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  1. Programming a blank HISS key

    Correct but do make sure there is only ONE transponder chip in the vicinity of the antenna, otherwise there's every chance that it won't work. On my 6G, the transponder chip was "sealed" in by soft black silicone that can easily be removed with a toothpick. No risk of damage to the chip.
  2. Programming a blank HISS key

    If you're going to discard the old key, you could just swap the transponder chip from the old key to the new one. Quick and easy.
  3. It was common to use the 17" 4th Gen front wheel on period Blades. Straight swap. I don't know with absolute certainty but I do believe the 3Rd Gen front wheel is exactly the same in the critical dimensions (axle ∅ and spacers).
  4. Most annoying bike ever?

    Electronic gadgets are for rice worshippers, doncha know ? This is the American Way !
  5. No power, wont jump start

    That's Honda for you. After 20 years of trouble free service, they become prone to the odd niggling trouble. Rubbish quality.
  6. Roadsmart III Profile

    I think you can, at least partly, infer that from my post. I have no experience with your favourites so I tried to convey an impression of how they behave without drawing a baseless direct comparison. I do realise it's not the full answer you are looking for but it's all I've got to share. I just tried to be humorous about the limited info. I guess I'm an incurable smart ass.
  7. Roadsmart III Profile

    Errr... rounded ? I'm really happy with mine. They are not aggressive sports tyres but I find that the bike goes into a lean really lightly and easily. Happy medium between quick handling and stability and perfect for the VFR, IMO. They have given me no reason at all to be wary of them whatever the weather conditions. Excellent !
  8. Chinese air filter

    My guess would be that it either doesn't flow like the OEM or doesn't filter like it. Possibly both. If it "feels lighter", why do you think that is ? A revolutionary material unknown to Honda or a rubbish filter that will let all sorts of dust into the engine ? There are decent aftermarket air filters that don't cost nearly as much as the OEM. I'd go for one of those if I were you but, hey ! It's your engine.
  9. I'm pretty sure there is at least one Aussie who got a suitable key for cheap (from eBay?). Google using "site:vfrdiscussion.com".

    Speaking of sticker(s), have you priced those yet ? For a full respray, go with the car paint. I don't know if it's close enough that nobody will notice but it'll look just as good.
  11. Will 1991 Front Wheel fit 2002?

    Well.. it takes a 20 mm diameter axle. That's about it unfortunately. The stock discs won't line up with the calipers. You could always shim the caliper mounts... Just get your 6G front wheel painted to match and sell the '91 front wheel for scrap metal.
  12. Rc36 workshop manual download

  13. Rc36 workshop manual download

    The Honda manual is much better than the Haynes anyway. How do I know ? I have both and I'd happily return the Haynes for a full (or even partial) refund.
  14. Front forks.Aaaahhhh!!!!!

    Good point. Why didn't I think of that ? Damn !