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  1. TIG

    When it comes to mig or tig welding, some people get it, some people don't. Once you get the feel for it, it's like riding a bike, it never goes away. You don't just look at the weld, you feel it. The smoother you can feed the wire or rod, the better the finish product. You can actually feel the arc and the material moving from electrode to work surface. I've actually met plenty of people who have said they can now weld because they have a welder, I've found this seldom to be the case. Practice makes perfect, have a go. It is a very valuable tool.
  2. Here is what they look like. It seems it might be blocked. Or a hose from under TBs has damage/come off http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Honda/Motorcycle/2001/VFR800FI+A/THROTTLE+BODY+COMP./parts.html
  3. Blown hi-beams

    In most cases, failing bulbs are caused by bad earths, or overheating. Overheating can be caused by too high a wattage bulbs (not yours), or even headight protectors. Bad earth is the most common cause, check your connections, and most importantly your earth block located in the harnes near the RR (left rear of bike), this is a common fail point on 5th gens. A tell tale sign of a bad earth block is the FI light coming on and off lightly with your blinkers.
  4. I would first check that you're on the right hoses. Sitting on bike #1 is left rear, #2 is left front, #3 is right rear and #4 is right front. And the adjusters go 3-2-4 left to right as per picture.
  5. Are you sure you are on the right adjuster? Cylinder 2, 3 and 4 are adjustable on a 5th gen. 1 and 2 are adjusted the same, 3 is adjusted to 20mmHg less then 1, and 4 to 10mmHg less then 1.
  6. LOCO RC46

    My guess is AR3 Performance. https://www.as3performance.co.uk/silicone-radiator-hoses/road/honda/vfr-800/ AU$163 for a full kit is a good price.
  7. LOCO RC46

    Good work mate. I'm considering making a muffler bracket as well so I can get rid of the passenger pegs. You've motivated me.
  8. If you have any doubt on the bike and its service history, you could get a thermostat housing top. If there is air in the system and left to sit, corrosion will form there. If it's been looked after it shouldn't be a problem. When I did mine, and tried to clean the gunk from that lid, it was so thin I put a screwdriver right through it. Luckily I had a spare complete housing and hoses from a low k 6th gen that I picked up for $20.
  9. And the O rings at the head outlets. Cheap to do, and ugly and square when I did mine.
  10. New VFR Owner

    It's the same in Oz. I had a quick look for 5th gens the other day and was blown away by how many there are for sale at the moment. They're all over the place, some dreamers asking $5K to believe it or not $8K for low kilometre ones. And some selling for $2K and up. From what I can tell you can't sell one with over 100,000km 6th gens are the same. Starting to see some 8th gens going for around $9K to $10K, and 6th gens asking $4K to $11K. There's one bloke asking $11K for a 2011 storm trooper (black and white). He's dreaming. Nobody wants our VFR's.
  11. 6th gen clutch lever issue

    The best way to clean it is with hot water. Brake cleaner will not remove it as the gunk is not brake fluid, but moisture that has mixed with general crap. You will have to remove the master and disassemble, then use running hot water and a cotton bud to get behind the glass.
  12. Chain replacement question

    I like that, I didn't see you as a competitive person involved in bike politics Terry.
  13. Make sure the pin between the front lever and the master cylinder piston is the right way around, it fits both ways but only works one way. it it's wrong, it will apply pressure but it doesn't let the piston go back far enough to release.