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  1. Images don't work.
  2. You can go for the DID option: DID 50VA7, or the OEM option: RK 50HF0Z3. You could go Renthal, too. The DID option is best i'd say. Heavy duty, well priced. Lasts well.
  3. True. I had one, but it crapped-out. Cheap ebay junk. I keep meaning to buy a better one.
  4. And that's why i got this replacement unit.
  5. Spent about 12 hours cleaning, painting, scrubbing, polishing etc... Repainted header pipes Cleaned and restored the end can Repainted the forks Fully cleaned the front brake discs Serviced the brakes Repainted the stands Replaced loads of bolts with nice shiny high tensile marine-grade alternatives (front discs, rear sprocket etc...) LOTS of silicone and cleaning. And then it rained and snowed on the way home for exactly the amount of time it took from the shop to my house. Exactly. #britishsummer
  6. Nice that the seller got it inspected and the oil and filter changed. Enjoy the ride home, and get some pics up!
  7. Yup. Sounds like you need a new 'stat. My 2000 tends to come on around 95-100c and i've never seen it go higher than 109c
  8. I'm down with this. A shot from about this time last year. I'll hit 10,000 miles (that i've done) on the bike this weekend. It gets its post-winter panel strip and clean in the next couple of weeks, too. Always nice to have a clean bike for summer!
  9. Probably. The CBR 600 pegs do fit. They look about the same as the 6th gen, if not exactly the same part.
  10. True. I use an equivalent product at work. Was planning to do just this. If i can get the bolts out, i'll just replace them anyway for good measure.
  11. You've probably got levers for the 6th gen.
  12. Maybe get some new OEM CBR 600 pegs and get them coated?
  13. That brake lever will not fit. Not ever. The mounting block is wrong. I used some PUIG levers for mine. But had to use the brake side mounting block from some ebay cheap levers (which came with the bike) to make it fit. Clutch side was fine.
  14. IF i can get them off without incident, i'd consider getting them blasted - But just as likely to sand them and get a wire wheel on them myself. Probably then just paint them with black VHT myself as it can get a bit costly and take too long to sort otherwise. I can deal with the bike being off the road for a few days, but i guess my stated time-frame is more for keeping the bench clear as i can't leave it on there overnight or the following day. It's just the wrong time of year to have my bike taking up space at work as we get pretty full with customer bikes and bikes needing my attention for the showroom. But it's also the time of year i want to do the work, so it's nice for the summer etc... Damned if i do, damned if i don't i guess... The major concern is that if the header bolts strip; It's a problem for two reasons: 1. I'd have stripped header bolts 2. I cannot fix that myself, and others in the workshop do not have time to help me with such an avoidable problem.