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    superbike conversion kit , even better/cheaper than elibars
  2. Also read the correct speed ?
  3. 3rd/4th gen brembo upgrade

    R1-R6-mt07-09-10 calipers are 4 pot 30 mm oem aswel
  4. New Goldwing on the horizon

    Manual and DCT ( with 7 speed ) and few other unusual solutions
  5. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    as above...
  6. 3rd/4th gen brembo upgrade

    16 mm radial will be little , 16 mm or 17 are ok with all 30 mm pistons Search for a 18 or 19
  7. VFR800F 8th Gen Fuel Tank Vacuum Problems

    Evap. canister was just for Cali and swiss till 2017 Now all they get it with new euro4 models
  8. DCT model

    DCT ecu can be reflashed aswel Slightly bigger fuel tank = 0,6 liter manual version it´s also 10 kg lighter
  9. 3rd/4th gen brembo upgrade

    those Mc are fitted in plenty of bikes Ducati , ktm , benelli , kawasaki , yamaha , triumph , aprilia
  10. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    No one hear about NUVIZ ?
  11. OEM Honda Hand Protectors!?

    Those are Honda cod. 08P70-MJM-D40
  12. Best option to fix motorcycle running lean

    May tell us which model will be a good start
  13. 3rd/4th gen brembo upgrade

    Brembos out of suzuki are not an upgrade compare to the 4 pot (sumitomo) yamaha , sure "brembo" logo will look more exotic even the M4 out of the cbr1000rr sp/sp1/sp2 family are honda specs , may a 3% more bite than the yamy oem I`m using R1M calipers on my three MT
  14. RS850 Replica

    That´s will be a hell of job ; impressed ! Good idea the upper gull wing triple!
  15. Why Do You Ride

    Oktoberfest Hocker