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  1. Cold engine problems

    You're welcome...
  2. Cold engine problems

    Engineers who design our engines and the manufactures who build our engines agree the most wear that happens in our engines during start up and before warm up... its because our oil is too thick to properly lubricate our engines so thats why I recommend warming the engine at least 150ºF up to 212ºF before an owner selects first gear... only at operating temp of 212º is our oil at its proper viscosity of 10psi (orange number)...
  3. Extreem Heat shielding on a 5th gen

    I also blanket the rear cylinders with a aluminumized Kevlar wrap to curb the heat that radiates from the heat of combustion... the net result is a lot cooler seat and more comfort for the rider... I used Thermo Tec Heat Barriers Aluminum Kevlar and 1" Titanium exhaust wrap... I always wrap my pipes and I also wrap my RC45 customers pipes to curb the heat that radiates from the heat of combustion [ The amount of corrosion is limited to slight graying of the titanium surface... buffed with grey micro 3M pad the luster of the metal returns...
  4. The High Mileage Thread... What Do You Have On Your Vfr?

    Awesome news... do you have any Blackstone lab reports to share and can you say at what intervals was the M1 changed???
  5. The High Mileage Thread... What Do You Have On Your Vfr?

    Congratulations... is that MPH or KPH??? May I record what brand and weight of oil you primary used???
  6. Chain Mileage

    It's an easy experiment anyone can duplicate... lube chain... run bike... bust master link apart and note how the chains plates hold the X ring in tension and make an effective 4 point seal and any external oil does not creep beyond the 4 points to lube it...
  7. Chain Mileage

    I do and I do for you kids and this is the thanks I receive??? Mercy Dustin does this look like I ride a garage queen or live in a dust bowl???
  8. Chain Mileage

    I don't agree because my actual experiments show that our X ring (industry standard) can be all wet on the outside (red area) but all dry on the inside because the chains plates hold the X ring in tension which is an effective seal like our fork seals, caliper seals, and dip stick... if we just drop oil on X ring while it is held in tension by the plates that oil will not creep to lube it... it has no where to go except to be flung off onto our bike...
  9. Chain Mileage

    I agree with JZH... Chain Pitch and width are in 8ths of an inch... between the 520 and 525 and 530 there is no difference in roller dia or pin dia or tensile strength... the difference is only in the roller width...the greater the roller width the longer the chain last with the factory installed grease sealed behind the oil rings...
  10. Chain Mileage

    You may believe your chain is clean but wipe it with a white rag and solvent and see the road grime and lube mix (red area) you're missing... Chains are a pain but an Auto Oiler running oil leak makes a mess on your bike in excess oil "flung off" with 0.0 benefit to the critical pin and roller junction which dictates chain life... like you say, lighter lube is supposed to be flung off... unfortunately it can't help flinging off on your tire, your brake, your wheel, your bags, A modern X ring chain never needs a running oil leak to give good service... What we are actually lubing are the external roller and between the roller and the sprockets (red area in my drawing)... we are not lubing the X rings nor behind the X rings so any oil applied in that effort is wasted fling off...
  11. New Member, newly acquired VF500F's

    Welcome and Go "Mini-Ceptor" Before Mr.RC45 I had a love affair with my 86 VF500F Interceptor bought new from Golden Gate Cycles... I modified it extensively... Dymags... Billet Clutch basket... Exhaust and even converted the chain to belt... This became famous Belt-0-Ceptor... I racked up 98,000 trouble free miles... I sold it to my Air Force buddy up in White City Oregon... Home made Billet Clutch Basket My custom dash with Oh Shit warning... Sometimes being the littlest bike among the Big-Bad-Motors of Death can be a recipe for bruised egos...
  12. Chain Mileage

    It sure does wonders to keep my chain clean and free of rust in winter. :) Hondas are noted for their oil tight engines and an auto oiler defeats years of learned engineering with an aftermarket running oil leak in the name of rust prevention... oh the humanity of it all...
  13. Chain Mileage

    Negative... the original designer wanted keep his chain lube during his days as a London Bike Courier besides have you notice a wet chain allows more muck to stick than a dry chain???
  14. Chain Mileage

    Auto Oilers were invented before the O ring chain... they were never designed to extend the life of our modern X ring chains...
  15. Chain Mileage

    A more accurate rule of thumb is to plan on replacing chain and sprockets after the 3rd adjustment because now there is undeniable evidence of metal to metal wear is real due to the factory installed grease failing to properly lube the critical pin and roll junction...

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