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  1. How To Fix Vfr1200 Seat Crack

    My 2012 separated in the same place on both sides..19k miles....not really worried, I'm going to go with a Sergeant Seat eventually...
  2. First Time Buying Rubber Shoes......no Idea Where To Start

    Pirelli angel GTs. 2nd set on the bike now...2 track days, lots of twistys, commuter ride, can't go wrong.
  3. GBMC4479

    Z2 Trackdays out of Reno, they were very lenient for the Novice group, which I was in...I pulled both the tail light and head light fuses, but it turned off all dash function's including TACH/Idiot lights and fuel. Tape took about 5 minutes...great group to go out with. I will be in the B Group next with a dedicated track bike after I get back from my trip to the desert.
  4. GBMC4479

    it turns off all the dash info as well....didn't care to do that...thanks.
  5. GBMC4479

    Thanks Brian!! wish I could ride next year with you guys, but duty calls. I will be across the pond most of the year. I wanted to get the juices flowing before I left, when I get back im buying a track bike, getting a little to competitive on the Blue Whale, don't want to ball it up, and lose the whole thing.
  6. Thunderhill Thanksgiving weekend 2015

    last track day with the blue Whale, gonna buy a track specific bike when I get back from OIR.
  7. Vfr1200X Announced For Usa

    hasn't this thing already been available in the US since the 7th Gen came out in 2010?
  8. 7Th Gen Vs. Fj-09

    I currently have a 2012 VFR, that replaced my 05' FZ1, because its a V-4 the engine noise, sensations ET AL are different, the FZ is admittedly more comfy than my VFR, as I have not made any seat/handlebar/rear set updates, but the motor, suspension, fitament, layout are much better on the VFR. The FZ was also much smoother but was a bit buzzy around 80 MPH, but as I said the engine sensation is much different.
  9. Remove them, and sell them in the forum.....I would certainly be interested in the wheels.
  10. It's a dry heat

    117 on the Bike o meter this afternoon at home in Vegas....
  11. Booster Plug

    I have one, and for 50 bucks, it did what Honda didn't, or couldn't...
  12. Exhaust photos and comments.

    2bros....Black slip on....
  13. Checking the schedule. Who is tenting it?
  14. I have a 2012...F model, it's my 3rd VFR. I owned an 83... A 96, and now my 12. Many have asked for a bigger updated bike...you got a monster motor, decent electronics (mine has ABS and TC) Ok suspension, and typical Honda Quality. It reminds me mostly of my 86 FJ 1200, more on the sport side of sport touring...... I think people didn't manage their expectations, I waited until the issues got figured out, and did some common mods myself. PC5, BZAAZ chip, and a pipe...right now I'm pushing 157 HP at the rear, I have taken it solo to Kansas and back over 9 days, 2 track days...1/4 Midnight Mayhem, it did it all, and I commute on it every day I can. Easily the best all around Motorcycle I have ever had....
  15. Road Rage

    probably my only pet peeve is drivers/riders clogging up the left lane....I live in Reno, and commute to Carson City everyday for work. Sometimes in my truck and sometime on my VFR. Last year, I was commuting on my bike and came up a line of cars in the left lane stacked up behind an FJ Cruiser, easily a half dozen or so cars. one by one they all passed the SUV in the right lane, and as the line grew smaller, and the SUV not moving to the right lane, the gestures of the line got more obvious. By the time I drove by in the right lane, the driver was laughing at all the folks passing on the right, I let my anger get the best of me a flipped the driver off....so, I kept on....about 4 or 5 miles later I see the SUV right on my rear end, tailing me for whatever reason (license plate number), I have a vanity license plate so it wouldn't be to hard to track me down. They exited at the first Carson City exit and I continued on to mine. I'm in the military and I was in uniform, so I told my boss what had happened, just in case I got reported...about 2 weeks later the Provost Marshall (military cop) came over to my office and asked me if I had had an incident a couple weeks ago....I gave a description of the SUV, driver ETC, then told my side of the story, the Marshall left tit there and just told me to be careful.....then about 3 weeks after that I got called in to the Generals Office........not a conversation you want to have.....there is no way I could have explained my position away, just a lot of "Yes Sir" . Right of wrong I didn't handle it right, and the cage driver didn't have to explain to the boss what a tool she was. Discretion is the better part of valor.........

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