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  1. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    We've had a mild November so far. This time last year, my bike was telling me it was -8° so I'm happy to see positive numbers this year
  2. Austin MotoGP 2018

    I went in 2014 on general admission tickets and had a great experience. You can easily walk the circumference of the track during the sessions and the view from the hill at turn one is excellent. Try the tamales if the guy is still there!
  3. Tire advice for 5th gen

    All the major shops and retailers will have them in stock and available to buy starting January 1st So says Michelin.
  4. Advice needed on second bike

    DRZ400-SM! Nothing could be cheaper and more fun for your every day commuting
  5. Thanks for the explanation.
  6. BLS, I am genuinely curious what you think the reason is manufacturers specifically state things like this in manuals and documentation: Having not ever used an oil in my bikes that wasn't JASO-MA certified, I don't have any evidence or experience that would counter what Honda warns against.
  7. Tire change mid trip in CO.

    If I were you, I'd simply just mount a brand new set of sport touring tires before you set off -- you should make it home with rubber to spare!
  8. Sidestand Wobbling, Causing Excessive Lean

    I lost the bolt once a few years back and this was my introduction to this issue on the 6th gen. I pulled into a gas station and had a big surprise when I put the bike down on the side stand. :) I found a new bolt and put some Loctite on it. I check it every now and then and have only had to service it once since.
  9. Average MPG for my 6th gen VFR.

    My commute is about 60/40 highway/city. In the warm months, I see around 38-40 MPG US and in the winter it drops to around 33-35. This is a bone stock 6th gen with just under 110,000 km. I only ever use 87 octane and here it's mandatory E10.
  10. I've had Givi racks and top cases on a my bikes for years now and wouldn't own one without it. My VFR has lived with one for 60,000 km now and has been solid as a rock. I remember seeing Givi's tiny load ratings and top speed suggestions before and wondered how that was possible. Suffice it to say, I have ignored them and honestly don't feel they are there for anything but to please the lawyers. My Givi case is almost invisible on my VFR -- loaded or empty and well beyond their recommended speed limit. For what it's worth. :)
  11. Summertime "Cold" Idle RPMs...

    Just for you, I went outside and cold started my 6th gen in temps around 80*F for your reference. The sound went a bit funny; I think I put my finger over the mic or something. 20170705_154412.mp4
  12. Tires!

  13. Tires!

    BT-023 is touted as a long(er) life sport tourer. Roadtec 01 also has made some claims to that effect. Avon is also known for their long living ST tires and the new Spirit ST makes that claim.
  14. Tires!

    That would be me. Currently on the Roadsmart II with the rear at 16,000 km and the front at 13,000. Last RS II front lasted about 13 as well (the rear was replaced under warranty at 10,000 km). Before that, I changed a set of T30 at 15,000 km with a few thousand left. Before that, I ran BT-023 for about 16,000 km.
  15. In defense of VFR's "weight problem"

    Damn, the 8th gen is such a great looking bike and I really like it in white. Fun video, GatorGreg!