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  1. Haha, I don't want the bike but it's impressive story-telling and engenious way to sell a bike.
  2. The reason I wanted a white one:

    The exhaust looks great. How do you like the sound? congrats and don't go crazy with those pink ideas!
  3. Agreed with pretty much everything you said, especially around design of bags, horn placement, and other small niggles. However, having owned 6th gen, I did not notice a big power difference you describe,maybe just a tad less top end. After the exhaust mod on my 8 gen, I don't know if there is noticeable difference. However,the sound my 6gen cans made was a little more deeper rumble.
  4. Holy shit, I need vacation just from looking at this. I think I d rather walk to work than put myself through this on a daily basis.
  5. Looks like an autobahn country. You need a hayabusa for these roads:)
  6. Actually, my front adjustments are what you have on yours. Rear preload is at 4 bars, and not sure about the rebound-I'll check tomorrow. I'm 155 lbs and the bike feels stout but not harsh.
  7. Front rebound only 1.5 turns from full hard? How many total turns are there? I feel like it's still on mostly Hard with only 1.5 turns,
  8. I'm on the opposite side. I'm suprised how people could care less what the bike sounds. What earplugs do you wear that completely eliminate the sound of your bike? Seriously, I'm always looking for a good set of ear plugs to reduce the wind noise. Having sad that, an exhaust note is probably one of the biggest grin factors for me when riding, so I would not want to completely eliminate it. In fact, I forgo the looks for an awesome exhaust, because the looks only matter when you're stopped and looking at your bike, but the sound is part of riding!
  9. Dunlop Roadsmart 3's

    where did you buy them, Dave? Does the rebate work with online and/or local purchases?
  10. Close out sales 14' and 15'

    $6,800 plus tax!? Give them your money and don't look back.
  11. No, VFR is bigger and roomier but still on a sport side. I just think a bike like Versyss/Strom is a better option for around town and relaxed touring. What VFR excels at is corners and sweepers but if you live in flatlands, you would missing out by getting a VFR. But if it's a Deluxe, buy it anyways:) I bought my bike in NE and rode back to CO thinking I would never own a VFR in NE or live for there that matter. Wrong bike for wrong purposes.
  12. Id look into versys 650 based on your size and the fact that you live in flatlands.
  13. Coming to Colorado in June

    I'm in West Denver. Work downtown ish.
  14. Ducati supersport

    Is there anyone who thinks VFR is on top of any step or sport touring category? The only thing VFR has over competitors is proven reliability, great gas mileage (87 octane) and good range. This Duc, if ergos are the same, this is exactly what most of us want (not necessarily need) in a V4 configuration, and the option for hard bags. On paper, this looks like a great bike. Out of my price range but good job to Ducati. Their bike line-up has some great options.
  15. Ducati supersport

    I'm digging the Ducati. The exhaust, red frame but not red wheels. There some nit-pick things that I don't like about it like the rear non integrated blinkers and no hard luggage option, but so does VFR has its own cons. 15K for Ducati IMO is priced well. You get power less weight, better suspension, and electronics than VFR.