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  1. Gotcha, 8th gen then. Yep, exactly the same diameter. Hadn't decided about the cat, but I like the underbelly exhaust idea, a lot. Was just wondering why the pipe has a bronze/copper tint. Once I finalize exhaust, I'm getting them JET-HOT.
  2. 2014 Honda VFR800 Interceptor Exhaust/Headers installed on 1999 Honda VFR800 Interceptor Honda Engineering - Blessing/Curse. Boom/Bust. We still don't have a NR750 to ride, even a new VFR1000R, or maybe the RC213V for $184K. But, luckily for us VFR owners, alot on our Interceptors hasn't changed. Case-Point: Exhaust Headers. It took 3 years for me to finally get headers from ebay that are not $500+. And the verdict? .... They fit! Temp install for now. Now I can move my radiators as well. Does anyone know if they're chromed? I want to get them JET-HOT coated.
  3. From the album MY VFR 14 _ MODS FOR 2014

  4. From the album MY VFR 14 _ MODS FOR 2014



  5. http://www.urethanesupply.com/Repair-Broken-Fairing/ Too late for my post, but this sight is good for information. Identifying the plastic is critical. I ordered 3M glue from grainger. Was $70 but its what the pros use, and works perfect. I found the codes Honda puts on its fairings, and went to the 3M site. This is critical part = identifying the right plastic
  6. MAY 2013 I put one of the mirrors. Nice! Worked great. Was only a temporary mount, just to test dimensions & design. Now bike is back apart & its riding time :( 2013? 1. New Chain = D.I.D. 530/108 Gold/Black (Amazon $90 total!). Rivet type 2. Centerstand = installed, but cant get spring on 3. 929 shock = finish the bracket 4. exhaust = ceramic coated ($150) be done this week! 5. 05 CBR600RR bodywork = been repairing it. got the best glue! 3M. 08 Pearl Orange. 929 Subframe. 6. 2012 Showa BPF off ZX10R = UUUFFFF1111
  7. Just got my GSXR MIRRORS & 929 SHOCK on thursday. Yay! Mirrors look great. Dont seem like Hong Kong crap people were talking about, so IDK. Already made 3 prototypes for mirror base. 2 outta foam & the third outta JB Weld Steel putty. (That stuff is junk by the way, unless i mixd it wrong. The LOCTITE Epoxy Putty is T**TS!!! ) Got the OK from cuz about his guy making the mirror bases. And my BF said he was in. Im gunna have to pay the BF something for his time, but gunna keep it as low as possible. Gunna start another thread specifally about GSXR Mirrors & Bases.
  8. been reading everyones pain from days gone buy with mirror mounts, 929 mounts, etc ... i cant figure the right bolt for centerstand (going to MICRON tomorrow) But DAG!!! im one lucky S.O. B. Family MFG shop has all the stock i need. The talent to weld it up and CAD it up. Now if i can just be a good boy and not piss em off. Cant wait to delve into my juicy projects. Already got great light to have aluminum rear subframe welded up. Gunna have to layout and cut all the pieces my self. So whats a few mirror bases and a 929 mount right? Going to look at 2007 CBR tail and seat in the next couple days. Finish that first before i swap out whole front fairings. LED Headlight ala Ducati Panigale 1198 S
  9. CENTERSTAND GSXR MIRRORS 929 SHOCK CBR600RR TAIL / SEAT / FAIRINGS And i cant even figure out what bolt im looking at? Really No fear i guess ... or Stupidity :)
  10. still unclear on centerstand. going to F with it now. OEM parts i ordered did not include a nut unless im looking at wrong holes. thats happenend before. Mmmmm oh i see, there seems to resemble what can be descrbed as threads were the center stand bolt go. i guess im really clueless on the bolt designation. Microfiche / the bolts i ordered say 10x32 and 10x50. the size of the hole they are clearly not 10mm Well thats it. im not doing anything till i go to fastener store tomorrow or honda dealership. gunna get the correct/dimensionally right bolts. the small spacer was also backordered. poop
  11. i can see the 32 and 50 being the length in mm though. bolts i ordered are backorderd tho.
  12. still unclear on centerstand. going to F with it now. OEM parts i ordered did not include a nut unless im looking at wrong holes. thats happenend before. Mmmmm
  13. 1. CENTER STAND 2. GSX-R MIRRORS 3. LEDs 1. CENTER STAND: Just got my center stand from Honda. Yay!!! Adds extra weight, aint pretty ... but dont care. Gunna make my life easier & maintenance / cleaning easier. Got it from Hondapartsnation.com Ebay had a used stand (Just the stand for $79.95 & it needed powdercoated / painted ) When i went to check their website for all the other parts, the part from Honda was $77! Brand new!!! Sold. So the total parts order was right around $127. $77 for the stand & $50 for everything else. Shipping was round $25. From Michigan, so it got here in a day or two UPS ground once they shipped. 2. GSX-R MIRRORS w/ LED BLINKERS Buy it now from ebay stor SINCITYCYCLEPARTSINC for $38. Im sure they are chinese for that price. But the company is outta NY, and they pretty solid. So Im gunna take a shot. Ive gotta replace mirrors since i dumped the bike for the second time ... hence the center stand. Gunna have my cousins shop or one of my buddies make up the required base / mounts. Ill keep everyone posted about the base, so i can get extras made up. Ive noticed quite a few posts with guys wanting the base. Even if the mirrors dont work out, ill have the good base setup. If anyone has a pix or simple drawing, post it so i can get an idea. i know ill need to modify / fix wiring so LED blinkers work, right? 3. LED LIGHTS Gunna add some LED lights similar to HALO angel/demon eyes. Or maybe trim accent lights similar to AUDI. Then id like to add some spot / extra lighting were my turn signals were / are. I think the name of the spots is DENALI??? from twisted throttle. $220 per pair. Im getting everything through SUPERBRIGHTLEDS.COM Spots are around $40 per pair. Dont like their housing, but im gunna make some custom mounts for a clean look. Now I just gutta get my girl to run again, since she just died, and i had to push it 3 miles. So thats priority #1 NEXT PROJECTS??? 1. 929 or Penske or Ohlins shox ( Probably 929 to save the $ ) 2. CBR600RR fairings & tail / subframe 3. Custom exhaust ( either BUELL style or high mount like staintune ) OR Save my money, keep my girl stock, and get my 1125R, RC51 or S2R They are all around the same price - $5000 KOOL Steve Ill keep everyone posted on the GSXR bases as soon as I can
  14. i just got an older TwoBros. i luv that it sounds better than stock, but to tinny for me. still kickin myself for missin a Yosh for $100. Whats next? IDK yet Really like the hi-mount exhausts Does it bother the passenger? I know this next paragraph is gunna sound stupid, but with all the guys on VFRD that machine and make their own parts, ive been really looking at this. While i was at SUMMIT racing i started checking all the mufflers. there are so many options available. Anyone remember the cherrybombs? I started looking at the options available and there are alot of choices with the same makeup, design as any motorbike pipe. I really want to try an auto pipe. A cherry bomb starts at $30 or so, and everything goes up from there. Then i could fab a cool cover at cuzs shop or wrap it with hi-temp carbon fiber. just thinking ...