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  1. About 450 Miles Of Socal Roads Today

    Sorry for letting this be a dud.... My internet was shut off at home. I have crappy sattelite internet out in the canyon, I will update when possible. Teaser.. I was able to do the 243 up to Idylwild, rouned over to Pines to Palms highway, diddled around in Palm springs for a minute, traveled down long and boring 86 until I get to the Mexican borderish area, 'El Centro', shot over to Ocotillo and headed up the Imperial highway, to 78. Took 78 through Julian and headed north on 79 to 76 past Palomar mountain, hit the 15 north got off at Elsinore to cross back to OC on the Ortega(which is great at night, less traffic), and headed home from there. It took about 9 hours with various gas stops and wrong turns. It was really cool going from near 7000 ft elevation to -200 feet elevation. This is a great loop I would like to do again.
  2. Good Ride, tired. Salton Sea smells like crap. Will get pics up later or tomorrow.
  3. I am going to assume both flasks were stored in the frequently used right case, well done.
  4. VF1000R

  5. We call em monkey balls. Ha, fungus. I am loving your trip. I did nearly the same exact trip starting from cleveland, in reverse. I hit the exact same national parks, it was amazing.
  6. Lived in Athens, Ohio while attending school. Their are some amazing roads in southern OH, hocking hills area especially.
  7. Great deal? and a couple more ??'s

    Always riding with a voltmeter. I can ride about 15 miles with correct charging, until the RR gets overheated and begins overcharging. I figure a 15 minute ride every now and then with a trickle charge every now and then will do justice, along with some Sta-bil. I am familiar with wiremybike. How many miles have you put on the bike since install?
  8. Hi everyone, Been a member for awhile now, I just got a new sign, forgot the old one. I am on a few forums with various bikes. I read a lot, but rarely contribute to forums due to the lack of knowledge of my VFR. I am enjoying the Road trip threads. The girlfriend and I did an 11000 mile 6 week trip on 4 wheels last year, including 17 of the best national parks in the country. Only spent 4 nights in a hotel, rest camped. Now I want to do one on 2 wheels. I have a 94'. It was my second bike, and have now owned it for 8 years. I laid it down pretty hard twice(once on each side of course). The tires did not like the wet brick streets of Athens Ohio during college. The fairings are beat up, but not too bad and likely fixable. I have bought two more bikes since, a 99 blackbird, and 97 magna. But I have held onto the VFR, riding it just enough to maintain, with the intentions of keeping forever and restoring or customizing. I have the V four love. The sound from my old yosh slip-on is amazing compared to the 3 other bikes I own/owned. I just dont ride it as much because of the RR problem which I have been procrastinating due to other bikes, but am now ready to deal with this(VFRness likely). I am always searching for fairings also. Anyway, I have come across some decent looking fairings, not perfect, but better than mine. $150 for the attached picture, all the fairing pieces. The left side has some scratches and small chunks. There are currently a couple on ebay right now, but surprisingly are not selling. They are rarely found on ebay, and as usual these are scratched up too. I have seen just a side fairing sell for 200 with cracks and scratches. Soo... jump on the 150 deal? Fix my own? Does anyone have experience with colorrite? Could not find much upon searching the forum. if I were to fiberglass, plastic weld, wet sand, and prep my fairings... how well does colorrite match? Or just screw it, sell the broken fairings, and go nakey? A little buzzed and long winded, but .... if someone could answer the 37 questions I asked in this post it would be greatly appreciated. Or just recommendations. Pictures are of the for sale fairings, and my bike currently.

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