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  1. Honda included a notice about this issue in my quick shifter kit I sourced from Japan.
  2. VFR800fi cutting out get very hot

    The frame is attached to the motor, which is hot. At least, to me it's always warm.
  3. VFR800fi cutting out get very hot

    When it's hot did you hear the fuel pump prime? I've seen fuel pumps stop working in higher temps as they begin to fail. Might as well check the wiring for any shorts as mentioned as a precaution.
  4. 99 not cooling correctly

    They did that with the 8th gen, and it runs in the same temperature range as previous generations. I can change the display to show MPG and outside temperature so I can ignore the reading and ride happily. :)
  5. 99 not cooling correctly

    I agree. I think we have to adjust ourselves mentally to the perceived higher temps. The bikes run fine at these temperature ranges. There is no need to modify them to run cooler. They last longer than most motorcycles made today! If heat was an issue it'd have killed a lot more along the way. We just see a big number and get anxious. My only suggestion for Lint would be to drain the system and put the expensive Honda blue coolant 50/50 premix in. Will keep the water pump and passages happier for longer than WW+water.
  6. Bungs are what the brits call crash sliders
  7. Cuffman Shorty Muffler

    There are no jets on the 8th gen. It's fuel injected, but to answer your question, you don't require a fuel re-map for an exhaust change. You could get it tuned with a PowerCommander/RapidBike module to make it "perfect," but it's not required.
  8. DLX Break In

    Great shots. Mine was also broken in on canyon roads. Keeps RPMs varied and works the engine in happily.
  9. I'm all for this. I'm not a fan of try-hards that have no idea how to express their conservatism except by blindly mocking the 6th largest economy in the world. There is a reason I moved out of Texas and will never, ever move back. They believe their own b.s. there!
  10. Stator for a 2002 model VFR800

    Avoid Ricks like the plague. OEM or rewind is the only good replacement. Otherwise expect to do the job sooner than later. Are there any stator rewind shops in NZ? Would be a good option.
  11. https://www.knfilters.com/mobile/recallkn204
  12. Rekey saddlebags

    Paid $75 to have a locksmith damage my top box and not be able to pick it. These guys are crooks: https://www.facebook.com/TheOrangeCountyLocksmith/
  13. Rekey saddlebags

    You can probably remove it easy with the key. On the used box I had to drill it out.
  14. 8th gen minor updates for 2017

    You probably have to just cut a hole to accommodate. Could check the parts fiche for 2017s to find all the associated parts.
  15. new member

    Same. I start the bike, zip up my jacket, put on my helmet, gloves, and kick my foot over the bike. From there I just take it easy for a few minutes.