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  1. 2018 CB1000R

    Will get my CB in april
  2. Flywheel degree key

  3. 5 lug wheel compatibility

    nothing .... kawasaki zxr750 and zx7r are 35 mm offset but forks are 52 mm ........... did not remember that
  4. 5 lug wheel compatibility

    I have 1200 F and X , cb1000r , vfr 750 rc36-1 ,vfr 800 rc 46 and 800 rc 79/rc80
  5. 5 lug wheel compatibility

    yep cb1000r are 50-55 , that´s why i did the conversion with vfr12 fork on my cb using oem cb triple tree may have an idea for you , will check if possible later ;) 1200 X or F wheels have different offset aswel compare to 750 or 800 one
  6. 5 lug wheel compatibility

    all cb1000r got the same lower triple in alloy(55mm) do not mistake with the 2007/2012 cb600f unit (54mm) yep 1200 got another offset aswel
  7. 5 lug wheel compatibility

    Tell me what you need , no problem to measure it
  8. Wheel Speed Sensors

    will take few pictures may tomorrow
  9. Wheel Speed Sensors

    actually on my Cb1000r i did the same using a part of this cb1300 front abs sensor bracket plus a piece of caliper bracket an NC 750 Also have another few used , in case you will need them ( as a present ) p.s. Hall effect sensor ;)
  10. LED Indicators

    You will need 9 volts for the indcators , but that´s quite a good way
  11. As a CB1000R owner you might be able to help me. Are all the bottom yokes steel, all CB1000R model variants, all years? Or are any of them alloy?


    The only ones I've seen were steel, but maybe some were alloy? Do you know if they were and which models and which years?

  12. LED Indicators

    bought them used for good price , after took one out of my 17 SP2 and compared to the 1200
  13. Wheel Speed Sensors

  14. Wheel Speed Sensors

    Few yamahas are using what you search
  15. LED Indicators

    No time , was working on both my MT10 as i stated direct swap or for better say , ally parts of this mirror it´s s the same to 800-1200 parts