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  1. Thanks for the super explanation Mo. So it sounds like to get the 6th gen brake set up, which to me is very appealing, I would really need to get the whole system it seems. Maybe I just need to start using more rear brake. I don't have my brain programmed to that that yet but I can learn!! HEH
  2. Yes that's what I said, I wish it had Single sided, that is one of the downers about the bike.
  3. Have you ridden a Diavel before? Ducati made that big ass rear tire work pretty damn well. It will be interesting to see how that 19 inch wheel performs once they sprinkle their magic dust on it. That to me is the only real downer on that machine, though Single sided swing arm would be nice too O:) .
  4. SO I have this question. Did Ducati have the ST and Supersport bikes at the same time? Or did the ST's replace the Supersport? If they were both being made at the same time this new SS would seem to be trying to be a hybrid of both.
  5. I fully support ridding in one gear when you can as it takes things out the equation. It's a great learning tool at the track and on the street. California Superbike school uses it and so does the track school I attended. I still don't see that this promotes downshifter over using your brakes to slow down. In the end you'll do what ever you think is right so ride safe!
  6. I've heard lots of good stuff about California Superbike school. You should learn a ton!
  7. The difference when using both vs just the front is amamzingly night and day. Shocking actually.
  8. I got to see and sit on one at the bike show here in Minneapolis. I'd take the small Multistrada over it everytime. It was comfy to sit on for the most part, I just don't think it was finished very well and I don't like the look of it even in person. I had a Hyperstrada and traded it in for my VFR.
  9. I'm pretty sure I'm going and I always camp when I go there. There is nothing better then waking up to the music of engines in the morning!!!
  10. Yes the longer pipe change the power. You'll notice if you want WSBK that after Honda finally decided they needed more top end they dumped the shorty pipe on the Fireblade and put a more traditional pipe with longer plumbing. Also Ducati has been playing with the same thing for many season. The customer version of the system on the current 1299 WSBK bike is good for about 13hp up top!!!
  11. 10k on a set of bike pads is a lot I'd say. So I wouldn't be too surprised that they needed changing. Also go ahead and use your brakes, that's what they are there for. Using the engine to slow down the bike is putting lots of unnecessary strain on the engine. Also using your brakes is a much more precise method of controlling your speed. The idea of breaking isn't to late brake like some kind of lunatic. Most fast riders DON'T do that. Ease into them get yourself down to speed then let them of gently. The more smooth you are the better everything works!! MCN Cornering and braking video This video gives you a basic idea of what to do. Yes, he is talking about track day riding but the same basic principles apply on the street, except your not going so fast. When he down shifts is he braking, not using the engine to slow down. You should only really be down shifting primarily to speed up (sometimes some engine braking helps with slowing down in a corner as well, I do that on my SP1). When he starts braking for the corner you can see he is VERY far from the corner entry, so no late last second braking. I hope you try it :).
  12. Pics of this setup please!
  13. Bring it to a exhaust shop and they could make you a mid pipe for it I'm sure. Mounting to the bike is a different story though, you may have to get creative.
  14. Yeah I know, but I just got full DMr goodies for my 5th gen so I'm in good shape now I think.