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  1. FI light coming on

    it stopped on its own I never found anything but so far so good.
  2. FI light coming on

    Last Thursday I did a ride from Oakland md down to Silver Spring Md to the Mercedes Benz dealership I will be working at soon About 3 hours in I noticed the throttle got very snatchy in 6th gear about 75 to 80 mph.Then about 2 or 3 miles later the FI light comes on and stayed on until I stopped Throttle felt fine again after restarting.It rN fine for the rest of the trip and on the way home.This afternoon it did the same thing again turned key off then back on and it's fine.Has anyone seen this before untill now I have never had that light come on.I haven't had a chance to try to read codes out of it yet will try tomorrow. Thanks bike is a 98 Fifth gen with 48000 on it
  3. Noise from R/R

    I just rechecked it after riding it around for a bit this afternoon and it's at 13.20 now so I will keep checking it but now I think I have eliminated the r/r,it also passed a load test at the auto parts store while I was out but if it goes down again I will replace it ASAP.
  4. Noise from R/R

    I tried to get a video but you couldn't hear the noise good enough over my phone.so this morning I rechecked battery and found 12.24 volts cold not running it still made the noise when I started it .I then put my charger on it until it came up to 100 % and 12.9 volts no more noise from r/r.Now I am test riding it for a while and will recheck the whole system when I get home.I will also load test the battery too make sure it is good.
  5. Noise from R/R

    Hi everyone just wondering if anyone has ever heard their R/R on making noise.Everything is working like it should but at idle I heard it making sort of a buzzing noise.It was last replaced about 6 years ago I took out the connector and soldered the 3 yellow wires.Battery is probably about 3 years old.voltages are 12.48 not running 13.02 idling about 1100 14.48 @5000. That it with everything at operating temp.Its on my 98 Fifth gen.I would like to catch it before I am stuck on the road if possible thanks the regular I installed is mos fet I ordered from Rick's motor sport
  6. starter sticking on 98 vfr800

    thanks for the help it looks like my starter switch stuck so i will keep a close eye on it. Has anyone took one of those apart to clean the contacts? thanks
  7. starter sticking on 98 vfr800

    I had been out riding for a while in my neighborhood and when i turned the bike off the starter was stuck engaged.I have no idea how long it had been like that but i had to unhook the battery to get it to stop running as when i turned the ignition off the starter tried to keep it turning.Has anyone on here seen this before and where should i start to look for the problem? thanks
  8. 5th iridium plugs

    Which iridium plugs should i order for my 98 i am changing them out from the old style and would like to know what you guys are using. thanks
  9. Gas cap won't open on 5th gen

    I did try taking the bolts out but it still would not let go so i bolted it back on then used a screwdriver to turn the lock cylinder that would not budge with the key.Now i use a stubby straight blade and it works fine.I will clean it so it continues to work until i order a new one.thanks for the help
  10. Gas cap won't open on 5th gen

    I got it open with a screw driver but no drilling i tried taking the bolts out first but didn't help any so I will carry a shorty until I get a new cap.I got it running without guages but syñc stàrter vàlves ASAP,
  11. Gas cap won't open on 5th gen

    Thanks I will try the graphite if that doesn't work I guess I have to drill it out.I didn't conut the turns when I took it apart so I will have to experiment until i get the gauges to syn them correctly. Thanks
  12. I am putting my 98 back together after fixing stuck starter valves now my gas cap won't open with the key.Has anyone had this happen?Also where do I set the starter valves to get it up and running? Any help would be greatly appreciated!