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  1. Check the bulbs anyway. Hopefully you find a bad one. If so replace them all with LED's - except for the Low Fuel one, if there is one. If the bulbs are all good, look at the sockets/contacts and work your way back. Fix what needs fixing, then put in the LED's. Don't give up. She'll be worth the wait! Cheers, Glenn
  2. Given this info, I would not touch a thing. Enjoy!!!!
  3. Front brake uneven wear

    Hi Normand, I would say your left caliper slider pins are dirty/corroded and not allowing the caliper to slide. This means the outside pads are pushing against the rotor, but the inside ones are not. Cleaning and lubing the pins with SilGlyde shpuld fix it. Cheers, Glenn
  4. Bar end weights

    Yes, Michael, hope to meet up. It was 30 or close to it since I got here until a day or two ago. Now stable at 18-23. Perfect for working. I discovered I had to re-shim mine after I had the switch pod off and back on. Hopefully Throttle meister will help you out with just the end piece, a bolt and a few shims. Cheers, Glenn
  5. Bar end weights

    Hi Michael, You're on your way home and I got to Slovakia about 10 days ago! Sounds like you had a Throttlemeister on there. If so, contact them. Maybe they'll good will you a replacement. Cheers, Glenn
  6. All my V4's AND my Triumph 900 Triple with the same carbs have smelled somewhat rich at idle and that is normal. In your case the idle is way too high so I wonder if your choke/enrichment circuit is fully releasing when the choke lever is off. See if you can push the choke plungers any further in with your finger when the lever is off. If they go in a bit and your idle speed drops closer to normal then that's where to focus. Cheers, Glenn
  7. Hi folks, I want to let everyone know of my GOOD experience with HJC. I bought a RPHA Max over 4 years ago. Earlier this summer I saw that the lug plate for the right side chinbar locking lug on one side was cracked. I called a local dealer that sells HJC, but they didn’t have a listing for the part and suggested I call Parts Canada. Then I emailed Parts Canada (couldn’t find a phone number) who are the distributer for HJC and virtually everything else motorcycle related in Canada. While waiting for a reply I emailed & called HJC in California. The fellow there just asked me for a picture of the cracked plate and my address. He then sent me a replacement set of plates – left & right – under warranty. I don’t have a receipt so just assumed I’d be paying for the part anyway. Great service from HJC. Cheers, Glenn
  8. Just food for thought - sunk or stuck float. Is there any smell of gas or sign of a leak? Too much fuel can cause a power loss. It can also leave gas in the exhaust that can create a backfire. This could also account for the added running of the fuel pump. Cheers, Glenn
  9. I think you might have a pulse generator (AKA pick-up coil) acting up. In the previous generation of Honda V4's (I think ours, too) the ignition circuit for one cylinder bank also controlled the tachometer while the circuit for the other bank controlled the fuel pump. You smell gas because one bank has no spark. Check the resistance of the pulse generators at their connector plugs. I think it should be 480 ohms +/- 10%. Ideally, if your bike is running on all 4 cylinders when cold you would see spec resistance. Then if you lose 2 cylinders when hot, the pulse generator for that cylinder bank would show as noticeably out of spec (probably high resistance or completely open). If you don't have a service manual, download one. Cheers, Glenn
  10. Try the needle clips in the 4th groove and see what that does.
  11. My 1995 VFR750 won't start!! Help!

    Good advice for the charging system. Yup, I say Shinko's are OK. I've used them before. I have Michelin 2CT's on my VFR and Pilot Road 3's on my Trophy. I already have a set of Shinko 009 Ravens like on 4thGenVFR750F's bike waiting for when the Pilots wear out on the Trophy. Yokohama tires were always great tires. That's what Shinkos were - Yokohama. The Koreans can make great tires. They bought out the Yokohama motorcycle tire business lock, stock, barrel, molds and recipes years ago. Glenn
  12. T6 Rotella - There. Now it's an oil thread!
  13. purchased a 1992 Honda VFR

    Welcome! That sure is nice. I like the look of the smoked signal lenses. That is a HAPPY picture - somehow very refreshing! Here is my storage solution. There is lots of room for a weekend's worth of gear. Both are Joe Rocket. The tank bag is expandable and magnetic. Cheers, Glenn