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  1. 5th gen engine in 6th gen

    Hey guys, just to clarify things here! I'm not the rider, just the mechanic, or one of a couple of mechanics, specifically looking after the electronics/race ECU/data logging, as well as anything else that crops up. Pretty full on. We are running this MV with a new young rider this year in New Zealand and as well as the MV, a Kramer 690, so no let up in workload. The rider in the photo is the son of an old friend that rode in the WSBK back in the '80/'90 by the name of Robbie Phillis. This is Al Phillis who rode for Grallini in the WSBK and spent a number of years in the German Champs riding for Emil Weber. Cheers Phil
  2. 5th gen engine in 6th gen

    Hi Guys Yes as Terry said up the page a bit, he has "helped" me clean out the shed a bit by taking some of the off cast gear. As far as the bike goes, it is really going very well. When I originally built the engine I used some second hand pistons as I was unsure as to whether it would all work out. So, a couple of months ago I tore it all down and built up a brand new set of pistons and dropped the valve pockets so as I can dial in a bit more cam advance. Balanced the piston assemblies and CCed the piston crowns. So nice working with new pistons. Built the bottom end all back up with new bearings, rings, pistons and piston pins. Then pulled the heads down and checked the valves. Decided to replace all the valves with new as the old ones had done a fair few k's and a lot of them pretty hard. Valves are not easy to find for 5th Gen engines these days but David Silver had a full set. Built it all up and reinstalled it in the bike. Since then it has been going really well and I've got it mapped pretty close now with a wideband O2 sensor in both the front and rear pipes. I still think it is one of the best modifications you can do to a 6th Gen. So it's now back to working on our MV 675 F3. This was us on the grid at Laguna Seca for the MotoAmerica/World SBK round earlier in the year being wished good luck by Claudio from MV Agusta Reparto Corse Off this weekend to the first main meeting in New Zealand so the VFR is going to take a back seat for the next couple of months. Cheers Phil
  3. The 4 cheap mods

    The speedo sensor plug is in the same boot as the O2 sensor plugs. Suggest you take a look and check the connectors etc. Might be worthwhile spraying them with contact cleaner.
  4. R/R Mod

    I'm using the FH020AA from Roadstercycles and it is really good. It never seems to heat up and I'm running all LED bulbs so the overall load is quite lower than normal.
  5. LOCO RC46

    Good work. Where did you get the coolant hose kit?
  6. Anybody Use a Nitron rear shock?

    I'm running a Nitron 5 way on my 6th Gen same as Mohawk. Had an Ohlins and it was OK but the Nitron is better and Ohlins still have not been able to come up with a good high speed valving setup. Even on the TTX there is no High Speed. I'd go with Nitron all the time. We have Nitron cartridges in our SuperSport MV Agusta F3 and again better than 30mm Ohlins
  7. Too much oil pressure? Flawed design?

    For the cost difference, and the piece of mind, I'll not use anything but the genuine Honda filter.
  8. Slipper clutch

    I've got a Sigma slipper in my 6th Gen, 825 5th Gen engine. Works really well. Phil
  9. Snapped Centerstand Bolt - Had Blue Loctite in it

    As far as I know it is the bolt on the right hand side of the bike that is the LH thread. In the parts list above it is item 13 From the 2009 VFR800 parts list it is item 12 as shown below
  10. Let's talk tyres!

    I'm reasonably spirited on some fairly fast public roads.
  11. Let's talk tyres!

    I started out using PR3s and then went to PR4s. Found that once they were down to about 50% wear the grip dropped off very quickly. I've now gone to Metzeler M7RR and running 30psi front and 34psi rear COLD. This is also with a 190/55 on the rear on the RC45 6" rim. Grip is extremely good and lasts all the way to the wear indicators.
  12. Shocking

    Yes I pulled the Ohlins out of mine and replaced it with a Nitron to get High/Low Speed Compression adjustment as well.
  13. Pictures of the 2014-2016's Header Design

    The RC45 pipes I modded to fit my 825cc Gen 5/Gen 6 have the front pipes merged together and the rears merged together. They are around the sizes that CandyRedRC46 outlined but with mine the front primaries are longer than the rear and the rear secondary is longer than the front. Overall, the primary/secondary pairs are the same length front to back and I believe the idea was to balance the mid range and top end. More top end on the rear and more mid on the front. From what I can see from the mappings I've built, with a wide band in both sets of pipes, shows quite different mixture curved front to back with the front fatter in the middle. My 2 cents worth. Cheers Phil
  14. Make sure that the piston has not cocked in the bore before forcing it back in. Also make sure that you clean all the crud off the piston with Brake Clean and NOT WD40 or similar
  15. What coolant are you running?

    I'm running Motul MoCool in the 825 and it seems to work pretty well. A mate, with a VTR1000 also runs it and it made a big difference to that.