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  1. Nah ! Replace it. I know "dead" batteries (sulfation) can actually be revived in many cases but it takes a special purpose made charger which I have no idea where to find and even so there is no guarantee as some internal damage is truly irreversible.
  2. Oh. I have no doubt about that. Neither do I question that Penske is second to none in terms of quality suspension components. My concern was entirely whether they were originally intended for the bike and properly set up as a package. Yup ! Do let us know how it turns out, please.
  3. Quite. I don't think a steering damper is called for either. I worded/quoted that poorly, sorry. What I was getting at is that while it's hard to make a stock 4G VFR even slightly unstable given the lazy geometry and limited adjustments available, this one is actually not stock given that it has finely adjustable suspension components which is great but introduces a real possibility to mess things up. A combination of forward pitch and mismatched suspension settings could explain the "issue", IMO.
  4. I looked them up and they are sports tyres but not excessively aggressive. In fact, they were praised for their stability so I'd rule them out as a cause (unless poorly balanced, which you would notice, or otherwise faulty from the factory, which is not very likely).
  5. A stock VFR does not need a steering damper, ever. The OP's suspension is aftermarket front & back and it sounds like they were not exactly purchased together from a reputable specialist, hence big unknown in terms of geometry, spring rates and damping. Was that Penske made for your bike ? Since you tried raising the front, I'd assume it raises the back quite a bit. Correct ?
  6. I volunteer to sit on the tribunal. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial before being burnt at the stake for blasphemy.
  7. Genuinely sad tonight...  
  8. Looks bad. Really bad. Get well soon, Nicky.
  9. Good thinking. I heard of one case where that little detail was overlooked leading to the brake lines snapping clean off upon the first wheelie. Fresh underwear time.
  10. Hi RC36Rider, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  11. Indeed ! On p. 1-5 of the Service Manual. Engine dry weight: 5th Gen: 74 kg (163 lbs) 6th Gen: 72.4 kg (159.6 lbs) I wasn't too far off.
  12. The figure I have in mind is roughly 75 kg so 154 lbs sounds right.
  13. You homophobe ! I bet you voted for Trump. Edit: I see that you are in Scotland but I won't let that trivial detail ruin my excellent joke.
  14. AFAIK it is illegal in the US to let your front wheel leave the ground so the only way you can enjoy the full acceleration of a litre sportsbike is to fit one of these goofy lengthened swingarms. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about this, though. At any rate, they are just about non-existent in Old Europe.