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  1. Peppy is an understatement when it comes to RVFR's 5th gen - I rode it. I was lucky enough to hang with RVFR [Jay] for a bit last week while I was in WA for a few days of Califonia Superbike School at a local track called The Ridge. Way, way too many adventures took place around this trip to list here, so I'll save details about the riding and VFR-surgery for other threads. While out on a ride through the beautiful country in his neck of the nape, Jay was gracious and trusting enough to trade bikes with me for 20 or so miles of sweeping turns through a rural area. His 5th gen let me know it was getting down to business from 5000rpm to 6000rpm, then at 6000rpm, twisting the throttle became directly proportional to acceleration - this motorcycle ripped on demand from 6000-10000 rpm. I didn't go over 10000 because manners dictate that one ought not wring out a friend's bike when generously proffered, plus, there was nothing to prove and I was already having plenty of fun. When on the gas, Jay's 5th gen was way more exhilarating than any VFR I've ridden. Jay is spot on when he describes his motorcycle having improved driveablility, but calling his bike 'driveable' is like saying a BMW S1000RR is 'brisk'. When debriefing after trading back to our respective bikes, I used the word 'harmonized' to describe Jay's motorcycle. My 5th gen gets going just fine, thank you, I've no complaints, but compared to mine, Jay's adds more than a little snarling, leaping acceleration to the equation. For those who haven't read this entire thread and those who won't, he is running a relatively obscure large aperture K&N air filter, a high mount Staintune slipon, and Two Brothers Racing headers on a stock engine. A bit of context: I owned a 1998 5th gen VFR 800 with a Two Brothers slipon for two years in 1998-1999. I've owned a 4th gen VFR 750 for two years and left it bone stock. I've owned two different 6th gen VFRs, and I've put 14000 miles on my current bike, a 2001 5th gen I bought a year ago with 32000 miles on it. This current 5th gen has a Pipercross air filter, catless ceramic coated 1998/1999 headers, a high mount Staintune slipon, and a Power Commander III that has been dyno tuned to a whopping 99hp with very smooth, linear power and torque curves. I am very optimistic about the headers Jay and Gabe are developing for the VFR 800. Cheers all.
  2. ill take those

