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  1. Side Mirror Alternatives

    Had been for a while the full video from start of filtering lasts between 25 and 30 mins. Some eejit in a range rover had parked it on top of the crash barrier nose into a bridge support. There was a game of football on the other side at one point.
  2. Side Mirror Alternatives

    Yes, I know what you meant.
  3. Side Mirror Alternatives

    It's amazing what folk get up to in motorways besides filtering.
  4. Side Mirror Alternatives

    8th gen mirrors are totally different .
  5. A bike magazine in the UK 🇬🇧 Swapped cams on an R6 a few years ago so they produced a bit more torque mid range but were less in total Hp and compared it to a sets R6 model. Surprise surprise 95% of those that took part in the experiment preferred the bike that " made more power" , which in actual fact made more torque in midrange than power in top end compared to the factory bike. Which proves onthe other hand that most folk don't know what the fuck they are talking about.
  6. You probably know who I'm talking about then esp if your on BO
  7. Looks like a decent wrap job there. Well done.
  8. Would have been severely tempted by a 1200 had it not been for its transformer looks and crap range. Mate had one and tricked it up,made a massive difference.
  9. Agreed, have embarrassed many a sports bike owner on my old Pan.
  10. Start throwing $$$$$$ at it in an attempt to lighten it. Loose a few pounds yourself. Honestly speaking, how how much of your riding time is spent over 9 k revs?
  11. Dirty Brake fluid

    Mines been the same colour for ages. Will change it when I get round to fitting new pads.
  12. Tires!

    Would suggest reading from first post and make up your own mind.
  13. Posted up links the other week, can't find them at the mo.
  14. Universal switchgear

    Kinda hard to do on 8th gen as it has extra wires for the turn signal cancel. Apart from that it would be as a std switch gear.