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  1. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Well lads, I'm moving to Poland this morning and starting a new chapter! In 16 hours! These are in a very niche market since San Diego is a military and border town; so its R1, BMW 1100 and GXRS for days. I've seen one other 5th gen and just a handful of 6th gens. Had to sell her quick because it was coming down to the wire with who was going to buy the thing. Only wanted to sell it to some one I knew was going to love it and I think I found that guy. It was love at first sight for him. He's never heard of VFRs and now he's obsessed. Told him about the forum so maybe he'll join. He still owes us a video of that wolf exhaust in action! I don't even know what it sounds like lol. All in all, probably got a good 400 miles out of her. New sprockets, new chain and de gunked drive system really did the trick on how smooth those miles were. I'd say if any of you are needing to clean the chain more anally retentive than you should than take that front sprocket cover off and give it a good clean. The newer electricals kept her revving like a charm and making sure the exhaust leaks were taken care of (vs. how it was before) really kept her humming great. The first painter really fracked me out of any long term enjoyment with this thing. Have half a mind to tell the local riders page about my experience but alas that drama is over with and enough people know by now. After all he's the "victim" supposedly. So, including with the great internals, I got to ride as new of a 5th gen VFR as I think I'll ever get and it was really a blast. Some great roads here and was able to give those KTM 390's and Duc monsters a run for their money in the twisties, if you can believe it. Can only imagine what you guys are doing with your bikes in what must be in or around some great roads. These bikes age like a fine wine and oh how sweet it is! Thanks again y'all and I'll try to keep in touch. Supposedly planes trains and automobiles aren't too bad of a way to get from country to country. Will see how the situation is once I get there.
  2. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Thanks brother! So the choke cable was routed in the front of the strut and not in the back so whenever I turned to the right, it was just being pulled to it's length's limit. Funny part was due to the powder coating it took me HOURS to get that top tree off to get that job done. Went to a hookah lounge, with friends, and parked the bike in the front. My friend's friend saw the thing as he walked in and asked who's ducati was that and is it for sale? LOL. Either way, it's gone. It's been raining dogs and cats on and off here so I told him to get some sound bites and video eventually. These bikes really do look cool... when you get to see some one else riding them. Not shedding a tear, I swear. Thank you Loftust and the rest of vfrdiscussion for helping me out with this. Couldn't of done it, and especially at this level, without you guys. Hopefully in Poland I can find another one and travel around with my cousin and his Vstrom! It'd be great to see some of you guys and try some of that hose water beer you guys have in UK! ;D Just another
  3. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    It's been figured out. The choke cable was binding. I also had to tighten the center nut cap (not nut). Will try to get you some sound bites. Now that it's all done and I've had my 1 week of enjoyment, anyone in the soCAL area want to buy a bike? :(
  4. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Thanks brother. Got the idle fixed to to 1200 plus fixed some massive exhaust leaks in the front ports. Very convenient method to adjust that idle. It went from sounding like a ticking lawn mower with a ticking time bomb to how it should. The neighbors definitely did not enjoy any of that! Forgot how that wolf exhaust sounded and how loud it is! Mean! Will have to get some proper sound bites/video of the bike when she's more in tip top shape. Do any of you want a ride by video? Let me know, it's the least I can do. Btw, I don't know how your exhaust laws are in NZ, or the rest of the world, but in CA (supposedly) the legal limit for bikes 86' - current is 80 decibels; aka nothing. Pretty dangerous when you think about it, even when taking the Doppler effect into consideration. Tomorrow is lubing that lever cable and properly threading the wires to where they need to go. How it sits, none of the cables seems (operative word) to be having to bad of a time beyond that choke.
  5. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Thanks brother. So just to reiterate, adjusting the screw on the right side of the bike can possibly fix the choke lever stiffness issue. Even if this was something that was never an issue before? Perhaps playing around with the screw and lubing the cable will do the trick? Also when I was moving the lever around, with the choke contraption open, I see that with the lever all the way up, there is a little bit of slack. Also, the lever goes a lot further up and down from than it used to. If you have any diagrams, beyond the repair manuals, than I would greatly appreciate it! I took a grinder to peel some powder coating and now I'm getting proper and quick return from the throttle. Thanks again.
  6. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Sorry, I've been calling Oxgard dialectic grease this entire time. Got the bike from the shop (Ivan) and he got it running. Problems? The idle sits at 2,000k rpm, the cooling fan is hitting something, the step isn't properly aligned and I still need to properly work on routing the throttle/brake/choke cables. Ivan is a tough Bulgarian SOB so he didn't tell me too much on what he did do to get the fuel pump to prime again beyond securing the connections on the CPU and replacing the fuses. Interesting because I KNOW i checked those problems but human error is a thing. Either way, to make sure it's all secure on the tray, he did some actually nice zip tie/platform magic so now the CPU is secure and is sitting on shock absorbent material. (was going to do it anyways but that's nice). If any of you are in San Diego, it's Ivan's Fastbikes. What they charged me, and with how busy they were, it might as well of been pro bono work. Shout out to Ivan's shop. Should of done this waaaaaay earlier but I recently looked at how the manual suggests all the cables be routed. The current issue way back then, before too much was touched, and now is that the choke lever is really hard to move, which I'm guessing is the root of the high idle problem. It's also very hard to close that contraption up too. The throttle cable still doesn't retract quick enough so that's just more sanding to do. Some of you guys said that you just took a knife and this and that but how much powder coat did you actually take off? At this rate, I might be getting down to the original dimension of the handle bar... which seems right upon further reflection. Edit: took a grinder to the handle bar and now that's fixed and so are all the other little things. No idea what to do about the cables until I can get a tickle trickle charger so start the bike. The mechanic suggested that the idle surged when he would turn the handle bars a certain to and fro.
