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  1. Viffer from the air

    The Mavic is great :) No, haven't tried the filters yet but will order soon
  2. Viffer from the air

    It's a DJI Mavic Pro
  3. Viffer from the air

    Legally is 120m.. illegally I think it is limited (in software) to 500meters
  4. Testing my new drone and can confirm that the VFR is beautiful from the air :)
  5. I have more pictures of the T-Rex sliders if you're interested, though they've changed the design recently and the mounting brackets are smaller than the previous version I have.

  6. Picture Thread

    Thanks guys. Really do not want to cut the fairings. Guess I will wait and see or maybe go for the ones fatshoutybloke posted
  7. Picture Thread

    I am also interested in these since I am going to be a lot on track next year. Are they easy to install?
  8. Picture Thread

    Viffer in Norway
  9. 8th gen. Color

    yeah... i just tried mine on a race track and can confirm that red is fastest :)
  10. Picture Thread

    My red one. Just installed the Akrapovic and love it. Espespecially without the baffle :)
  11. Akrapovic - problems

    ah thanks.. The instruction didnt say anything about the gasket, but i guess i should have known thanks
  12. Finally got my new Akrapovic for mye 2015 vfr800f.. I am embarrassed to say that i actually am struggling to put it on my bike. The diameter on my stock is 55mm and the akra is 48mm Is this correct??
  13. DSC07593.jpg

    From the album My Viffer

  14. My Viffer

  15. _8DS6650 copy.jpg

    From the album My Viffer