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  1. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    I finally bought my Brembo calipers. And I'm ordering bolts for the front end from pro bolt usa. Progress has been slower than I like, but I just got back from Phoenix, AZ and fun in the sun. And freezing to death at night. A close friend of mine was murdered in PHX last year, and seeing everyone and dealing with it all felt like a 2x4 to the side of my head.
  2. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    Here's where I do need some help. Everything I'm going to need to run the 954 stem. Bearings, etc ... And I need to change out my frictions and steels. Was planning on OEM Honda. Is that what everyone else uses? Or Barnetts. I've always tried to use OEM when it comes to Honda. Always fit better, work better. But clutch plates, IDK.
  3. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    Let me say this first off. Thanks for any input, suggestions or corrections that you post. I need the help. I thought I knew everything, till I was fired and shown the door. Ha. Yes, that is a Mach Z1000 in the background. Just got it. What a beast! Notorious for exploding engines though. It needs to go the local dealership to read the BUD (or something). And my VFR is taking priority. Plus my SKI-DOO Home boys are going back to Canada again, so no help there. Exhaust? I didnt know that a performance exhaust existed. I've been looking but coming up empty. Guess I should checked on VFRD more. So IDK. Performance/Mods/HP? My cousin keeps me in check. Ever since I changed the gearing I've been real happy with the performance. Especially when I REV her up. And I try to keep reminding myself it's fast enough to go to jail.
  4. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    Ever since I've changed at least half my gearing, I've been happy with performance. But the Bio-Blade VFR only had the heads/ports polished and a new cam, and it jumped to 120HP. What cams? IDK. I'm going to attempt a ram-air build. Could add 10HP. Carbon-Fiber. The biggest hurdle is the bodywork/fairings. Im going to build from scratch using Kydex & Carbon-Fiber. But I might have to carve the forms out of foam or clay. Rear subframe & Brackets will be custom. The brackets connecting the rear subframe will be CNC machined. Building a prototype now. Make a drawing. Get the parts made.
  5. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    Frame goes to powdercoating company this coming week of March 6th. Gloss Black. Cost? Free. Swing Arm is going to have a carbon-fiber over it similar to the BMW S1000RR Superbikes. Will only look trick. Will also incorporate a chain guard. The motor is going to be painted Gloss Black as well. A little nervous about tearing everything down to its basics. Bought a bunch of totes from Ollies for storage/organization. Paint for motor = 1. POR-15 method of $50/qt paint and three step process. 2. Duracoat? Jet Hot = Headers & Rims. In there polished form. When IDK. Cost =f $200-$300. Header needs cat cut off. An adapter or whatever to attach a muffler. Am using a Kawasaki Muffler to fit in place of cat. Or a Supertrapp Universal Muffler. Though looking at Motorcycle Mufflers, They are so simple. Would rather gut the cat, convert to muffler. Build a box to make it look better.
  6. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    No, I bought the ZX-10R forks supposedly undamaged. Not the case, and only lucked out and got a 3rd ZX-10R fork with the complete opposite part damaged. The ZX-10Rs are exactly the same length as the VFRs. I bid on the GSX-Rs not expecting to win and got them really cheap. They are only about a 1/2 short. Didn't such a radical drop top triple clamp, but it was so affordable compared to other ones, I decided to go with it. And like how beefy it is. $250 compared to $400-$1000. I want to try and run bars. I also get to run Brembo Monobloc Calipers. Which I lucked out on as well.
  7. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    I'm going to try and attach a set of forks in the rear.
  8. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    Yeah, I'm using front mounted radiators. Bigger oil cooler with a fan as well.
  9. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

