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  1. I was! I still lurk there sometimes but the VFR is my first modern bike and I don't want to say I like it more than the CB, but it does get all my attention nowadays
  2. Tires!

    Looks like the rebates are back on if anyone has been waiting.
  3. Close out sales 14' and 15'

    I would jump on that. I got mine as a leftover for $7200 plus all the BS fees and tax. If they discount any accessories that's great too. But you still got a $12k bike for 7 grand!
  4. It's for the unfinished edge on the top of the screen. I left mine off because they didn't give me any!
  5. Tank bag for Gen 8 recommendations

    I have a kappa tanklok and almost never take it off the bike. It's great.
  6. The light tint has the VFR and the dark tint is plain.
  7. Did 250 miles today to Harpers Ferry W. Va. New screen looks great and really does seem to make a difference for me at 6'3".
  8. Resurrecting this thread as I have just fitted my new dark tint powerbronze. Haven't ridden the bike with it yet, but it sure does look great!
  9. center stand installation

    http://shop.sierramotorsports.com/eshopprod_cat_9443-10771_product_1899907.Centerstand_for_Interceptor.htm heres one I found. I'm out with a broken leg so haven't ordered it yet.
  10. 8th gen minor updates for 2017

    Still like the white the best but wow is that beautiful!
  11. Ducati new VFR

    Cannot wait to see one in person. It's gorgeous.
  12. Aftermarket Pipes For Gen 8

    I'm liking the looks of this Mugen. Does anyone have one?
  13. Picture Thread

    Took the long way home from work today.