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  1. Speedo error

    Well, depending on the accuracy of speed signs near me, mine is overstating by about 3mph when doing 30mph. As for revs to speed? 6th gear, 70mph is approximately 5000-5250rpm (i've never spent more than a moment looking at the dash when doing...any speeds). --- Wheels/chain/sprockets are stock sizes.
  2. Craigslist 5th gens

    About what i'd expect to see that go for in a shop (with a fresh service, fresh MOT, and at least a 2 month/1000 mile warranty), but privately? Nope. It'd be closer to $3300 Canadian (basing this off UK £ prices and converting to Canadian dollars).
  3. New to me 2000 VFR 800

    From that pic of the bike: Head-off a potential electrical issue and strip out those heated grips. They're fine in general, but going on that control unit attached to the left side infill, that's either an old unit, or a cheap unit. Had a fair few through at work. Rare that they work, often cause problems down the road when they do, so i just take them off unless they're either OEM or a recent Oxford unit properly fitted.
  4. New to me 2000 VFR 800

    Reg/Rec and associated wiring is the #1 item. Check the condition of the header pipes Check the condition of the oil tubes at the front (look at the front of the engine, they're on either side almost level with the lower yoke) -Prone to corrosion, expensive to replace. Other than that? If i were you? Make sure the bike has a damn good service. Perhaps a major, just to be sure. Get a trusted garage to go over the bike with a fine-tooth comb to pick-up on any potential issues. Clean it. Keep up with service work etc.
  5. Chinese plastic

    Never seen a good outcome. They'll often be listed as injection moulded, but are still compression formed, which is bad. You're better off gathering original panels, getting them fixed and then painted.
  6. Hi all. I have non-standard grips which are too thin for my liking. Previously had oxford hotgrips which were nice and thick. Now have some oxford sports grips. I just need to know the outside diameter of the stock VFR grips, please.
  7. Blue VFR

    UK here. We got: 50th / red / blue / silver / black / green - never seen a yellow. I do like the green, but have a red which is the most common. Only ever seen one green.
  8. Any options for a full-metal gear pedal?

    Do! Even if i don't do it, i'd still like to see your solution.
  9. Any options for a full-metal gear pedal?

    The whole thing is one cast part. I could chop it and put a threaded hole in it. It's a possibility.
  10. Ahoy again. Recently went full-metal on the foot pegs and now looking to complete the 'look' with a proper metal-only gear select pedal. Anyone know of one which will fit? I know i could just take the rubber off the stock pedal, but that'd look ass.
  11. Hello from England

    Hello fellow Brit! Get thee some EBC discs and pads. Delkevic if you're after pipes and cans. Electrex for R/R etc... and maybe a little bit from David Silver.
  12. Stock Exhaust Price...

    Looks about the right price. Just swap the $ for a £ and you have the average price for one of those in the UK. Saying that; It's been over a year and my stock exhaust still hasn't sold.
  13. Lets talk about footpegs! (Exciting, i know...)

    Got some off ebay for £7 including delivery (here). Perfect fit.
  14. Noob Electrical question

    Nope. I have nightbreakers. That connector is a known issue 'round these parts.
  15. Lets talk about footpegs! (Exciting, i know...)

    Nice. Gives me more options.