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  1. received_771324006373574.jpeg

    Could this be AM from that other website whose name will not be mentioned? She takes some epic road trips which are well worth the trouble to go read... And since I have never seen her post on VFRD, a big WELCOME!
  2. Which One?

    Did you check the gas tank on both bikes for signs of rust?
  3. New guy, to forum and to Hondas

    Welcome! Guessing your garage is bigger than my house...
  4. FNG to here, long time VFR owner

    Welcome back Kotter...er...Steve! Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the ST1300's.
  5. Road my favorite south of Atlanta ride this morning. It was exhilarating! The bike and I were one! Okay...maybe more like one and a half.... Alright...honesty compels me to say it was probably on the plus side of one and three-fourths...but we were definitely less than two! Hope everyone got out and enjoyed a ride today.
  6. Chain Mileage

    Darn! I have a tube of the Motul that I was going to start using after my my stock of Maxima Chain Wax was depleted...
  7. Finally a VFR Owner - 6th Gen in MN

    Welcome! Great looking bike.
  8. Hello from Adelaide Australia

    Welcome! Love the looks of the 8th gen in black.
  9. Even a good looking trailer. Who makes that and how much do you notice it when riding? And then he saw it said "Unigo trailer"... I'll work on my reading comprehension... what can I say... I don't look at bike porn for the articles.
  10. Hello from Bonner Springs,KS

    Welcome! Great looking bike.
  11. Welcome! Beautiful bike(s).
  12. Hello from Monterey county

    Looks like you're ready for a road trip. Beautiful bike. Welcome!
  13. Great looking bike. Welcome!
  14. Close out sales 14' and 15'

    Congrats on the new arrivals. Twins!