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  1. This one or that one ?

    Awwww! You put the good photo on top. Now I can't say 'I like the bottom'
  2. +2 on thank you for sharing that. Many of us have been curious what the 800 platform could achieve - there it is, in real molecules.
  3. First track day!

    Your black kit looks great w your bike. Good to see you looking well ahead.
  4. Ensuring you re-torque every bolt

    Nice. Simple. Strong. Jhenley, thanks for the paint reminder. Also simple.
  5. Ensuring you re-torque every bolt

    I keep a notepad [spiral bound] on my workbench with a section [back pages] devoted only to torque. I put torque non-completion data at the back and work forward so I don't have to start at the beginning of the notes and sift through other project info, measurements, part numbers, etc. to find scattered torque status. Follow your 'torque everything to spec at install' guideline religiously, and if you install any part of a system that shouldn't or can't be torqued to spec immediately upon installation, write the exact nut/bolt/position in the notebook w time and day. Review the notebook periodically and again at completion of project. After verifying that you've finished all necessary torque tasks, you can tear out the back pages and start clean on the next project. Doing this has made me comfortable leaving even something as vital as the rear axle nut snug, but not torqued and not staked. I had the brakes off for caliper rebuild/stainless hose install, and without the rear brake, had no way to hold the rear wheel assembly against the 148 ft/lb torque required for the axle nut. Later, after installing the brakes, my notebook reminded me to torque and stake the axle nut, just in case I got caught up in finish line fever and thought about a premature test ride. Of course, I end up rechecking many torques after final tightening - safe still being significantly better than sorry. The story of how the rear wheel came off is way better when heard about someone else's snafu than when told about your own.
  6. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    It can't be a threadjack if it's reaching out to the original poster... Dang, Jay! You know what they say about traction and gravity: It seems like there's never enough, and then, suddenly, there's waaayyyy too much. Good thing you do your exercises every morning - your strength and flexibility probably kept it from being worse. Best thoughts and speedy healing to you. Glad you've got family around you.
  7. Sounds good Brian, consider the extra spot yours. Glad to hear your 1990 is literally still in the family, RC1237V
  8. I'll keep settin' 'em up, you keep bringin' 'em home...
  9. Yessir, just ask anyone in town for directions to the Sigma Lambda Upsilon Tau house at Shaver U.
  10. crazybro snapped up the extra spot for Friday.
  11. That's beautiful (for a twin) but bring your 1990 - that VFR is pure eye candy!
  12. Yessir, I'll be trying to keep tc339, BrianF, Duc2V4, and the rest of you in sight Oct 7-8. Duc2V4, I'm in on the 3rd bed Saturday - thanks for tracking down lodging in Shaver. I got a double room in Kernville for Fri night, and texted crazybrother to see if he wants to share quarters Friday.
  13. Fuel injector clean/refurbish recommendation

    Thanks JZH - don't know why I didn't think of ebay. Silly.
  14. Stompgrip is cheating [with pics]

    Glad to hear others are enjoying added stiction. Nice bike, hellindustries. Crakerjac, you're right, nothing in the world of friction comes free - my street leathers are OK so far, but I had to have inside-knee leather patches added to all my motocross pants. Capt Bob - I've had the same experience w Stomp service. I was having a hard time getting my Stomp seat cover onto my MX bike's seat. I was living in Orange County close to Stomp at the time, so I stopped by and Dave (founder) just brought me in the back and showed me how to do a pro seat cover install by doing mine. Very cool.
  15. Fuel injector clean/refurbish recommendation

    Cool. Thanks for the feedback. Digging into a motorcycle you want to do right by is definitely stepping in quicksand, punching the tar baby, [fill in your own time-suck metaphor here...]