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  1. Good looking stuff
  2. On the 5th gen H4 bulbs, you press in both side clips.
  3. If you've backed off the standard springs all the way, then you have way too much sag and are working in the last inch or so of suspension travel. The standars springs are only good for a 50kg rider. Try winding in the preload the whole way. If that's not it, make sure you measured oil with forks fully collapsed and springs out. The other thing is to check forks are parallel, and you did the axle installation correctly.
  4. Yes, you have to press a tab in the connector for it to let go of the bulb, at least on the H4 on the 5th gen. It will not come out if you don't. I can't remember where on the plug it is, but once you've done it once it's easy.
  5. From the album My 2001 VFR800

  6. From the album My 2001 VFR800

  7. Yep. You got to love them type of signs.
  8. From the album My 2001 VFR800

    Finished work early today and went for a self reboot.
  9. I noticed the OP mentioned that internals had been recoated. If the tank had corrosion problems, hence the coating, it might have the breather pipe corroded below fuel height. Nothing can fix this. No bleeding needed, the fuel circulates through the return pipe. And as far as I'm aware, California was the only place in the world that 5th gens had evap canisters, different ECU, as well as milder cams and less ignition advance.
  10. I recently went on a 3 day ride to one of my favourite bike roads in Oz, I thought I would share a quick review from MCN. http://amcn.com.au/videos/oxley-hwy-one-worlds-best-motorcycle-roads/ it it was a great 3 days, except for one of my mates having a low side into the railing and ending up in hospital to get 2 rods inserted to his right leg. His Blackbird was a write off. I have some GoPro video that I will post once it's edited, that's the problem of 3 hrs worth of video.
  11. The rear I replace when my side wear bars are reached, centre is usually still ok. The front I replace when they start to feel bad.
  12. You might not be losing anything, some stator R&R combinations behave differently. I never get above 14.1v no matter what rev I'm at. A good RR is a better choice, but soldering the wires and replacing the feed to the battery is more important in my opinion. There is a splice which is crimped in the main harness between the RR connector and the main fuse. This plus the main fuse itself is also a major weakness. On mine I had a voltage drop, and when I investigated found the main fuse was melting. You couldn't see it from above, only found it when I removed the whole thing. To be sure just run new wires and heavy duty fuse directly to the battery from RR.
  13. It's either handles or cowl, you can't use both. Well, not unless you cut the cowl, I did for my rack that I use instead of the handles.
  14. Mine is reverse LCD, it looks white on black in full sun, and red on black at night.
  15. Make sure you don't have too much oil in there. A pressure test won't show up a bad valve seal or guide.