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  1. Your missing the rubber bump stop for the centre stand dude.
  2. So where are all the guys that can get 10K out of a tyre?
  3. Nice to see someone else who gets the same kind of mileage I do.
  4. Nice wee write up some good pics too. Thanks.
  5. Well it appears that the throttle tube comes with the grip. Different part numbers for the US models. More of a choice on the std bike but sadly no vfr in list can't see many NC or CB owners wanting a qot. Alternately you could just just buy one and try , I'm sure they are only a few dollars from eBay. Or adjust your grip prior to opening. If you've never tried one they take a bit of getting used to on the street.
  6. Have you checked part numbers with other vfrs and see if they can be swapped from other bikes in order to get the desired result. Alternately take a bigger handful.
  7. Not getting bent out of shape over anything. Lol. Which part of the highlands did you experience?
  8. Good grief that post is over a year old Bent. I may do indeed some day. You should come and try the Highlands.
  9. Was thinking more down down the line of they are used far harder on the track then they would be on the road.
  10. The tyre is worn out. Time to replace
  11. For what its worth Ron Haslam uses T30 evos on all the bikes at his track day school. So if its good enough for him then its good enough for me.
  12. Getting back on the subject. Hats off to the lad road tyres as opposed to sticky slicks
  13. Sadly there are a few deaths most years.
  14. Agree with Rectal on that, it does sound as if there as an amount of elaboration in the story.
  15. It would not be cost effective to try and upgrade the Base model suspension so you have the same capabilities of the DLX model http://www.ronayers.com/oemparts/a/hon/5501be7b87a865115450cf5e/front-fork http://www.ronayers.com/oemparts/a/hon/53a85960f870020ba8ccf6b4/front-fork Your other option would be to take them to a suspension guy and get them set up for you.