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  1. Well.. it takes a 20 mm diameter axle. That's about it unfortunately. The stock discs won't line up with the calipers. You could always shim the caliper mounts... Just get your 6G front wheel painted to match and sell the '91 front wheel for scrap metal.
  2. Linky
  3. The Honda manual is much better than the Haynes anyway. How do I know ? I have both and I'd happily return the Haynes for a full (or even partial) refund.
  4. Good point. Why didn't I think of that ? Damn !
  5. First thing that comes to mind is way too much oil but you said "to spec". You did measure with the forks fully collapsed, right?
  6. Nope ! Its viscosity falls within the 10 wt. range when cold, that's what 10W means. Viscosity always decreases with temperature so 50 wt. hot is less viscous than 10 wt. cold.
  7. Sweet !
  8. Low air gap, high oil level. Whichever you prefer.
  9. Yup ! Also bear in mind that the 4G's forks have a 130 mm stroke. Rough rule of thumb, use the stroke figure as a starting point for the air gap so 100 mm is definitely on the low side though not low enough to cause trouble (probably).
  10. The 4G's forks take a 5W stock but you can certainly use up to 15W (I used to) without undue harshness, IMO. However, since you're pretty light you may not need to. The excessive dive you're currently experiencing is to be expected since you have probably lost a substantial amount of oil. This increases the air gap and softens the (already very soft) forks, markedly so in the bottom 1/3 of travel. ATF was commonly used as fork fluid and its viscosity hovers around 10W or 30-something cSt. With dedicated fork fluid readily available these days, I don't see much point in using it. It's not even much cheaper.
  11. Really ? If there's one thing I would not hold against Ducati, it's that they produce "rough" looking bikes. At least not until they are a couple of years old.
  12. I'd go with 1 A. Not that 2 A is going to ruin your battery in short order but slow charge is best, AFAIK. I think my battery tender puts out 0.8 A.
  13. Now, that is an oxymoron if I ever saw one.
  14. The Desmoquadro is already pretty extreme in its bore / stroke ratio, yet Ducati would like to field a 1299 instead of an 1199 in WSB and it seems like they are not getting their way. That may have something to do with the sanctioning body no longer being Italian. Not saying your point on emissions is not valid, though. Also, Ducati has just as much claim to the V4 as Honda does, IMO.
  15. Did @Dutchy sell his ?