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  1. Sigh,,,,,, Honda needs to get it's act together..sooner than later.
  2. Yep, that be the one...
  3. OML.. now that right there disgusting. surprised it ran ..Wow!!
  4. Had a great time showing Sfdownhill the neighborhood, talk about a great day, 324 miles just tooling around. Epic.
  5. Forget the press tool. RK has found another another way. IDK though.
  6. Ah yes, interesting as well, since the 8 spoke I haven't looked back at this myself it was on my list to do as well. Love these nudge threads.
  7. Ah.. what happens after Troutdale? I'm seeing a ride up Wind river out of Carson Wa. then Curly creek onto 99 to FS25 north to Randle? ;)
  8. It's all good. I know all to well how these kinds of projects go.
  9. Dito, gota say something here to keep track of a interesting thread. On a side note, Yep, still working with the ins-outs of the header. I have more to dos, I ain't done.
  10. So that's what's going on. I tried to post a couple like I have in the past and got I need to up grade window, scratching my head. I found the raw photo instead thinking I'll look into this later. Now I read your post. But now you've got me thinking WTH. I've got probably 2000+ photos over there over the last 10-12 years Sheesh. what a racket.
  11. Well, if you happen after Troutdale heading up i5, stop in Olympia for a break and Hello. Or?
  12. We will never know the answer to why Honda isn't interested or concerned with a V4, they made the unattainable, from that they seem to be satisfied, maybe, no telling what they're up too. But you would think they would jump on the ban wagon, at the least give Apirilia a run for their money, Right. But, oh well, guess I'll have to be satisfied with what I have, for now.
  13. What ^ he said. Why? Even though I pretty much know the know in how I want a bike to feel like and handle, after I dialed mine in after a complete major up grade which was last year, I thought ok, not Bad, until. I was visiting the track talking to my son, which is a track marshal and low and behold I suspension guru we all know in the circles of who knows what was there, He has the skills setting up all kinds of suspension, when the time looked Right I ask Barry if he had time to feel how the VFR to him is feeling. He said sure bring it over, once there at his tent he push this, wiggled that ,went in got his nifty screw drive and started in on the front. then worked his way to the rear, shook his head , asked if i could turn the ring on the shock, I said sure, moved it one click, then twice, third time was the charm, then me fiddled with the remote reservoir adjustment. Ok. he said good to go. On the way back,Ii hit up a familiar road and went wow, now we're talking, way more planted. and here I thought It was all ready good. ;)
  14. Ok and then there's this.... SMH for all you with linked brakes, LOL you're using the rear too, weather you want to or not. Just saying.
  15. I use the rear brake probably more than the norm by the sounds of it.. I use it to dampen the slow down not loading up the front when it's not necessary, then I use it for most stops under say 15mph in stop and go traffic. I don't see the need to use the front then. Then yes in the lose stuff, I use the rear coming into a parking lot or a blind corner and there's gravel or some sort of road debris, yea rear brake. Then on the fast mountain roads I use the rear in unison with the front, being the rear is used ever so slightly keeps the rear end in place too, if you know what you're doing it works great. but to use it as your main braking SMH shame on her for that NOT!! you use both as necessary.