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  1. 6th Gen Delink

    Yep, the master from a 2003/04 CBR600RR. Right size piston, and looks like the VFR. Them forks look a bit rough, but will be fine if you're not using the uppers. The calipers are right on the money.
  2. Help me convince myself to buy an 8th gen

    Haven't you guys got the new Street Tripple 765 yet? A new benchmark by a long shot.
  3. Aussie Vfr Riders.

    They do look nice. Tell the bloke behind you that someone flogged one of his front disks. Is that a real motorbike, or one of them kid push along balance bike things? With just one disk it mustn't have a lot of power.
  4. -1/+2 520 conversion considerations

    You certainly can, I went with 17/45 520 on my 5th from Sprocket Center. Did a 500 mile ride in the twisties on the weekend, feels good.
  5. Installed 520 conversion kit

    Off the shelf from Sprocket Center Keef. 4 days from order arrived in Australia, 5 days for AusPost to deliver.
  6. Installed 520 conversion kit

    I went to a 520 chain, lost over 1/2kg of rotational weight of the rear wheel. That's nearly 20kg I've lost of the bike so far. Lost 1.5kg of unsprung weight of the front wheel alone when I ditched the linked brakes.
  7. Received my 520 conversion kit from sprocket Center yestrday, and installed it. Went with a 17/45, I already had that combo on a 530. Short ride today and I'm very happy.
  8. Not hard to measure yourself. I got mine custom made by HEL. Good product and looks great. I just made a drawing of what I wanted with lengths, and they made it and sent them in under 2 weeks (in Australia).
  9. I tip my hat to you sir. That looks bloody awesome. Nothing like a VFR, but awesome. I would hate to think what it all cost.
  10. Tires!

    I'm about to get my second rear Rosso III next week. I really like them, 6500km's on the rear, could do another 1000 but going on a trip in 2 weeks and they won't get me back. 9000km's on the front and will probably last another 2000 maybe 3000km's. Very even wear, but what I like the most is they seem to feel the same from new to finish. They give a much quicker steering response because of their profile, and the wear bars are all the same. I don't commute, and I don't do motorway, so no flat spots for me. The front is still very round, but I can tell its starting to get a bit triangular because its a little bit more nervous. Pilot Power III's were my favourite before these, but I like these better.
  11. RS850 Replica

    That is an epic project, I'm sure there will be many people watching this. Congrats. I really like the forks.
  12. 2

    That's the nicest 7G I've seen.
  13. Has anybody installed the Healtech Quicksifter Easy module on a 5G? I've been thinking of getting one, but I'm not sure how the 5G gearbox handles it. I often do clutchless shifts from 3rd up, and when timed right they go in faster and easier then with clutch. It would be a lot easier to have it automated if you know what I mean. Just not sure how sensitive the sensor is, and how the lower gears on the 5G react.
  14. Lost the Love

    My wife and I have done that many times. It started a couple of years ago when after a weekend away my wife told my kids that we got to 200kmh, my oldest was horrified and said to her later "do you realize that if you two have a bad accident you will be leaving the three of us parentless". She's never been on the bike since. So now a few times a year we go away with family in the car, and I ride. We don't stick together as I mostly take the long way, but we have meeting points for brakes, lunch or coffee. We then spend the holiday together, except for a couple of escapes by me to some windy part of the country for a few hours. I just love riding too much to give it away.
  15. 5th Gen Cooling Upgrades

    You can always message who you bought from on Ebay. You must be doing something wrong, missing information or using a different PC/phone/laptop and not signed in. I would not rely on that fix you did, it will fail.