  10. LZR-17 _ VFR800 PROJECT _ V4R

    LZR-17s - VFR800 PROJECT - V4R PARTS = 1. 2003 Honda VFR800 = Frame & Bracket 2. 2006 Honda VFR800 = Gas Tank. 3. 2014 Suzuki GSX-R600/750 = A. SHOWA BPFs (Gold) - USD Forks. B. Rotors. C. Front Fender & Rim. D. Calipers (Brembos). 4. 2014 Honda VFR800 = Exhaust / Headers. 5. 2004 Honda CBR954 = Triple Trees. Lower Clamp & Stem (NEW!) 6. 2016 HoHey-Design = Custom Upper Triple Clamp. 7. 2006 Honda CBR600RR = Bodywork/Subframe/Fairings. 8. 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R = SHOWA BPFs. ( Alternate Front Forks ). 9. Michelin Pilot Road 4S = Tires. PROJECT: 1. Tear Down = Leave motor on a stand. Unbolt everything. - Paint Motor = Gloss Black. 2. Powdercoat = Frame & Bracket = Gloss Black - For rear sets - still need. (Ebay or Custom). 3. SSSA = Powdercoat or Carbon Fiber Cover. - Hide Brake lines. Custom Chain Guard. 4. Front Suspension = SHOWA BPFs (Big Piston Forks) - 2014 Suzuki GSX-R600/750 (Gold) - 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R (Black/Dark Green). (Alt). - GSX-R = " , ZX-10R = " (VFR Match). 5. Front End = 2014 Suzuki GSX-R600/750 - - Front Rim - Front Fender - Rotors - Brembo Calipers (Need) 6. Triple Trees & Clamps = - CBR954 Lower Clamp & Steering Stem (new-ebay). - Custom CBR954 Upper Clamp. Run Bars or Clip-Ons. 7. Rear Suspension = IDK 8. Bodywork / Fairings / Subframe = - 2006 Honda CBR600RR (IDK) - Custom. Front to Back. Top to Bottom. (YES). - Custom Glovebox - on gas tank (Carbon-Fiber). 9. Exhaust = - 2014 Honda VFR800 - Headers. Jet-Hot (Silver/Polished) - Muffler - Kawasaki Z1000. 10. Electronics = - 1999 Honda VFR800 = Dash (Speedo/Tach/Etc). - Samsung Tablet - GPS/MUSIC/ETC. - Neutrino Black Box (and/or/both) Fuze-Block. - Battery-Tender (LiPo Style).
  11. 7th-GEN (14) VFR800 Exhaust Headers - 5th-GEN (99) VFR800

    Gotcha, 8th gen then. Yep, exactly the same diameter. Hadn't decided about the cat, but I like the underbelly exhaust idea, a lot. Was just wondering why the pipe has a bronze/copper tint. Once I finalize exhaust, I'm getting them JET-HOT.
  12. 2014 Honda VFR800 Interceptor Exhaust/Headers installed on 1999 Honda VFR800 Interceptor Honda Engineering - Blessing/Curse. Boom/Bust. We still don't have a NR750 to ride, even a new VFR1000R, or maybe the RC213V for $184K. But, luckily for us VFR owners, alot on our Interceptors hasn't changed. Case-Point: Exhaust Headers. It took 3 years for me to finally get headers from ebay that are not $500+. And the verdict? .... They fit! Temp install for now. Now I can move my radiators as well. Does anyone know if they're chromed? I want to get them JET-HOT coated.
  13. MY VFR 14 _ MODS FOR 2014

  14. Plastic Weld Or Epoxy ...

    http://www.urethanesupply.com/Repair-Broken-Fairing/ Too late for my post, but this sight is good for information. Identifying the plastic is critical. I ordered 3M glue from grainger. Was $70 but its what the pros use, and works perfect. I found the codes Honda puts on its fairings, and went to the 3M site. This is critical part = identifying the right plastic

    MAY 2013 I put one of the mirrors. Nice! Worked great. Was only a temporary mount, just to test dimensions & design. Now bike is back apart & its riding time :( 2013? 1. New Chain = D.I.D. 530/108 Gold/Black (Amazon $90 total!). Rivet type 2. Centerstand = installed, but cant get spring on 3. 929 shock = finish the bracket 4. exhaust = ceramic coated ($150) be done this week! 5. 05 CBR600RR bodywork = been repairing it. got the best glue! 3M. 08 Pearl Orange. 929 Subframe. 6. 2012 Showa BPF off ZX10R = UUUFFFF1111