
  12. Holy shit, I need vacation just from looking at this. I think I d rather walk to work than put myself through this on a daily basis.
  13. Looks like an autobahn country. You need a hayabusa for these roads:)
  14. Actually, my front adjustments are what you have on yours. Rear preload is at 4 bars, and not sure about the rebound-I'll check tomorrow. I'm 155 lbs and the bike feels stout but not harsh.
  15. Front rebound only 1.5 turns from full hard? How many total turns are there? I feel like it's still on mostly Hard with only 1.5 turns,