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  1. 99 800vfrF1 project bike

    Damn .. what a gift, no matter the condition. yea there's a couple, three here that know a thing or two or three I think.
  2. Just a couple 5th gens

    If Only, though i guess I thought I was trying huh, . but this was a summer jaunt. Unfortunately it will take a bit before I'm back up to this kinda speed. But thanks for the comp ;)
  3. Just a couple of rowdy folks enjoying an outing.
  4. Wow nice job with the patience division. I like the hoses. Now with the injectors, IDK if its worth it to mess with em after seeing this. I had it to install 6th gen injectors, but this shows its a Major pain in the ass.
  5. To use those, did you need to add a resistor?
  6. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Well now, that's a good question, I have it now while jen is getting the donor 5th gen back on the road, SMH, then add Gabe is moving his production to an actual shop, yippee, even closer, so with a bit of luck I'd like to think the end of October, things will sorta slow down for me too, then I can put forth more time into the details on this, also now knowing the 6th gen group has a lot of interests, probably would be a good idea to find a done 6th gen while I'm a bit idle. All is still good guys, I know it's taking longer even by what I counted on, but it's like good wine, Right ;)
  7. LOL you sound just like me.. good form, but yea.. it's for some, others , not so much.
  8. Wow, another they don't get much better than this right here.. Congrats.
  9. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Yea, the can place fit thing shouldn't be more than just something to put into place. I'm now after seeing first hand yesterday how the dudes at Aprillia lay theirs out on the RSV4, Nice, has me re thinking, but theirs use a standard swing arm giving them more or less hassle in alignment where they come down through the swing arm making a nice transition into the maim collector, they also use 2 02s in the primary collector, talk about nice how they blend there in the middle making a nice 180 out. Wish I had that kind of room for options. Oh man is that RSv4 Touno something else.....Oooooooo
  10. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Ok Moose, you got me there, are you talking with a third 02 ? I'll look into that, thanks.. I think Here's the deal on other use of cans of sorts. I had to make a new mid pipe to hook up thy Staintune, no way I was giving that up. In that process two things, one the center-stand bummer plate. Two, Then the new angle to line up the Stainetune. I had the the 2bros mid pipe that's used on the full system which is used with their end can, which is at the same location as the stock Muffler, so of coarse I used their mid pipe as it also has the spring slip on there as well as the bumper plate. luck had it the Staintune uses the same Diameter tubing, so it was a no hassle to do. That all said, it may come down too what works the best for the masses, vs, may be that piece will need to be made as a special one of coupling of sorts, we'll see. First lets get a header built ;)
  11. my 07RWB project/build

    Thats a nice feeling huh ;)
  12. Yes, check that pin in the master, it's done a few in. Other than that I'm at a miss to whats going on.
  13. Pictures of the 2014-2016's Header Design

    Ehhhoooo. interesting approach. but other than a diffent look and sound wonder if there was any gains? But all for not in a sad way, Ouch! that had to hurt.
  14. Bringing back a great topic,, Wow, I'm impressed with the dedication here. even though it's a couple years old, it's still relevant. And to think if Honda wanted too, they could have done this as it's been proven doable, add in the fact god knows what else can be had "if". Hmm, cams and 929 pistons
  15. Pictures of the 2014-2016's Header Design

    Wow, How'd I miss this thread, good stuff to go by..