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  1. Art - I Pm'd you - I have about 15 of the 5th gen solo racks ready to go.
  2. An inline fuse sis not in place on my bike - but I am responsible if something happens. I didn't want extra connections adding to potential voltage drop - so that's why I didn't use one. Others have used one so if you feel better by having it - go for it!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. That is correct. Just the solo rack.
  4. Dude - if you need a hand to get things ready for the big sleep - let me know. My flashlight and I would be happy to come over and help. I have a siphon pump we could use to drain the tank. Or you could sell that blue beast to me and i'll track good care of it!!
  5. JZH -sorry i didn't respond. Got busy at end of August and wasn't on here much. I've decided that the price is going back to $140 USD shipped. I will not make another batch of the 5th gen solo racks again. Unfortunately the demand just isn't what it needs to be for me to at least make my money back. Get em while they exist! Thanks
  6. thanks for doing the shirts!
  7. PM sent - and for all - how do we pay you for this - paypal - on site - ?? thanks!
  8. I've got about 20 of the 5th Gen Solo Racks left - and I need them gone. Price of $140 USD includes shipping to Conti North America. You will have to source bolts and spacers (About $10) on your own. Paypal me at ken.irwin AT bell.net and i'll ship same day if possible - worst case next day. You will get an email with a tracking number. Thanks.
  9. over to Facebook I go - a letter to MRs Decoppe is in order.........
  10. Looks like I'm going to be attending this fine event! Right now I'm looking for a cabin to rent for the week preceding the meet. (The thought of staying in a similar motel to the old Franklin Inn for a week is giving me the willies........) Very excited to hit the awesome roads again!!
  11. Robbie - while you couldn't make this years TMAC - you were successful in not crashing the forum........ Well done!! LOL Fly down next year - one of us should be able to find you a spare bike to ride.
  12. TImmy - who will help me in my late night search for the WHOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRES ? CAll in goofy and get your ass to Franklin!!
  13. I believe that in Timmy's absence the rules clearly state that Sean Burns is the incumbent. His wit is faster than most even Though he likes the Bruins. Burns will provide the sidekick status to Carver that we all need. He may even challenge the Georgia native to a sword fight of epic proportion..... Burns it is!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Way to go Carver!! I recall a couple years ago you were kind enough to ride with me in NC as a mentor. I had the best day of riding and learning. You are a natural teacher. Those that encounter you will learn a ton. Way to go!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I do have solo racks. Lots of them. $140 USD includes shipping. Send paypal to ken.irwin@bell.net and I'll send one out. Include style required (5 or 6gen)and your address. I will refresh my ForSale ad as well.