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  1. Generic Fuel Pump

    Tried that. Didn't work.Got the bike home, I'll dig in tomorrow before work. Sent from the Future via Google Skynet
  2. Generic Fuel Pump

    I'm going to have to open up the carbs, I think. With a full tank of fuel and a bypassed pump opening the petcock results in fuel pouring out of the carburetor assembly. I'm guessing I have a stuck float at a minimum. Possibly more. Sigh... Sent from the Future via Google Skynet
  3. Generic Fuel Pump

    I already have an extra filter in place, but I'll bypass tomorrow before going to work. Between 4.5 and 5.5k it feels like it surges been normal power and half power, above that it's just a whole lot of extra noise and not a lot of power, no surging. Under 4500 seems reasonably stable, idle is solid. At idle the pump clicks like a mad penman. Clicky clicky clicky...
  4. Generic Fuel Pump

    I hadn't. If they need replacing, where would I buy them? Sent from the Future via Google Skynet
  5. Generic Fuel Pump

    So I'll top off (I have 120 miles on this tank already) then see if that resolves my issue... THEN start worrying about carbs and parts.
  6. Generic Fuel Pump

    Wouldn't an improperly installed slide show up well before now? The stumble started two days ago when I filled up the tank. My initial thought had been bad gas, I'm going to top it off from my good source tomorrow, and I have a bottle of cleaner in there as a "shock" treatment.
  7. Generic Fuel Pump

    Thanks. I checked the valve adjustment not more than 500 miles ago, did filters and oil then too. I'll run it to check the slides, they "felt" fine when I was in there. I know they're enrichment valves, but it's so much easier to say "choke" that I forget. Standard engine oil or something lighter like air tool oil? I have both. I really don't want it to be the stupid carbs. I know it's not bad, I just hate working on carbs.
  8. Generic Fuel Pump

    So, if I understand the above posts correctly, a contemporary CBR pump will work on a 700? I'm having a surging/stuttering issue at anything above 4500 RPM, or high loads in general. Cracking the choke a little smoothes it out, but won't completely get rid of it. I'm thinking fuel pump is going out on me?
  9. Instrument Lights ('86 700)

    And done. I replaced all of the backlights and indicators with LED replacements, because I like the added brightness and lower heat. If anyone else is interested in doing the same thing, this cart is what you'd need for one 1986 VFR700. In case that link dies: 3x WLED-WHP5 Cool White <- backlights 1x 24-WHP Cool White <- odometer light 1x WLED-B-90 Blue 90 Degree <- High Beam 1x WLED-G-120 Green 120 Degree <- Neutral 2x WLED-A-120 Amber 120 Degree <- turn signals 2x WLED-R-120 Red 120 Degree <- Oil, Fuel lights Total cost on them for me, shipping included, was ~$28 and they work fantastically. No cramming, wedging, jamming or trimming to work. Slightly related note: anyone know where I can get a replacement tach for under $140? Mine is dead, but the wiring is good and the spark units are fine...
  10. Instrument Lights ('86 700)

    Yeah, I got the wattage for each from the service book, but that didn't tell me the base style/series. Got it now though, they are apparently 158 series bulbs for the tach/speedo Sent from the Future via Google Skynet
  11. Instrument Lights ('86 700)

    The service book made it seem much more involved.
  12. So, my instrument cluster lights are out. I can tell this because when I ride home at night I suffer from serious CSS (Can't See S**t ) where my speed and the RPM are concerned. Anyone know what size bulbs I need? Base/type, the service book only lists a wattage, that's no good. The bike is my usual mode of transportation, and I really don't want to do the job of taking the cluster out twice if I don't have to! Same for the indicator lights, my low fuel light has been out for a while, might as well fix that while I'm in there!
  13. Hey guys, more parts questions. She needs mirrors. The ones on there are so cracked and stiff that I can't adjust them for fear of breaking them. Add in that I'm looking at my elbows 90% of the time, unless I lay down on the tank... Any options that will mount up and be wider?
  14. Now I kinda want to do up a dummy can for the Nighthawk... that is an awesome idea. Not the VFR, I like the twin Supertrapps too much to cut her down to one.
  15. Usb Power!

    The panasonics I used for my Nighthawks coils and headlights used 1.4mW. ~2mW is typical.

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