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  1. live about 40 miles from the first one listed in the rough guide article. The Mallaig Ambulance crew have to take the lifeboat over as its quicker than going by road. I live on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. About 20 miles from HERE, also the Western most point of the British mainland
  2. Grum tbh I have no idea. I have a pipercross installed as opposed to theOE filter. I have only read as you no doubt have what others have achieved on other gens ( I hate those words) and how they feel it has gone. As no doubt we both know only dyno ( cue rectal or gator) time will reveal any benefits. I would happily give it a go but live in the Highlands of Scotland hundreds of miles from civilisation, let alone a dyno🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖.
  3. Sounds like a reasonable job. Are you intending trying it with hose blocked and solenoid disconnected first before removing the rest of the gubbins?
  4. Handlebar Muffs

  5. Buy cheap. There was a case several years ago with another manufacturer where you could open them using the lid of a biro.
  6. Mind and let us know how you get on with them Katie.
  7. Performance Mods rap up

    Would like to see the dyno graphs.
  8. Auxiliary Fender Lights

    Are your headlights adjusted properly? Find mine ok except for the drop off on some of the tighter bends. That’s nearly 50 miles of twisties in the dark. Chickened out on putting lights on her , but bought an 1150rt and am I the process of upgrading lights on it ( only because of the posibility of a deer strike) so the vfr is warm and dry in the shed.
  9. What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    Have used hi flo on my other bikes with no problems.
  10. Pilot seat recommendations

    Same here never had problems with the OE seat.
  11. Pilot seat recommendations

    Was thinking more of a soggy arse. LOL Still looks a great seat indeed.
  12. Pilot seat recommendations

    I wonder how they stand up to sitting outside in the rain all day?
  13. Quickshifter

    Here is another angle. Not as good lineup wise tho