    i can send via pay pall or check


    griff porter

    14 mountinbrook rd

    asheville nc 28805


  3. Hey JZH - thanks for your input. NFW is a mild understatement for 48mm offset! I forgot to describe that I was only comparing the two lower triple clamps, not attempting to determine actual offset, so the 46.94mm and 48.61mm are from the datum line across the edge of fork leg holes to edge of steering stem hole, only to compare the two measurements from the two stems. When I measured the offsets center to center, the difference settled down to 1.13mm, and, finally, when I measured the 8th gen top triple offset using the method you recommended, it comes in at 39.98mm...close enough to 40mm for me to go ahead with assembly and far too accurate for government projects. Do you have the RC51 SP1 forks in your possession yet? Do they offer the clamping range you hoped for? Cheers
  4. Hello gentlemen, Does anyone know for sure if 8th gen fork offset is the same 40mm as 6th gen and 5th gen? I am in the process of replacing my 5th gen triple clamps with 8th gen top triple clamp and 6th gen bottom triple clamp as part of a suspension upgrade and brake delink [Yes, I am taking photos and yes, will post a build thread]. My notes say that somewhere my research found that the offset of 8th gen triples is 40mm, same as 6th gen and 5th gen [though 5th gen uses 41mm diameter forks]. I did not record the source of my data. BUT - I started measuring the triples before installing today and found 8th gen with almost 2mm less offset than the 6th gen. 8th gen on left, 6th gen on right. Measured from edge of fork leg holes to edge of steering stem holes. Steering stem holes same diameter. Thanks for any input.
  5. Wish I'd been in position to scoop up that CBR when you let it go...you had it runnin' real good-like.
  6. Cool Jon. If you need well nuts and are uncomfortable with the $5ish dineros our dear Honda charges, Duc2V4 shares the following: "For those wanting to replace your well nuts without going bankrupt, I found that these two models work great for the 5 Gen. The main fastener well nuts also work with the 6 Gen. Main fastener well nuts: http://www.clipsandfasteners.com/Well_Nut_M5_8_665_Length_p/a16248.htm Upper front (on the front sub-frame) and rear cowl (on the rear sub-frame) fastener well nuts: http://www.clipsandfasteners.com/Well_Nut_M5_8_554_Length_p/a16242.htm"
  7. Next time you have your bodywork off, take a look at the well nuts that hold your bodywork together - Honda calls these 'cowl setting nuts'. This pertains to any VFR that uses cowl setting nuts to fasten body panels together - the older the VFR, the more important it is that its nuts get a thorough inspection. I wondered why a couple of the bolt holes in the upper cowl of my 5th gen had cracks at their edges. These are the row of three holes where pan screws go into well nuts in the lower cowl. The PO was very careful and I have not run across any examples of fasteners being overtorqued. At my second oil change, I notice that many of the cowl setting nuts - perhaps original parts - had squished up through their holes over time, creating bulges between the faring panels that they joined. The pressure of the bulges acted like wedges up under the outer panels of the upper cowl, and the pressure of the pan screw was applied to the wedge from the outer side of the upper cowl, resulting in cracks. Just a heads up as you service your VFR - check your nuts [cowl setting nuts]. New cowl setting nuts have my fairings lying flat and happy against each other.
  8. OK I've gotten a few sets out. Even USPS is bending us little shippers over: an envelope with two wafers of cardboard around two decals costs $13.95 to send USPS Priority. I'm not making anything on these, so considering the extortionistic [not a real adjective] cost of shipping, I'll have to charge $50 for a left and right set. It takes me a week to place the printing order, pick them up [12 miles away] and get them shipped, so if you need them faster, it will be $60 for the set including shipping. When the printer and I finished the proofing process and a had a nice finished decal, I asked if he would take orders directly from vfrd and vfrw members; he said he was not interested. I am going to approach him again now that a few people have purchased the decals - maybe he'd consider opening a direct channel.
  9. The forks do go great with the build. Terry, I've never run across 919 forks as 43mm upgrades - thanks for pointing that out. How can you tell they are 43mm and not 41mm? I also realized that the features I thought were layered triple clamps are the bar risers. Very cool machine, Capn'.
  10. Good thread. Having All Ballz-specific info from those who've done it is very cool.
  11. Welcome back Cap'n - it's like you were never gone [Little would I know]. Those Attack triples have more layers than a Taco Bell layered burrito. Make sure you have the triples on your research-the-build list. Attack can and does make anything their customer is willing to pay for and what the PO did or did not have them do with the triples is mighty interesting. It appears that the Traction cartridges reside in new-from-the-factory VTR lowers...luckily, it also appears that Brembo makes an adapter plate and caliper that fit the VTR lowers perfectly. Can't wait to hear about the ride feel once you get the suspension set to your liking. **Remember - correct spring selection for your weight and riding style is absolutely required in order to take advantage of sweet suspension bits like the ones on your motorcycle. I had a Two Brothers high mount on my first VFR [5th gen] and I do not recall it being set as far to the rear as yours. Hmmm.
  12. Hi JZH - I didn't catch your observation about the blue decal set you found with the Euro DCBS [The naive American asks what is 'ROW'?]. That's good info. Is DCBS another FLA [Four Letter Acronym] for linked brakes?
  13. Glad to hear people are out and riding their VFRs Terry. MsRN98, go sixth gen top and bottom triples. Even good ones are inexpensive, and them you don't have to worry about matching top and bottom or doing any of that highfalutin' math to get the geometry correct. Where did you find straight F4i forks with only 2000 miles on them? [Great find]
  14. Sounds like you are asking about the plastic trim clips Honda calls 'clip, drive chain case'. The 6th gen requires two of these. They are part number 90684-MBG-003 shown here as #18: http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Honda/Motorcycle/2004/VFR800+AC/SWINGARM/parts.html
  15. I found exact matches for Honda Italian Red R157 at Colorrite Distributing. The dealer referred me to them when I went I asked hime for touch up paint. You'll need the official color name and code number, but I found Colorrite to be a good resource.