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  1. that's what Buell was supposed to be all about - good, niche bikes, for a non-cruiser crowd.. HD "managed" them .right into the dirt... if they just would have left Erik to his own devices..
  2. and both have been turning motorcyclists into mechanics since their respective inceptions?
  3. I know of Aermacchi, MV Agusta, Cavgia, and Buell, Not sure about them ever being involved with Ducati. Inevitably, it always seems to end poorly for whomever HD buys out...
  4. Harley thinking about buying out Ducati? http://www.reuters.com/article/us-volkswagen-ducati-m-a-idUSKBN19C1XX?il=0
  5. fairly easy job. shame you aren't stateside/closer - I have a set of 2k headers sitting in garage.. yea, I know, no help.
  6. I though I remembered it being something like 5ft-lbs.. it was all but finger tight...
  7. dang... for my 2 cents, I'd suggest replacing the system... if your header is rotted, so much that it crumbled off like that, then an adapter like you've mentioned is barely more than a band-aid.... holes will be showing soon enough..
  8. funny.. I've just done this very thing.. replaced the '94 with an '00.. I steered clear of the 6th gen because of the chains, unnecessary VTEC, etc.. so far my impressions are good. I'm adjusting to the FI and linked brakes quick enough, and I think the chassis seems just a little bit better that the 4th. really got tired of the fragile plastics and the lack of any reasonably priced replacements on the old bike. all-in-all, it was a favorable upgrade, despite the charm and attachment I had for my '94
  9. no.. 750's also had the r/r issues, as well as an occasional starter clutch housing cracking. all-in-all, they are really solid bikes.
  10. like Dutchy said, not a common thing.. there is a flexible circuit on the back of the cluster that 2 cluster plugs go into... I'm guessing like you, that one of those plugs probably isn't connected correctly.
  11. per owners manual (one in the download section if you don't have it) bike should be on the center stand and in neutral..slack is measured on bottom side of swingarm .8-1.2 inches of slack.. rotate wheel, and make sure slack stays constant - if it doesn't, you probably have some tight spots in the chain.
  12. stock is 17/43 sprockets, 108 links.
  13. I've always gone w/ either DID, EK, or RK x-ring chains.. never had issues w/ any of them.. .all better than OEM. Steel sprockets are all about the same IMO.... only sprocket I've ever had issues w/ was an alum Vortex which wore out very quickly compared to the steel. just my 2¢ maybe give sprocketcenter a look
  14. some sort of power outlet. that's not factory.. prior owner probably added that for heated vest or such.
  15. ebay? - quick search shows a couple listing from England for those... also look for 98-99 CBR900rr, should be the same.