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  1. Rearsets for 5th gen.?

    I'd definitely be interested and I'd like more details. I need more clearance for my pegs. They touch down way too easy. Every with my knee on the ground.
  2. Just me on the Viffer.

    I don't blame you Captain. Speaking of recovery, RVFR, how's your recovery coming along?
  3. Just me on the Viffer.

    Sup man! When you coming down this way? I can show you these roads!
  4. 5th Gen Cooling Upgrades

    Haven't you contacted the manufacturer/seller yet? Don't they stand behind their work?
  5. 5th Gen Cooling Upgrades

    I understand that. I'd contact them about the leak. They definitely aren't the prettiest welds I've seen, but if they work... Even though I know you said you have a leak. Post up what they say about the leak.
  6. 5th Gen Cooling Upgrades

    Damn, I don't weld, but those look pretty scary. As if someone new to welding made them. I suppose it works, but glad no one can see them.
  7. 5th Gen Cooling Upgrades

    Thanks for the heads up. Have you contacted the seller to see if they are willing to exchange them? To me customer service is important, especially when there is a mistake in the product. Please let us know if they make a difference when you do get to using them.
  8. 5th-Gen fork Upgrades

    Will do!
  9. 5th-Gen fork Upgrades

    Thanks to both of you. I'm mostly interested in the brake upgrades. I can lift the rear wheel, but it takes a lot of squeeze and really hot pads. This sounds like a very doable solution.
  10. 5th-Gen fork Upgrades

    Hi, With the SH lowers and 929/954 calipers, am I correct in assuming I can still use my 5th rotors and master cylinder?
  11. 99 not cooling correctly

    I also bought some foaming air conditioning coil cleaner and I'm going use that on the oil cooler and radiators. It can't hurt. Aluminum safe.
  12. 99 not cooling correctly

    Ok, thanks. I just wish Honda had put the radiator in front! Where it belongs. I do know, from reading on the interwebs, that all the Honda bikes with side radiators, Goldwing included, that they all run hot. Maybe I'll try the VTR1000 fan. Get it to blow the other way.
  13. An out and about

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, reduce speeds... As if!
  14. 99 not cooling correctly

    In regards to the lower temp fan switch, any idea of where to look, please?