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  1. gear mapping.....how about ?

    THANK YOU so much for helping me.
  2. Hi ! I here ask your piece of advice, since nowhere else I could find any opinion, nor a useful discussion. - I do mean italian forums - I have found here in the appropriate section some very useful maps for a 2003 vfr. I have a Power Commander 3, which enabled me to load a Power Commander V single cylinder map. Now I see the most advanced between us have a " gear mapped " tune. I would like to ask if anything special is needed for the map to work properly, if it fits ona PCV only, or if I could try to load it on my PC3......? Thank You
  3. Hi!
    I have been running your map for a while.
    it gives emotions, man !
    A new world of acceleration and smoothness.
    And the feeling of ever and ever growing power !!!

    But I find it a little too thirsty, about 13 km / litre.

    Thank you

  4. How do I persuade a perturbing exhaust?

    I have '99 headers installed on a '03 vtec. They work perfectly. I had too a bad time to install them, finally they fit. You have to rotate slightly the first one after having installed it ( and fixed softly) creating enough room to push the second one in. Then you can fix this one softly. I glued the copper washers to the headers so they wouldn't go here and there. I needed a flexible extension to fix the studs appropriately. Finally, a thing that I wouldn't mess with again !!!
  5. Power Commander Maps 05 PCV individual cylinder Dyno Tune

    Hi, I tried, via interpolation, this map on a pc3 USB. ( Excluding the 15% throttle position column ). It works like a charm. On my 2003 it feels very progressive and smooth and so strong at high rpms.... I don't want to come back ! Over all I appreciate the smoothness, the quality of acceleration, and least but not last, the cooler engine! Thank you for sharing this ! Greetings from The Alps
  6. Idle speed.

    Hi, My 2003 starts idling at 1700-1800 for a couple of minutes, then sits steadily at 900, where I set it up. That said, i suppose there' s a starting map stored in the ECU. I have found that engine heats up quicker with a rather lean idle, say 14.7 or 15, putting out 50 C° in about two minutes. Which is very important to me. That said, I prefer the low/middle throttling and I have finely tuned the bike in that region. Keep in mind that cinematic equilibre, and smooth erogation in this V4 starts at 4000 rpms....
  7. Smoother Vtec Transition

    rapid bike 2 with ignition advance... GOLD FOR ME !!! ( I also have a Daytona t595 and there is a freeware able to adjust the timing advance table... UNBELIEVABLE. IT PULLS LIKE A TRAIN.) I have found that without the 02 sensors and without the PC3 the bike runs very well !!! I think it has sorta "no emission map" engaged with 02's turned off, because it behaves smoothly even with catless '98 bigger headers and leovinces..... and mileage has softened a lot.....
  8. '04 Vfr Dynotuned Results: 109.3hp / 59.2tq

    Mitja, Thank you for your contribution. I have a 2002 too, same configuration as yours. I would be very interested into your map, could you upload it for me ? My continuously modded Cozye's is not as efficient as before the mods..... Greetings from Mont Blanc !
  9. 98 Header On 02 Vtec

    :smile2: :smile2: :smile2: I really have to thank you all for the personal involvement in this intelligent discussion. I found in these few pages anything to fulfill my interest/curiosity about the topic. Something I have searched about for about three months... Yes, I have bought the vfr 98 headers. I have a 2002 vtec ( PC3, laser exhaust, no lambdas, wife not so happy about the use of my savings) I followed your technical advices, and polished the inner diameters of the runners. Prepared the bike for the upgrade. Waiting for the gasket kit to arrive. GREETINGS FROM MONT-BLANC
  10. Smoother Vtec Transition

    It's ok for me. Thank you so much for the intelligent, useful piece of advices. One thing: ( and, if you agree, please consider me sligtly dumb... ) : owning a 2002 vtec.....a final word could be spent about the benefits of installing a 98 header, wether not a full 98 exhaust ? Please, inform me..... Greetings from Mont Blanc
  11. Oil change 6th gen

    I used to add X-1R ( 5%) to my bike oil. ( Triump Daytona t595 ) ALWAYS found myself VERY GOOD. 1) Markable less friction => faster revving, less heat, less noise. 2) Perfect idling 3) Fuel economy LOVED IT
  12. 190/55 On A Vfr?

    Definitely I would say: don't do it. The feeling of sturdiness you gain is balanced with a slower cornering in reality. And steering will change also, you will have a more "nervous" feeling than before, since front tyre won't play the same game than rear. I used to put a front tyre with a peaky profile on my Daytona to help a little, but geometry was more than an experiment, and I reverted everything to stock. Hope it helps.