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  1. 6th gen clutch hard shifting

    I’ve just looked in the manual and the the friction ring I mentioned about being the right way is referred to as the friction spring, sorry. Air shouldn’t have got into the system unless the piston came out but if it is not operating fully due to air it may be why you are getting clunky changes.
  2. 6th gen clutch hard shifting

    Have you reassembled the clutch pack in the correct sequence and with the friction ring the right way round? Is the clutch rod free to move in the bore and have you bled the system to ensure you are getting full movement? Did you install the correct number of discs and friction plates? Did you ensure the plates and friction plates were installed alternately and when bolting down the clutch plate it was square and not squewed? Finally was the release bearing square in the clutch plate cover and bottomed in the recess? I suspect you will need to strip the assembly down again to find the fault.
  3. Yes, if if you look at the air box bottom half, with the four holes for the velocity stacks, the oil breather opening is on the top left, in front of the MAP sensor, and looks like a half moon. The filter black oil stain corresponds to this location.
  4. That is not the PAIR inlet but the oil breather recirculation inlet. The pair inlet is at the same end of the air box but the other side.
  5. Newbie with new mods!

    The HID projector units I fitted in mine were off eBay. No issues with the ballasts and the lights are amazing for distance and light spread across the road. It improves ridability at night and I am actually putting more light out than a standard car with halogen bulbs, mainly as all four lights are on dipped and can be switched to main beam. I went for 4000k bulbs. The cutoffs are also perfect and stop any light hitting on coming traffic.
  6. Newbie with new mods!

    Jonah, here is the original link to my install with a wiring diagram for the latching relay following RC51Nick advice on a latching relay.
  7. Newbie with new mods!

    Have you used a latching relay so the HIDs come on after the bike starts? If not your bulbs will not last very long. I only found this out after fitting mine last year and wired up the relay to come on once I hit the horn. See the link below
  8. Winter cooling improvement project

    If I fitted a switch to kick in at 80 my fan would be running pretty much all the time here in Aus
  9. Sounds like your breather pipe is either blocked or kinked
  10. The 4 cheap mods

    Is the speedo sensor correctly sat on the front spoket nut? If it isn’t, it may be slipping giving you false readings. If this is the case you will need to buy a new adaptor as they are plastic and if not seated right would have burred round instead of a hex nut shape.
  11. If there is no special tool to remove, i would use a dremel to put a slot across the head of the bolt and then use a flat blade screwdriver to remove. If that doesnt work, dremel the head of the bolt off totally, remove the ignition barrel and then remove the exposed bolt threads with mole grips.
  12. How do you affix your power commander

    My PC has a negative wire going to the battery and it is Velcro to an area under the seat to prevent it moving.
  13. 2003 VFR, No FI light, No engine turnover, won't start

    Is the main engine stop on your throttle cluster switched to on? Has the new battery got a charge? Get a multi meter and check its voltage. If good check, then check the battery connections as some batteries look identical but the terminals are switched over. Check there is no protective plastic covering the new terminals that you should have removed prior to installation. If all good from there, then start checking the fuses.
  14. 06 Motor into an 02 ??? I need some guidance

    Used the complete motor but the original throttle bodies from my 2002. I have a power commander with a modified cosi map, k&n and staintunes. May go and get it Dinoed to see if the vibration is through the mapping. As said, on my 2002 it was a smooth engine all the way through the rev range. Still have it in the garage so may end up putting it back in and sell the 2008 engine. 2002 has 54,000 km and the 2008 has 14,000 km
  15. 06 Motor into an 02 ??? I need some guidance

    I have just recently done this to mine, changed over to a low mileage 2008 from my original 2002. You don’t have to do anything different. All connectors, harness, hoses etc all fit. Only thing I have noticed is a vibration at around 4000 - 4700 which I didn’t have on the old engine. Engine pulls strong through all gears and rev range. Just annoying vibration. No damage to the replacement engine from the place I bought it but you never know if they changed over any parts to mask any road gravel damage.

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