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  1. 6'1 250 Guy... Handle bar mods

    6'2 and 250, I don't feel the need for risers. Keeping in shape is what keeps me from getting sore, not taller handlebars. I'm not sure what you're expecting. Too big for the bike? How? I sold my 6th gen to a kid who was 6'7... Edit: Note I actually do own the OEM risers, but they are not installed. I am considering fitting them if I do a several-day trip that is mostly freeway (let's face it, 6+ hours of strait freeway is uncomfortable no matter what, and anything helps.) For my day trips though, I don't think I will ever put them on. Also, I am not sure if the adjustable seat was mentioned. That will affect lean a bit as the lower setting will have you more strait up and down, just more knee bend.
  2. There is no easy or cheap way to add 10-15hp to the machine. Reworked exhaust (cat delete, o2 sensor removal, etc) RapidBike Racing module, and custom tune would be the starting point. By that stage your 2 grand into it, and you might not even see the desired result. #1 suggestion is exhaust. Spend $400 there. You get a few proven hp, and a smoother VTEC transition. Outside of that the quest for power is expensive and unreliable. I say enjoy the bike for what it is. If you want need power, a Ninja 1000 may be a better sport touring option.
  3. Sounds like all about what I feel.. minus the notes on the engine. It's back to the trusty linear powerband like my 5th gen has, with some additional spunk up top (even though peak power is a few hp lower.) Sold my 6th due to the inconsistent VTEC 'kick,' and this model is much improved in that department. According to the dyno charts, it gets even smoother with a slip on. Ticks all my boxes, that's for sure. Maybe @ 16k mi I'll upgrade the suspension components with DMr. The bike is mostly ridden to/from/in the canyons and has performed very well so far. Quite a confidence inspiring bike, like my 5th gen.
  4. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    You'd riot if you knew I think helmets should be mandatory as well. Seat belts are OK but helmets are crossing the line? Pfft. I said nothing about mandating TC. ABS, on the other hand, most definitely should be required.
  5. Ergos between 6th and 8th gen ?

    6'2ish and it's great for me. Sold my 6th gen and bought an 8th the next day. I have a set of stock risers but haven't fitted them yet; haven't felt the need. Motopump (i think) makes risers up to 1.25" - makes a huge difference many have reported.
  6. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    I never mentioned a push button on off. Peoples fear of big brother ramming unmentionables in dark places becomes a hindrance to society as a whole at times. In this case, ABS would be a welcome addition to most every motorcycle on the road, regardless of who told them to put it there.
  7. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Anything Honda USA says can be dismissed, realistically. They are so disconnected from the mothership that it's a surprise they're even staying afloat. That's simply marketing flub written by a 20 something who has never touched a motorbike. ABS should be mandatory in the United States. It's been proven time and time again to be more effective than even the best riders. Pro riders on test tracks are stopping faster with ABS except for very specific conditions. Regular riders (i.e. you) are stopping faster with ABS basically *every* time. Lives would be saved. The mandate works fine in EU, where they have arguably rougher roads on average than we do. For the tiny % of riders that feel the way you do, just modify the bike to disable it.
  8. Craigslist 5th gens

    A bit costly, even for Canada bucks?
  9. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    It's the year 2017. Every single motorcycle sold should have ABS, and the US is pathetically behind for not requiring it. I also don't understand when people complain about TC. It's a good feature, implemented decently. My ST1100 had it and it saved my butt at least once on a wet surface. You can turn it off if you want to be 'one with the machine' or whatever. Most riders are not as good or as fast as the electronics, no matter how much that hurts their ego to admit. The VFR has not been the technology showcase for over a decade. It's been retired to a 'sophisticated sport bike with light touring capabilities,' which is fine with me.
  10. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Depends how fast you let out the clutch. On both my 8th and 5th I can release it slow enough to roll from an idle. The 8th can be let out much faster without stalling than the 5th (in that scenario.)
  11. 4th Gen Fairings From Ebay?!?!?!?

    " Does anyone know if these are legitimate or not" They won't be OEM Honda if that's what your asking. Otherwise they're as legit as anything else sold on the Internet. There are a few companies that do produce quality fairings, that aren't Chinese kits. I am pretty sure those guys are one of them. They made their own molds/etc. http://www.beginnerbiker.com/2013/11/fairing-fazer-arrived/
  12. This should contain relevant information: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Avfrdiscussion.com+used+things+to+look+at&oq=site%3Avfrdiscussion.com+used+things+to+look+at&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i58.12024j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  13. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    He probably meant the tread title.
  14. Leaving the fold.....

    Maybe their rear-end hurts. On long trips I stand up for a bit to relieve some discomfort.
  15. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Forgot e) guys that like to poke at anything. Your rear wheel is filthy. Get on that. ;)