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  1. Vfr8 Streetfighter

    big thanks to Seb. I finally fitted the tank adaptor. I replaced my half arsed version with a beautiful piece of hand made awesomeness. Cheers.
  2. Tires!

    I had PR4s on my MT09 and got 20,000ks out of them, including a track day, commuting and fast road rides. Loved the rosso 2's on my vfr, now have rosso 3's. not many ks on them yet, so no review. Nice on my brothers Tuono- i borrowed that for a month.
  3. need o2 sensors

    I managed to find a stock 2000 exhaust system with sensors for $100 and I'm picking it up Saturday. The NTK part numbers are an awesome help though. New Honda ones in Aus are back order and $379 each. Stupid money. The second hand ones i have found will be OK, but I'd love to buy some new ones that are 100% functional.
  4. Hi All, i have bought a rapidbike evo, so need the stock O2 sensors. Which i got rid of a long time ago when I installed the pc3usb. Bugger. The phantom is checking aus vfr groups for any second hand ones in aus - I'm only on this vfr forum. Does anyone know what the make and model of the o2 sensors for the fifth gen are? Different part number for 6th gen. New from honda would cost more than rapid bike, so if anyone knows what the make/model of the sensors are, it would be appreciated.
  5. Rearsets for 5th gen.?

    And i would begrudgingly be the test mule, because, well, real rearsets are sexier than ebay raised pegs that i have now.
  6. Rearsets for 5th gen.?

    Hey seb, Extreme creations has a CNC machine. Yes, i know he is in another country, but he is a small batch kinda guy, May make it more cost effective. And i got my tank spacer today, will fit it up on the weekend.
  7. Vfr8 Streetfighter

    no, not really. thats where i had the sp1 oil cooler. The headers are ceramic coated (but looking a little worse for wear) and i could always wrap them to keep even more heat in the pipes.
  8. Vfr8 Streetfighter

    Some pics of the 7 row oil cooler. I think i have the over heating sorted. I've commuted on it for the last couple of days. Stop start/heavy traffic, 105-110C. Free flowing, 95*C. But when it got hot, it dropped back to 100 pretty quick once it was open road again. Since i wanted an open road/back road blaster, and occassional trackdays, i reckon i'm good.
  9. Oil cooler relocation 97 vfr750

    On my 5th gen, i ran an SP1 oil cooler for a while, but have just upgraded to a generic 7 row, 50mm thick one from ebay with an10 threads. Mounted low behind the headers. I took the engine fittings, removed the lines. Had some an6 bungs welded on. my lines run oil cooler>an10 to an6 adapter>90*an 6 fitting> braided hose>90* an6 fitting> OEM fitting with an6 bung
  10. Vfr8 Streetfighter

    still haven't got it off numbers. He flew to another state to ride a new bike back (1000 miles). He was going to drop it off and pick up some rotors off me, but we missed each other, so now they are all in the post. The rotors would interest you, seb. They are one off carbon fibre centred buzz saw discs by extreme creations to suit carrozerias. They only weigh 1030g each for a 320mm rotor. I sold the sp1 oil cooler to a guy in canberra who's building a vfr fighter, and replaced it. First, the 10 row was too big, the oil lines were below the headers. so i bought a 7 row, and it is just right. Much bigger oil cooler and my custom rad has made me cautiously optimistic. Which is good, because my MT09 is getting its wheels replaced under insurance - i ran over some debris and buckled them both. I have been riding my Bro's aprilia tuono for a month, but that was a big enough favour, so now i'm on the fully road legal, and slightly dodgy VFR fighter that my wife has named the vortex, since it seems to suck all my time and money.
  11. Vfr8 Streetfighter

    I can bolt a top box to my pillion seat, is that what you meant, Dutchy? I actually can. I bolted a mounting plate to a spare pillion seat.
  12. Vfr8 Streetfighter

    Passed its rego inspection. to recap the 5 years and million pages. ninja 250 seat and subframe, 6th gen tank, er6n headlight, ducati 1098S rear and 848 front, gsxr 600 forks, gsxr 1000 rotors, gxsr 600 calipers, COP conversion, MT09 front guard, Custom front rad, SP1 oil cooler, delkevic headers, MT09 carbon akra can, antigravity battery. To do, 10 row oil cooler, big airbox and dual stacks, and map it.
  13. that is brilliant for a fully faired bike. My fighter is 185 wet. And a safe assumption that it has less power.
  14. I've got a 2014mt09 with a carbon akra, and a 2000 vfr, also with an MT09 carbon akra. Both sound glorious.
  15. Vfr8 Streetfighter

    There's a streetfighters ride coming up in november. The 6th gen tank is on my 5th gen. $20 worth of new gaskets for the fuel pump and sensor, $100 for the in tank fuel filter. I figured while it was out, 160,000ks was long enough for a fuel filter. Had a mate give the tank a free paint job in hot rod black. the 6th gen tank is much better on a naked bike. i just need to connect the hoses to the tank and should be good to go. The seat will need some trimming to fit the new tank, but no big deal. I'm half way through the big air box mod using the big K&N filter to make room for dual stacks. then it will be time to mount the bigger oil cooler.