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  1. Pc2 parameters ???

    The people who make the power Commander will let you trade it in on something newer and give you credit for the old one. That will give you more options.
  2. On my 99 VFR, I have one screw in my velocity stack that is starting to strip. I've used a JIS screwdriver, but it won't help. It must have been really twisted in hard by the P.O. I will spray that screw with PB Blaster and see if that will help, but I could use advice for this. Thanks
  3. 5th Gen Engine Modifications

    Hi, which pump did you use? How was the install? Easy, totally custom? Please let me know.
  4. 5th Gen Engine Modifications

    Hey, Chico's not too far from me. I'll have to Google the shop and bookmark it. I'm curious about the dyno and definitely interested in the water pump mod as well.
  5. Winter cooling improvement project

    Since we're talking about increasing cooling, is there any type of test for the water pump, ie, a pressure test to ensure it's up to the task? Has anyone replaced their water pump and seen a big improvement? Please let me know.
  6. Most miles on a 5th Gen?

    I have 80,550 miles on mine. I'm putting it back together after a crash. But it still starts and runs great.
  7. I just looked on eBay and one is being sold for a Sixth gen, the part number, according to 2WheelPros, is for 2002-2015. 201450475-MCW-D a 2014 rear cushion from a different seller has the same part number. Bike Bandit shows the same year range, so you're good.
  8. Broken instrument cluster

    I sent a PM
  9. I'm at 80,550 miles/129,632 km on my 1999. I crashed it, but I'm fixing it and it still runs like a champ. (I did not crash in this picture. Just in case you were thinking that... 😁)
  10. Gauges

  11. Gauges

    Any chance you have the rear white piece for a 5th gen? Mine broke in a crash.
  12. Broken instrument cluster

    It's all good. Maybe I'll email Honda Japan.
  13. Winter cooling improvement project

    I only let it sit for about five minutes or so. The manufacturer said it's aluminum safe when I called them. I didn't notice any changes in the color of the metal, aside from it being cleaner. I think I'll do it a second time on my oil cooler, that's sucker's pretty grungy.
  14. So, at the end of September, I crashed my bike. It hit a wall and took quite a wallop! The white paper connector tabs are broken. My question is, has anyone tried gluing these? The cluster is absurdly expensive used and all I actually need is the white backing plate. Any ideas? I don't know what kind of plastic it is, so I don't know which glue to use, or which kind of plastic to try welding it with. Thanks.
  15. Winter cooling improvement project

    I actually just did this on my bike about two hours ago! I bought some air conditioner coil cleaner and sprayed liberally, let it sit for about five minutes and rinsed well. They are about as clean as I can get them now.