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  1. Handlebar Wind Deflectors

    Maybe look at investing in a different pair of gloves? Have been out in - temps and ridden 120 miles and back with no probs and the heat on no3 or4 use Bmw 2 in 1 gloves. Or even pop pop on a pair of waterproof overmitts think they were about £8 from sportsbike shop. Not the best for in the city but ideal on open road.
  2. Brake Bleeding

    Any one you like. I did left right
  3. Mates video of us heading over the hills to Applecross via Bealach na Bà (pass of the cattle) a few years ago.
  4. They are both the same thing as in the 45 l rack not the 33l one
  5. Just watch you don’t follow through buddy. great pic.
  6. Not much, I was at work. About 5 mins after that you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face due to a whiteout.
  7. Is that you admitting to being an old fart?
  8. 2014/15 Service Manual

    Sounds like a duff battery.
  9. 8th Gen Picture Thread

    Cheers, Bottom pic, it was about -4C Top was Loch Clunaie on way out to Skye. Middle was Eilean Donnan castle at the mouth of 3 lochs. Loch Long, Loch Duich and Loch Alsh they are sea lochs so sadly no NESSIE. Highlander (if you can remember it)along with several other films were filmed there.
  10. 8th Gen Picture Thread

    No problems one or two turns on the preload, the odd thunk as crap inside moves around when you corner. I'm used to flinging St and Bmws about. love it loads of space heavier than the GIVI tho.
  11. VFR 800 F - Development story

    Ill take your word for it as have never really noticed any roughness at the transition phase.
  12. Would have been nice to have that the other day at lunchtime. BRRRRRRRRRRRR
  13. When have you guys has negative C in daylight hours? P

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