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  1. Very nice looking header for the 800.  Is that your project on gofundme?

  2. All things being I'd hang onto the 4th gen you have. then i'll add the 5th gen actually came in two versions just to mix things up. The hot one to have is the 98-99, 00-01 got cats smaller header prirmarys, wax unit for cold starting, and a few other things, even though they look the same, and are pretty close, if you're a fussy bugger you may want to look for a 98-00 version, IF.
  3. Whoa, in keeping a thread topic like this alive. Nice, gets one thinking here Ooo.. so maybe my hic up is cams? Ok who's got the specs for a re grind? is there other option available in the grind? Reason for asking this is, I've had my fare share of re caming a many engines, thing is those cams small and Big block chevys, where here there everywhere, pick your poison. Just wondering if one had the opportunity here, what would be a change, if?
  4. Sure is huh... Had the chance to met him once at Laguna , nice kid to have taken the time to say Hi and all. Wow, hard to believe
  5. Very well said.007, and agree to a point. My thing is being one, I'd like to believe I know what I'm doing and my limits. Could I do better on another bike? Probably. But the VFR is such a great platform, so close to being perfect in My Opinion, and for the money, the VFR is a huge bargain, most don't know about. Yes the wide open public roads that have a twist here and there is what it is all about , but in that comes a self awareness and control thing, best have your a game on and your wits.. Couldn't agree more on getting ones selve to be better by taking a riding coarse at the track. From that you can start taking advantage and appreciate of all the up grades done to the VFR.
  6. just need a VF and a 1st and 3rd version to complete the photo ;)
  7. Mud guard? Do you ride in the Mud? I see em as fenders, you guys crack me up..
  8. I too used the F4i rear. Like Terry, and the others that have done this, one needs to cut off a bit off the plunger rod, I used a diamond Dremel cut of wheel as I found out after I installed it, just made it a easier to do. I thought about doing what Terry did with just attaching both lines, thing is, in my head when using the rear brake before you only activate two pots any way, so didn't think leaving more of the what I considered unnecessary was my view. I'm still looking at the 8th gen rear caliber and or what ever may work there in place of this huge caliber.
  9. The drive for me was to keep it stock looking, which the f4i master is a dead ringer for what was coming off. I'm not sure what Terry is referring too being soft, these bit hard and now, it's probably a personal feel which i get. either way it's way better than what it was. I'm still try to decide on working it to install a 8th gen rear caliber. but for now it's ok. but just the size of the rear caliber is kinda like, Really?
  10. Ah well picture would help, gee wish I was closer Gabe would love to make this work out. I know, load it up and bring it on up, Its only a long day away right ;)
  11. No he hasn't http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/nicky-hayden-earl-hayden-decries-fake-news/ SMH as I thought this might have happened, being news folks are as bad as politicians.
  12. Yes Mello is the man his brackets mounted It took 9 days turn around sending the forks UPS to Jamie
  13. 3 hours ago they're saying Nicky is still in serve condition, nothing has changed, all though this time they did mention very little brain activity Ooo this is not good. SMH Prayers...
  14. The spal fan as far as I understand, has been done along with a lot of other things. Bottom line, with out a lot of redoing and fitment issues none are much help by the sounds of it. just don't go slow. but something tells me it wasn't a big enough deal for Honda to re do this. but ah, they did on the 8th gen didn't they.