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  1. does anyone know of a aftermarket or automotive fuel pressure regulator to fit a 98 vfr 800.I need to try to find one local instead of ordering.I have called all the usual shops and nobody stocks them now.Also has anyone found a fuel filter locally? My bike has turned into my commuter now so i need it fixed asap.thanks
  2. On @98 Vfr 800 what does a stop relay control?
  3. I would like to see if anyone has had this happen to them before I though my switch was sticking intermittently but after a good cleaning I still have the same problem.any time the battery is hooked up the starter is running even if the key is not in the switch.i think my relay is stuck.a also is there any automotive equivalent of that relay that may be easier to get local this bike is my ride to work now.thanks for the help
  4. thanks for the help it looks like my starter switch stuck so i will keep a close eye on it. Has anyone took one of those apart to clean the contacts? thanks
  5. I had been out riding for a while in my neighborhood and when i turned the bike off the starter was stuck engaged.I have no idea how long it had been like that but i had to unhook the battery to get it to stop running as when i turned the ignition off the starter tried to keep it turning.Has anyone on here seen this before and where should i start to look for the problem? thanks
  6. Which iridium plugs should i order for my 98 i am changing them out from the old style and would like to know what you guys are using. thanks
  7. I did try taking the bolts out but it still would not let go so i bolted it back on then used a screwdriver to turn the lock cylinder that would not budge with the key.Now i use a stubby straight blade and it works fine.I will clean it so it continues to work until i order a new one.thanks for the help
  8. I got it open with a screw driver but no drilling i tried taking the bolts out first but didn't help any so I will carry a shorty until I get a new cap.I got it running without guages but syñc stàrter vàlves ASAP,
  9. Thanks I will try the graphite if that doesn't work I guess I have to drill it out.I didn't conut the turns when I took it apart so I will have to experiment until i get the gauges to syn them correctly. Thanks
  10. I am putting my 98 back together after fixing stuck starter valves now my gas cap won't open with the key.Has anyone had this happen?Also where do I set the starter valves to get it up and running? Any help would be greatly appreciated!