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  1. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    The one on the right has the same amount of pleats and looks to be the same size as the k&n I have for my 4th gen. The part number is HA-0003.
  2. 97 Low Fuel Indicator

    I have gone just over 40 miles after the light came on and there was no sound of gas in the tank when I opened it at the station.
  3. Is this where the magic happens?

    How did you get him to make you a custom set of valves and shims? He just told me a few weeks ago that they don't do that.
  4. Cold Start Carb issue?

    Maybe lean out your pilot screws, service manual says 1-5/8 turns for 5000ft and below. Your 1/8 above that at 1-3/4 at 5500ft
  5. Cold Start Carb issue?

    You said you never keep the choke on for more than 10 seconds, mine will act the very same way when it's cold. I don't see it as an issue that's what the choke is for,it will sit up at around 2500 for 30-40 sec and then turn it down.
  6. Cold Start Carb issue?

    That would be about $280US or $350CA. Are you sure there is even a problem here? My bike won't idle off a cold start until that temp needle is nearing about half way to operating temp. I run the choke full for about 30 seconds and turn it down until it's just at idle until it will rev freely, I have been doing this for about 50,000km now. I can ride it in 4th gear at 2500rpm with no surging and it will pull cleanly from there.
  7. Some guy sold me an almost mint Fox shock for $25 to do this,the shaft did look pitted in the pics but it's actually fine. I was considering this ZX swap before I found the Fox. What do you guys think Fox or ZX shock?
  8. Easy Question

    Thank you.
  9. Does anyone have a 4th gen shock around? My question is; What is the width of the bottom shock eyelet? My bike is still in storage or I would just measure it myself.
  10. Pilot Road 4 Gt On A Non-7Th Gen. Vfr

    I have them on my 4th,rode them all last season no problems and will this coming season as well.
  11. Hopefully everyone can agree from here out to not send anymore emails concerning the 4th gen exhaust to Tyga to avoid any further confusion,it's only hurting our chances to actually make this happen.
  12. It was posted on page two that they wouldn't be looking into this until the 800 project was finished so I don't see any reason anyone should be contacting them about it.
  13. Nothing to forgive my friend,just a misunderstanding.
  14. We haven't decided which header to have replicated or even have an official list of who is committed yet. I thought Stryker was heading this one up,I think we need to stick with one person dealing with Tyga to get this project done. The cost of shipping is going to be a big problem as I cannot afford $300(confirmed with post office)to ship the header to Thailand.
  15. Performance Mods For Rc36

    Did you talk to Marc? He (the owner) talked me out of an ignition advancer for my RC36...that was about 15 years ago. It wasn't the flywheel they modified, but the "Pulse Rotor". It doesn't show up on the RC36 microfiche for some reason, but you can see the RC46 pulse rotor in the parts diagrams for that bike. Basically, Marc's view was that it was not especially useful on a VFR engine, unlike on other engines, such as the inline-4 CBRs. Ciao, Yes we exchanged a few emails about it,when I asked him about any benefits he only answered that it was a long time ago and that it would cost a few hundred to do now.