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  1. Hello & Intro

    I second that.
  2. Hello & Intro

    Pegs - I got some 2003-2006 pegs. Straight swap. They came with a pin, spring, and an E clip, but i swapped it for the stock pin and a split-pin for more security. I'd estimate it gave me maybe half an inch at best. Seat - Still not a fan personally. I'd like to flatten mine out a bit, and make it a bit more grippy. Pipes - Provided your current pipes are in good condition, and you can get them blasted/coated for a good price? Probably your best bet. I'd like to get mine ceramic coated. Chop - Good plan! I hope you'll also get a seat cowl to finish it off. Might want to buy a set of used rear peg mounts just in case you want/need to switch back, or make a mistake on the left side.
  3. Hello & Intro

    Welcome! Nice clean bike. Always nice to see! Re: Peg lower - Might want to consider some CBR 600 pegs. Full metal, no rubber, so sit lower than the stock VFR pegs with the thick rubber plate. I got the CBR pegs because i was sick of constantly trashing the rubber, and it's expensive to replace. Re: Headers & can - Delkevic do a great kit of both header and pipe. High and low mount variations. I have just a can, and it's survived the salty British winters, rainy 'summers' and all that inbetween as a daily ride for more than 2 years now. Still looks great, no rust, not degredation so far. Delkevic supply worldwide (UK based), see your options here. I have this can. Re: Air filter - Pipercross do the largest version. Might be a better choice.
  4. I guess it had to happen eventually... Anyway, the damage: Destroyed headlight Destroyed front mudguard Minor scrapes on left side crash protectors Damaged screen (due to front fairing flex) Cracks/splitting around side fairing at top (very minor) At the scene: Inside of front fairing: Repairs: I used a two-part bond - A powder and a glue. Also used some mesh to keep the powder in place and provide a little scaffold to help keep it all together. Did the same with the replacement mudguard as it had some cracks in the usual places around the mounting points. Fixed the split headlight mount point with some gel glue as it's pretty good for filling gaps and build-up a surface. Added the duct tape on each side as i'd noticed some rub marks from wiring, so figured this would maybe help slow that down. Still missing the hatch cover below the headlight.. Oh well. Damage to screen: The lack of tabs on both sides made the screen angle up at the bottom. Good thing i still have my MRA screen knocking about! Replacement headlight - Got it for £200! Bargain (they tend to go for about £250-£300, and are rarely in such good condition. All done! What crash? Unless you look very closely, you can't see much of anything, let alone any hard evidence of a crash. Just some bits which look like scratches or old cracks. Nothing unusual for a bike of this age and mileage. Could have been worse! Seems like i took most of the impact and had the bike on top of me slightly. No damage to the side, and i've only had some slight aches for the last couple of days which are pretty much gone now. Not even a bruise. Work took about 2 hours with extra time in there waiting for adhesive and paint to dry, and the headlight to arrive.
  5. HJC customer service & warranty

    I've also found HJC's customer service / warranty to be good. In the UK, it's handled by the distributor (Oxford products), and i've had to return my RPHA Max Evo a few times for a recurring fault with the visor positioning system, once for lining clips detaching from the internals (got a fresh new helmet) and a couple other things. Granted: I'm not happy with the helmet, but the warranty is always honoured and processed very quickly.
  6. Stompgrip is cheating [with pics]

    Oh, picture... right....
  7. Stompgrip is cheating [with pics]

    I also have the side grips. Brilliant things, worth every penny. I didn't go quite as far as you with masking and adhesion promoter, but they've stood-up to two years of British weather and daily use with zero issues. Having them really changed the way i ride and place my weight for the better. MUCH less strain on my wrists and arms now. I'll be having these on every bike i own from now on.
  8. Vibrating Mirrors - 2001 VFR

    I haven't used the condom mirrors, so can't say specifically about those, but my OEM mirrors didn't vibrate, and my current ones do not vibrate, either. Crystal-clear and stable.
  9. Vibrating Mirrors - 2001 VFR

    Personally; I just jammed a bunch of correct sized washers in there, and then some very thin ones to make it nice and tight.
  10. Vibrating Mirrors - 2001 VFR

    Well, no harm in checking the mounting bolts and the stem bolt
  11. Vibrating Mirrors - 2001 VFR

    When stationary/off the bike/not running, do the mirrors have any movement in them? Might be loose on the stem, but might be loose at the mirror housing, which you can't fix. Might just need some different/more washers at the stem base in the mounting. IF you need to replace them, upgrade to the non-dom version: Left / Right. I have a set of those. They work great, and half the price of OEM replacements.
  12. Speedo error

    Well, depending on the accuracy of speed signs near me, mine is overstating by about 3mph when doing 30mph. As for revs to speed? 6th gear, 70mph is approximately 5000-5250rpm (i've never spent more than a moment looking at the dash when doing...any speeds). --- Wheels/chain/sprockets are stock sizes.
  13. Craigslist 5th gens

    About what i'd expect to see that go for in a shop (with a fresh service, fresh MOT, and at least a 2 month/1000 mile warranty), but privately? Nope. It'd be closer to $3300 Canadian (basing this off UK £ prices and converting to Canadian dollars).
  14. New to me 2000 VFR 800

    From that pic of the bike: Head-off a potential electrical issue and strip out those heated grips. They're fine in general, but going on that control unit attached to the left side infill, that's either an old unit, or a cheap unit. Had a fair few through at work. Rare that they work, often cause problems down the road when they do, so i just take them off unless they're either OEM or a recent Oxford unit properly fitted.
  15. New to me 2000 VFR 800

    Reg/Rec and associated wiring is the #1 item. Check the condition of the header pipes Check the condition of the oil tubes at the front (look at the front of the engine, they're on either side almost level with the lower yoke) -Prone to corrosion, expensive to replace. Other than that? If i were you? Make sure the bike has a damn good service. Perhaps a major, just to be sure. Get a trusted garage to go over the bike with a fine-tooth comb to pick-up on any potential issues. Clean it. Keep up with service work etc.