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  1. Vfr8 Streetfighter

    that's why I stuff and shove. I had to lengthen some, shorten some, and reroute some others. I would love to pay someone to make me a nice, clean, custom harness.
  2. Vfr8 Streetfighter

    mines an acewell bolted to the underside of the top yoke. It came as part of a package deal with the gixxer front end.
  3. Like seb did for me and another mate who when we both bought bits at the same time, I am happy to share postage and forward on the aus items if everyone else is cool with it. I already have loseb's address from when I sold him my RC51 oil cooler, and vfroz and I are both in Sydney. When do you want the 50% deposit, Seb?
  4. 5th Gen Engine Modifications

    my fighter is about 185 wet, and stock(ish) power - rapidbike, pipercross, short stacks, custom exhaust. Keen to see what this 5th gen motor will do,
  5. 5th Gen Engine Modifications

    take off the fairings, and headlight and you can lose another 20kgs or so. Fighter it. Join us. join us. Join usssss...
  6. I just sold some parts to rod numbers (window clutch cover). I'm in, seb.
  7. Ha! That's what people with small tyres say. Because I have a ninja 250 seat and subframe, the 6 inch with 190/55 looks like a 240 section tyre.
  8. there is a bloke on here who is working on rearset adapters for 5th gens, so no need for cushions...
  9. 7 years old battery?

    I just put an antigravity lithium in my 5th gen, only weighs about 1 or 1.5kgs.
  10. I have put about 70,000 ks on 2 MT09's over the last 2.5 years. Same bike apart from bodywork, essentially. Beefier subframe to handle more luggage, as well as the fairing. A mechanic mate who had a tracer said its the only bike he has owned in years he didn't have to add auxiliary lighting to. plenty of aftermarket options to fix suspension ranging from a few hundred bucks (springs and valve stack) to all singing, all dancing top end replacement cartridges. Lots of flashes on the market now, too to smooth it out. The flash was written by lawyers, not riders. It was written for emissions. a Flash fixes all of that. Rapid bike has a harness for the 09's. The MT has a tiny 14Ltank, but open road riding I have gotten 300ks out of it. The tracer has a 17L tank, so it has a pretty good range, at least 450ks. I am a big fan of the triple.The MT09 is my everyday ride, and my vfr800 fighter is my project weekend bike. Brilliant bikes.
  11. he will - I asked him before for another member. Tell Ben that hooligan from ASF says hi.
  12. yeah, ally for the shim and spacer. Ally for the caliper bracket. It's cnc (extreme creations has a cnc) so he has a drawing for it, but can also reproduce the bracket fairly quickly. I cant give away a design that a mate worked hard to create. the 848 has a smaller axle (like the 916/748 series of bikes) so doesn't quite work out. otherwise Phantom's result wouldn't be quite so mix and match. I didn't choose the 1098 through diligent research, I just wanted a 6inch rear wheel. I managed to find a forged 1098S rear wheel, and because mismatched wheels are the devil, a cast 848 front. It was impossible to find a reasonably priced forged front - they tend to take the impact in crashes. I was wondering why there were 3 responses why I was typing a fairly short response. Serious? or very effing excited?
  13. an 848 only gives you a girly 5.5 inches. a 1098 gives you a manly 6 inches. 6 inches is manly, right?
  14. I gave a 1098 wheel to extreme creations to figure out. Ben ha a spare 5th gen arm to test on. I thought he would need to make an adapter plate like carrozzeria used to. He noticed that the Duke eccentric would fit, so we went that route. I've seen complete 1098 arms for $300 aus. You could take the eccentric and sell the arm on. Same sort of thing guys who raced vfr400's out here used to do to change to a 17 inch rear wheel. colour is ford citric acid from the xr6's. Kinda fluoro yellow, kinda snot green. Oh, and slightly related to what Mohawk is saying - I know a guy (and internet streetfighter building friend) whoi used a crf MC for his rear because the integrated res looks cool. Doesn't really work on an OEM vfr rear caliper.
  15. I googled my bike to find the pic 1.5mm and 3mm