  7. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Question before I go out in the lot in the 90+ weather ;) . Is there any obvious ground spots on the rear subframe or battery box that I would of missed? Both of those surfaces were either painted or powder coated. I don't remember any. I've looked at corrosion, connectors and fuses just now and it all looked good. Will take another peak.
  8. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Still the same
  9. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Atm Fuel pump plug: positive .1v / negative 0v Blue plug next to fuel pump pluge: positive 0v/ negative 5v Fuel cut relay: .1v all around the board Engine cut relay: red/orange - .38v, black/white opposite: battery voltage purple(pink)/black - 0v, black/white opposite: .1v Fuse B: battery voltage While I was at it, I removed paint off of the ground on the fuel pump plug so that was good. Where do I go next?
  10. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    That's a good methodology. Will go 'down stream today', especially in the better light, and check again. A shout out to SCguy in helping me out last night in trying to find the problem. We determined it wasn't the pump, but through my amateur hour ;) , couldn't determine which relay it was. The powder coating is definitely one of the constants that have been changed, ground wise, so will make sure that's a detail that isn't missed. Thanks fellas
  11. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Thanks Terry At the moment I know that the blue connector, I presume, that goes to the fuel pump is showing <5v. Connector looked clean enough to me. Unfortunately all I did was blow in to it and slab some of that dialectic grease in the connection. And when we're talking about checking the wires are we talking about, when disconnecting the relay's and such, connecting the leads from the voltmeter to the leads to the connector?
  12. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    At the ignition turned, I'm reading 4.98v at the connectors of the blue connection under the fuel tank. Dumb question but where does it need to be? Same as everywhere else and at 12.4 ish? There was a wiring diagram posted a couple pages back... Have to be honest, I'm going to have to google just to figure out how to read it. Can it be that if something benign is disconnected, the fuel pump could just not prime? edit: Not going to lie, after watching some videos, I haven't properly checked the fuel pump relay nor can I (don't have the extra jumper cables).
  13. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Thanks fellas. Going to get started Edit: can you tell me a bit about jumping the pump and how I'd go about that? First, the blue connector.
  14. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Got the new battery. Got the front fairing in place. Repainting and clearing the left side mirror stock base But, the same problem is persisting. The fuel pump problem still persists. Battery reads at 12.24V. I can turn the key, all the lights go on, the bike kicks but doesn't turn over all the way. This time around I have the tip sensor installed properly, and everything seems to be in order. When I turn the key, I don't get any prime whine. Really don't want to pay $40 for a tow and $100 for a shop to tell me the pump is dead but I'm getting to that point where that option is getting more appealing. Will check again to see if the sensor is installed correctly and if power is actually getting to the pump etc.
  15. San Diego 98 vfr800 restoration

    Today was spent getting getting some of the last nuts and bolts that were needed. Most of the stuff will be done tomorrow with the aim of getting it running. The main thing holding me back is the battery. The shorai lithium battery all of a sudden became 'toast' and it doesn't make sense to return it for %50 off rebate at this date and time. I bought an oem 'replacement' for less than $30 (vs. $80 at o'reilys) and it should be coming tomorrow. Today -secured the tip sensor -bought the m.00000000002 screws for the voltmeter ;) -fix the rear lock that secures the backside of the seat -fixed the stuck accelerator. It ended up being the powder coat. If anyone want some links for what it could of been then here are some: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/forums/topic/70388-throttle-cables/http://xlforum.net/vbportal/forums/archive/index.php/t-1145459.htmlhttp://www.hondashadow.net/forum/72-technical-discussion/140976-aftermarket-bars-causing-throttle-issue-3.html Tomorrow -Install the front fairing. -figure out if the voltmeter is working. The previous screws were rusted. The new ones should be a little bit more conductive. -fix the rear helmet lock. (wd-40 it today. going to let it sit over night) -properly install the front dash. The problem is that the rubber stops that provide shock resistance are missing for 2 of the 3 posts. Fortunately there's some old hoses. Going to cut some pieces at the right length and use those pieces instead. -install the chain guard. Really want to wet sand it from 2000 - 2500 - 3000 and then buff (if I can... hence 3000 grit). It's way too shiny now and after a good sanding and buff, the piece should be less conspicuous. - most importantly, get the damn thing running. when the battery was reading 8.67 volts, the bike would semi turn over even if the fuel pump wasn't exactly prepping. fingers crossed tomorrow.