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  1. Clear Clutch Window

    Glad you asked... i cleaned and spraypainted mine with high temp bbq paint, i guess i should have looked for chemical resistant or something I havent ridden since the paint peeled a bit into my oil, going to pull the plate and have it powdercoated - but now I'm curious if you think white pc can work? Think i should flush the oil for that bit of paint in it? Sigh...
  2. 6th Gen Clutch Plate replacement

    Measure your springs while you are in there... I also have an 02 with about 40k miles and 2 of the springs were below service limit. Replaced with Barnetts for ~$20
  3. Help... 6g losing power

    Thanks for the feedback... tomorrow I will pull the plugs and post the result. Grum - brand new Pipercross filter I just put in, so this is one of the few items I can cross off the list! My first thought was FPR, or perhaps a leak in one of vacuum lines, so I will take a look at the condition of the hoses when I pull the plugs. I recall that if the FPR is leaking fuel through the vacuum line that is a sign it has failed?
  4. Finally got the 02 out for the first ride of the season today, and it had a new problem... suddenly topping out or losing power above 7-8k, like hitting a rev limiter. Exhaust was very rich - this was a problem I noticed last year, very rich and burning a lot of fuel. I tried swapping a few maps on my PCV and when I went to a 0-map (no fuel adjustment) the bike revved much higher though did losepower at about 9k Over the winter I installed Seb's clear clutch cover, and replaced OEM springs with Barnett, stock bolts torqued to stock spec. Didn't touch any of the friction plates or anything else, simply removed springs and bolts and plate, reinstalled with Barnetts Pressure plate was painted with high heat paint (*though some flaked off in the oil, frig - should i flush the it? anything else)?). Where should I start? Added a Pipercross filter over the winter, today was first time on it Oil is brand new synthetic, Kawasaki S4, first time this has been in my bike (usually buy AMSOIL but this is what local K dealer carries now) pre-existing PCV, (Autotune w/02 installed currently disabled), PAIR blockoff plates, snorkel and flapper are gone. I tried to make a video of the sound... take a look&listen. 20170626_172029[1].mp4 ...would really appreciate some direction. I want to be riding but want to solve this properly!
  5. Post A Picture Of Your Vfr

    Now with more clear clutch cover!
  6. Clear Clutch Window

    Bam! Thanks to Seb for making these, and David (Switchblade) for sharing when he moved on from the VFR!
  7. Clutch springs rubbing

    Guessing its not 3am in Australia? Thanks for the quick reply! So if the bolts are stretched beyond the 25mm stock measurement they should hit the bin? Appreciate it!
  8. Clutch springs rubbing

    As I am preparing to install my Seb's clear clutch cover, I noticed after I removed the pressure plate that the clutch springs have been rubbing on their 'posts' enough that there are grooves worn into the metal, maybe 1mm deep or so (shallow but noticeable) Is this normal? What would cause this? Any need to replace the clutch basket? Upon measuring the clutch springs themselves, 2 are below the service limit (in the range of 45.3 mm), while 3 are at the service limit (45.8 mm), so I will be replacing the set.
  9. Hi folks - I have an 02 non-ABS Currently rebuilding the calipers, and as I order parts from mother Honda I am crying on the inside at the price of the crush washers used on all banjo fittings. Best price I can find is $2.42 a piece... I need 10... and paying $25 for washers hurts! (plus that's from a US retailer, I'm in Canada, so either exchange and shipping or my local Honda will just charge way more - currently waiting for a quoted price) Has anyone found an appropriate replacement, ie a bulk pack at Napa? Suggestions / part numbers? I don't want to take chances with my brakes BUT I imagine there are suitable equivalents out there, and I'm hoping the collective can point me in the right direction! Honda Part # 90545-300-000
  10. Braided front brake lines

    Curious _ did you order directly from Galfer?
  11. Wolf Exhaust Issue: 4-into-1-into-2

    I can't speak for Wolf system per se... But on my 6g with Leo Vince, the same thing happens - the 'right' pipe when viewed from the rear lets out much more exhaust than the left - kinda makes sense though as it is basically a straight shot from the cat up and out, whereas the left side of the Y split would force the exhaust to take left turn... path of least resistance. I imagine some exhausts have a better 'shaped' Y that allows more even split.
  12. Main Step Heat Guard

    My '02 is flaking and rusting in a couple of spots.... i touched it with rust killer mid season but will be pulling and painting before this season starts
  13. Can we still get a step-by-step, possibly with a few in-progress pics as the led's are put in place? At $1.95, I'm very interested as well !!!
  14. RC-51 fork installation

    Looks great
  15. Nova Scotia VFR Riders

    In about 5 months or so, I'm game :)