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  1. 1st Annual VFRD Spring Memorial Ride

    Jealous. Last minute schedule conflict means I stay right where I am. Maybe next time.
  2. Did some exploring yesterday. Staying in Sandford about 45mins away from Raleigh on a farm guest house with the dogs. This is the Old Carbonton Dam built in 1921 and removed in 2005.
  3. http://www.eurobikeraleigh.com/ Is anyone going? Group ride is Saturday, show is in Sunday. If anyone is in the area and wants to meet up for none event ride I am down. I'll be here til after the show on Sunday. I have my Hawk GT with me this weekend down from D.C. Art
  4. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    I still use my original gen 1 Gopro Hero HD
  5. More ethanol free options in these parts than we have locally. Just shy of 400 miles, mix of valleys and mountain crossings and switchbacks. Back to D.C. before dark and no close calls. Looking forward for another run in the area but with camping next time to take advantage of more roads out there. Art
  6. Looping back east along 33 a brief stop at Germany Valley overlook. Honda V4 power.
  7. Met up with a VFR world forum member at our 2nd stop after the first mountain crossing Shenandoah at Carmella's Cafe in Edinburg. Will have to try their meatballs next time in the area. Proceeded north and then east into George Washington National Forest for a snack/beer/smoke/bathroom break at Seneca Rocks, an old school climbing area.
  8. 5th & 6th VFR 800 Header build

    Can then outlet just be the stock size please? That way I can run my Micron or Staintune as was designed. Art
  9. 5th Gen Solo Racks - CLEAR OUT

    I need a solo rack but he stopped replying to my pm. Art
  10. Will do. Spring is finally here in the mid-atlantic. I guess we are considered NE which is the closest so I chose to post here. It will be a good day for sure, I count about 6-7 mountain crossings. Art
  11. We are leaving DC around 7am Saturday morning. Forecast is mid 70's high and mid 50's low. Running out west on route 66 our first stop will be the Apple House for breakfast if you would like to join us. Arrival there should be around 8:15am or so and probably be finished and ready to roll out from there by 9am. Let me know if anyone else wants to join. The loop is about 400miles and will be all day. Back in DC area before dark. Proposed route for us is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FlsgexPSJJ42aYG3xChLP7-XWtY&usp=sharing or try this one: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1FlsgexPSJJ42aYG3xChLP7-XWtY&ll=38.814298889421636%2C-78.24629770000001&z=9 Let me know if it works, google maps is a bit confusing. Anyone else in the DC, NoVa area free to join us, and anyone else in the region feel free to join us at any part of our route. We are going counter clockwise if you see the waypoints, and they are only for reference, we probably will be doing a bit more gas/snack/smoke/stretch breaks throughout. Art
  12. ETC

    random shots
  13. Tyga Vfr800 Headers

    Are you getting for both gen of your VFR's?
  14. Tyga Vfr800 Headers

    Still in, provisions for O2 sensors with bungs for the Rapid Bike tuning module, and center stand compatibility. Art
  15. Tyga Vfr800 Headers

    It is still current

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