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  1. Which riding experience level was this group a part of? I guess an intermediate-advance riding group. Although we rode pretty hard during this segment, most of day was in the 15-20 over the speed limit. This was a segment of a 320 mile day. ;)
  2. Saturday night getting stuffed on Go-Cart Track.. First time trying this, hope it works.
  3. From the album TMAC15

    Saturday night at the track.
  4. From the album TMAC15

    Saturday night at the track getting stuffed!
  5. No Ben, You were just testing the bottom of your boots!
  6. Hey all, had another great year at TMac. Came early rode all week and met some new and great people. I have uploaded some Go-Pro video....
  7. Switchblade, I was rooming with Terry and will keep the reservation. Just called Microtel. Will be up tomorrow afternoon and hope to get some pre-riding in on Tuesday. See you guys up there. Were you planning on riding Monday? I am only a little over an hour south of Franklin. Let me know and I will be up early on Monday. My hope is Terry gave my phone number to you.
  8. So looking forward to another year and yes MaxSwell I will be there all week. Well I hope to be, time off isn't a problem, but I have to find someone to watch my dawg! I may have to get you to ride down to my neck of the woods and show you why I have yet to move back to Minneapolis. See I get to ride this whenever I want!! Looking forward to riding with all!
  9. First off let me say what a well put together event. Thanks BR and all other volunteers that made this one of my key yearly events. It was also great to see my "Deer Slayin Minnesotan" buddy again. Had a great time and even though I live in the foothills and get up to the mountains at least once a week, I enjoy meeting all the people and riding with this group and all the new roads I learn. Looking forward to next years event. See everyone then. -TRem-
  10. From the album Almost Canada

    My Gen 5 will be missed.
  11. From the album Almost Canada

    Not me but I loved this pic.
  12. From the album Almost Canada

  13. From the album Almost Canada

  14. From the album Almost Canada

  15. From the album Almost Canada