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  1. I manually bled my whole system. I find that nothing can get the brakes as solid as a manual bleed. Even when I use a vacuum or pressure bleeder, I finish off the bleed manually. This can all be done by one person. The hardest one to bleed is the secondary cylinder on the left front caliper. I had to contort my upper body into a weird position to be able to crank on the rear brake pedal with one hand and crack the bleeder open and closed with the other. I am not sure how long you bled your system, but It took me a full liter of brake fluid to get my system bled solid front and rear.
  2. I bought the spal 5.2" pusher fan from amazon. I am going to give my radiators a thorough cleaning and install the new fan. If that doesnt work, then I will look into replacing the water pump. As a last resort I will retrofit a front mount radiator.
  3. while that may be true, 239 degrees F is hot for any gas engine.
  4. i found this rc51 spal fan install and then I found the mentioned fan SPAL pusher fan on Amazon Any thoughts?
  5. ok, so no one has tried the spal fan so far? keef, do you happen to have the dimension of the TLR radiator, and do you have pictures of the finished install?
  6. I have been researching off and on for the last couple of months of how to get my VFR to run cooler in stop and go traffic. The highest it reach was 239F on the gauge cluster. I have found a couple of options in the forum, 1. run a reverse fan blade from an RC51 2. install a higher CFM SPAL fan, although I couldnt figure out what size fan to run 3. Install slight larger radiators from a 6th gen 4. Install a custom front mount radiator from a Suzuki TL1000R Right now I am like options 2, as I have run spal fans in the past without any issues on both bikes and cars. Or maybe a combination of option 2 and 3. Does anyone know what size fan would fit, a spal 5.5" or so? Also any input on any of the other options is very much appreciated.
  7. I had the exact same problem. For me it was a bad turn signal bulb that was grounding itself out and blowing the fuse as soon as I turned the key.
  8. im looking to buy a house around lake lignanore. I like that area. There are not many VFR owners in the area, I have only seen 4 in the last 5 years.
  9. sorry to hear about the grips. I switched to progrip 719s and they feel pretty good, but the fit was REAL tight on the left clip-on. Also I would love to know about some new roads in maryland. I am in damascus. I am real familiar with 108, and 650 and most of the various small one lane roads off those routes.
  10. Why the custom projector setup as opposed to using mini H1s or mini D2S'es? Also what projector body did you go with for your setup?
  11. my VFR does not have that hole. I am going to have to drill one to make way for the screw driver. Chinese fairings strike again.
  12. can anyone post a picture. I have aftermarket fairings and I suspect this hole is not there on mine.
  13. Is there an easy way to adjust the headlights up and down on my 5th gen? Is removing the upper cowl the only way to do it? Is there a trick I am missing?
  14. Sorry to read about your woes. I ended up scrapping my chinese tail piece and had my factory one repaired and painted with the tank. My chinese tail piece fit okay, until i tried to install an oem solo seat cover on top of it. It was gap city! There was absolutely no fix or adjustment to be done.
  15. thanks for the info, and much respect for digging that deep! So from what you found honda uses an H4 bulb and everything around it is non-standard?