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  1. Anybody do track days?

    Doing my first track day on Feb 18!
  2. Dead headlights

    Thanks very much for that tidbit of knowledge......Saved me from tearing the bike apart looking for the reason my headlights, all of a sudden, didn't turn on!!
  3. Busted up VFR. .

    I don't think your too picky. I like my stuff how it came from the factory. I'd complain to the dealer about their shoddy workmanship and then I'd probably post up a negative review of the business on social media.
  4. I signed up for the 18th annual 100,00 ft. ride put on by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado. Going to happen on Aug. 5th. I was wondering if anyone else from here is going?
  5. We stopped in Richfield just 2 weeks ago for gas on our way home from the MotoAmerica races in Tooele.
  6. I want to pass on some excellent customer service I received from Shoei. I dropped my Shoei RF 1200 about a year ago and the face shield ratcheting mechanism popped out of place. I had to take the mechanism off on both sides of the helmet to get it to go back into place. I had to break the rubbing blocks on both sides in order for ratchet to go back into place. The face shield worked as it should, but it always bothered me. Fast forward to now. My daughter and I went to the MotoAmerica race in Utah last weekend. There was a Shoei representative there who works on the riders helmets. I asked him if he could look at my helmet. He said sure so i brought him the helmet. He not only replaced the mechanism on both sides of the helmet, he spent some time getting the adjustment exactly right so the face shield sealed on the rubber gasket perfectly. Then he popped on a brand new tinted face shield and said "here you go"! All at no cost! Fantastic customer service! That made me a Shoei customer for life. If you go to a race and see the Shoei awning, tell Kevin Tran "nice work".
  7. 4th Gen running problems

    First thought is some sort of debris got into one of the carbs.
  8. I'd love to get together, maybe even ride some of the state when the racings over. As for the camping, I have no idea.
  9. Is anyone planning on riding there from the Phoenix area. My plan is to take a couple of days to get there, enjoy the racing, and maybe 3 or 4 days to get home. Probably ride into Wyoming and Colorado on the way home. I've never been to that facility. Is there anything about it I should know? I've already bought the tickets!
  10. Wildflowers

    The beauty of the desert after a rainy period.
  11. 6th Gen Valve Check Interval - 15k?

    I was wondering the same thing. I've got the exact same bike but with 20K on the clock. The bike runs like perfectly.
  12. Bridgestone Rebate

    My thanks as well. Baby just got new shoes!
  13. Try the BMW R1200RT. I have a 2014 as well as my VFR. Not sure which one I'd sell if I could only have one bike.

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