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  1. ok woot woot, now where'd that 1098 rim go..........
  2. Curious here in the rear wheel offset, I had a 1098 rear wheel where I was going to use, then found that the offset is different, maybe you fixed this with the Ducati eccentric ? This is still on my bucket list to do if and when. Thanks for the photos ;) Oh, btw the color is spot on.
  3. Wow Nota that bad of a move, I can see why you did what you did. I too looked at a 2016 monster 1200s in battleship gray. talk about a weapon of choice. ;) I've done tthe Duc thing, for the money though it's hard to beat a 5th gen set up. But damn, its this or an Aprilia Tuono. Now go and not have too much fun.
  4. 6th Gen Delink

    Love it, yep, you're on the right track.
  5. 6th Gen Delink

    what Mello and Terry said, there's huge postive difference, and yes way easier to maintain.
  6. 6th vs 8th Header mockup pictures

    Just an FYI.. During the header build and testing, I found that one can't really use the oem copper donuts on 36mm primary's, those copper donuts are made for the wide shoulder there on the stock header flange. so what ever you do there on the hook up to the head, be fore warned. it's a tricky bugger, don't ask how I know.
  7. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Pretty much . Thanks for making a shorter version.
  8. 6th vs 8th Header mockup pictures

    This ^ I looked into this and there's a different bend to em making room for the lower radiator.
  9. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Ok, to help folks understand where I'm at, a short story re cap When this project started over a year ago I was in line to see what came of the TYGA build. I'm not new to this sort of thing. So figured I'd look into making a one of header. Since the go to header was a 2Brothers , Ha finding one? right. The TYGA deal was a long ways off, then there was no guarantee how that was going to turn out . In that the next step was figuring out what was what. Like many here the deal with the TYGA header was to be built along the same lines as the 2 Bro, thing there was IMO there really wasn't any hard data saying what the gains would be, even though it was the one to have from the rumors. That's when in good timing a light hearted conversation with a guy (Gabe) that builds turbo manifolds filled me in he could make one no problem. Ah so a bit of this and that, and borrowed a 98-99 header to copy from. Then the universe lined up where I scored a 2 brothers Header. Yippie!!! Once install, I headed to the dyno, only there was some questions with the results, so some fiddling thinking was figured out. Whew, what a process, but got the low down on whats what. In the mean time with the header farting around. Gabe had it in the beginning to make em once we knew what worked and what twists where needed, on as the orders came in. Now things have changed a bit , in the time it took to figure out things, Gabe landed a shop and a cool gig making very unique GTR35 bits, Big Money here. So now he hasn't the time as he once had when we started this. He's still on board still with making em, but now it's a get 10 committed orders, Money. This makes sense as his plate is getting full, this is now sort of small potatoes now. But Now there's questions on how this will work on a 6th gen. I just found out with a reliable source, the 5th and 6th gen header do fit including the stock exhaust, now the thing is what's the gains, so a mock up needs to be made then installed on a 6thgen then dynoed, that takes time and more funding, yes I have like $400+ in the go fund me, the work I did on my vfr came out of my pocket. Gabe needs at least a $1000 for the proto type to be built, so we're close. Yes I don't expect anyone to pre pay before I /we know what one would be getting. Once known though. that's different. Hope that helps those cursorily interested. Again we're close.
  10. Washington. the other one, out on the Pacific coast ;) One could ride all year here too, if.
  11. exhaust question...

    Ah a good ole header??? To a point yes they are calculated out in flow charismatics to get the best mid range On the norm Honda has it for the general public where mid range power is where the v4 lives, so in turn Honda made it the way it is just for that. Now the other part is getting the rear and front to work together, why they meet under the engine he way they do. I've thought long and hard about what you are thinking with a twin set up like the 86 vfr. But.. the swing arm is in the way, an add Honda made the rear ports facing right to help avoid the collision there, other wise, like Aprilis v4 with for the most part using a traditional swing arm, it would be easy. in this case , not so much.
  12. in the thick of it

    Just an out and about checking out the roads during what seems to be an epic season so far
  13. Ah Yes, I am out and about for little jaunts, it's actually been good therapy for the mind and soul as crazy as that may sound. .