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  1. Looks about the right price. Just swap the $ for a £ and you have the average price for one of those in the UK. Saying that; It's been over a year and my stock exhaust still hasn't sold.
  2. Got some off ebay for £7 including delivery (here). Perfect fit.
  3. Nope. I have nightbreakers. That connector is a known issue 'round these parts.
  4. Nice. Gives me more options.
  5. Then i think solid pegs will do me just fine. 99% of my riding is to and from work, which is between 15 and 20 mins each way. Beyond that? Maybe the occasional 2 hour run every month or so, and i have pretty thick souls on my bike boots. I'll swap the passenger/rider pegs around today, see how that goes.
  6. So: The stock VFR footpegs are trash, CBR 600 pegs are MUCH better, but still not quite good enough to last through the daily abuse i put them through. Thinking about trying Fireblade pegs as they've got no rubber on them. Just cast aluminium. Might even see if the stock passenger pegs fit. Anyone tried any of this?
  7. Assuming i can get to the cable, Maybe.
  8. Hi all. Recently noticed my seat wasn't on quite right. Turned out that the locking mechanism had lost its bolt. Refitted it with a new bolt (and threadlock!) refitted the seat, and now i realise that the cable has come away from the key end of the mechanism, too. So now i have a seat i cannot get off. I need to get it off to get to some of the rear panel bolts so i can get to the mechanism and repair it. Any advice? ------------------- Fixed. How: Removed rear panel by detaching and lifting front part of seat. Pliers on cable at left side. Re-secured cable to holder with a cable tie (zip tie), lubricated, reassembled.
  9. Images don't work.
  10. You can go for the DID option: DID 50VA7, or the OEM option: RK 50HF0Z3. You could go Renthal, too. The DID option is best i'd say. Heavy duty, well priced. Lasts well.
  11. True. I had one, but it crapped-out. Cheap ebay junk. I keep meaning to buy a better one.
  12. And that's why i got this replacement unit.
  13. Spent about 12 hours cleaning, painting, scrubbing, polishing etc... Repainted header pipes Cleaned and restored the end can Repainted the forks Fully cleaned the front brake discs Serviced the brakes Repainted the stands Replaced loads of bolts with nice shiny high tensile marine-grade alternatives (front discs, rear sprocket etc...) LOTS of silicone and cleaning. And then it rained and snowed on the way home for exactly the amount of time it took from the shop to my house. Exactly. #britishsummer
  14. Nice that the seller got it inspected and the oil and filter changed. Enjoy the ride home, and get some pics up!