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  1. If your a noobie I'd say 3 bucks isn't too bad for some extra help. I did my forks on my RC51 and would have easily paid $3 for a video walk through. I had the service manual which only helped so much, same thing with forums. But to each their own. I'll be giving Dave my $3 so I can get it over with faster and correctly.
  2. YouTube link Dave is the Man when it comes to suspension. I have learned a TON from him and he is VERY helpful on the fly. This should be a great video. I'm doing my DMR carts soon so I'm going to get this one! It's a few bucks but totally worth it.
  3. Satisfaction Rating of 8th Gen.

    Ughh don't remind me......
  4. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    Full Akra system? Why go that far when a performance system can be had for so cheap from ebay? ;)
  5. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    Just going to get some Fork extenders then? That should easily get you there.
  6. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    4 sets of forks?
  7. 5th gen and 6th gen braking systems

    You think just those two parts?
  8. 5th gen and 6th gen braking systems

    Thanks for the super explanation Mo. So it sounds like to get the 6th gen brake set up, which to me is very appealing, I would really need to get the whole system it seems. Maybe I just need to start using more rear brake. I don't have my brain programmed to that that yet but I can learn!! HEH
  9. Ducati Supersport

    Yes that's what I said, I wish it had Single sided, that is one of the downers about the bike.
  10. Ducati Supersport

    Have you ridden a Diavel before? Ducati made that big ass rear tire work pretty damn well. It will be interesting to see how that 19 inch wheel performs once they sprinkle their magic dust on it. That to me is the only real downer on that machine, though Single sided swing arm would be nice too O:) .
  11. Ducati Supersport

    SO I have this question. Did Ducati have the ST and Supersport bikes at the same time? Or did the ST's replace the Supersport? If they were both being made at the same time this new SS would seem to be trying to be a hybrid of both.
  12. 5th gen and 6th gen braking systems

    I fully support ridding in one gear when you can as it takes things out the equation. It's a great learning tool at the track and on the street. California Superbike school uses it and so does the track school I attended. I still don't see that this promotes downshifter over using your brakes to slow down. In the end you'll do what ever you think is right so ride safe!
  13. Anybody do track days?

    I've heard lots of good stuff about California Superbike school. You should learn a ton!
  14. 5th gen and 6th gen braking systems

    The difference when using both vs just the front is amamzingly night and day. Shocking actually.