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  1. NO2 FTW. I take no responsibility for resulting "grenaded" engines.
  2. Factory Panniers with after market top case?

    I thought that looked a bit matte in the photo, at least compared to the rest of the bike. But it looks good.
  3. Factory Panniers with after market top case?

    Congrats. If you don't like the red, find out if someone in your area can vinyl-wrap them in black. Probably cheaper than painting, easy to undo, and protects the cases and paint. Just a thought.
  4. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Oh, cow chips, the TC is awful, you and a few others just haven't figured it out yet. I'll draw ya' a picture later. And by the way I'm still driving a car from 2000. Last time I drove one with ESC - a rented Sonata with sport wheels/rubber and a six-banger - I found it was slowing me down noticeably in the curves near Alice's and had to turn it off to have any fun at all. And ya' know, like, it's not as if that motor was gonna shame any Bugattis... Yeah, that crap probably stole my credit card info, too. Very suspicious!
  5. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    YAY! MORE LAWS!!! Said nobody whose living doesn't depend on lawmaking.
  6. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    You made it sound so easy. A line has to be drawn at times.
  7. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    Say whatever you want, the technology showcase drivel is Honda's marketing, not my claims. If you believe I am arguing the value of ABS you ought to re-read my post. There are many things that would save lives but I'm hesitant to have Big Brother ramming it all forcefully up my ass. Meanwhile, kindly share with me and us this modification or workaround you have discovered to turn off the 8th Gen's ABS when road conditions require. Thanks!
  8. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    I don't make this shit up. From Honda's web site... You're welcome to your opinions about ABS and TC. As much as I love my ABS, making it mandatory is too nanny-state for me. Especially if it can't be shut off voluntarily. It can be a major-league suck-fest on dirt and gravel and believe it or not, the entire globe is not paved. The TC could be a good feature but not how it's implemented on this bike. Maybe it's puppy dogs and rainbows for you there in OC but when trying to dart through NYC's urban traffic with its third-world pavement conditions, it's an enormous liability that rears its ugly head constantly. I nearly always turn it off before I even hit the starter button now.
  9. Throttle grip free play adjustment.

    Not sure which problem you're referring to. My bike doesn't make farting noises when I turn the bars. And I haven't [yet] abused myself to the degree that I require a cramp buster. If on the other hand you're talking about the small differences in throttle free play, you might have failed to notice the last two posts from July 23rd.
  10. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    You mean, like ABS? Or that awful excuse for Traction Control on Honda's supposed "technology showcase" bike??
  11. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    I don't recall this feature being a selling point. I find it difficult even to find a magazine review that mentions it. There is a small chance, in my opinion, which could be entirely wrong, that this feature was installed to make up for some kind of off-idle fueling issue caused by steps to meet emissions regulations. But to be clear, I'm saying this in an informational vacuum. Has anyone seen reference to this in the Service Manual? Wording there might offer a hint.
  12. How intrusive is your traction control?

    I can't think of any circumstance where the TC genuinely saved me. There was one instance where I was taking off from a stop and hit something slippery and my own instinct kicked in before the TC did. It has on the other hand endangered my life in traffic on multiple occasions by kicking in when accelerating hard over irregular pavement, so I generally leave it turned off unless I'm riding through ridiculously bad conditions.
  13. Parasitic Drain

    I'm not a tech; I just play one on TV. Sorry, the joke sounds better when you find out I'm a studio engineer at ABC Television. The good news is I got my ham license after procrastinating for thirty-five years or so. Just in time to end up working for - by total coincidence - the fellow who helps run the Broadcast Employees Amateur Radio Association and does most of the support on the club's northeast repeaters. So, when does the discussion start about the absolute measure of a blonde c**t hair? Back to the proverbial brass tacks... A lot of the guys working as mechanics are the bottom of the barrel. I don't mean to be a dick about this but it is what it is. Mechanics salaries are crap while the shop rates are through the roof. It doesn't bring in the best of the best. While some are there because that's what the truly love to do, lots of these guys are the ones who barely know which way to use a crescent wrench (trick question... answer: throw it in the f***ing garbage), and who with just a little luck might put your bike back together with as many fasteners as it came in with. If you're luckier, they will know when they're out of the element with a problem and get their supervisor involved. But not likely. These are the guys who don't know milliamps from menstrual cramps. Many of them either had to go to a trade school or jail and chose trade school. And by the way, BTDT. just sayin'. The problem is they chose a trade they had no idea would be so complicated, especially now. And for some reason that nerds like us can't possibly fathom, even if they totally understand why a torque wrench is so important or how a flame front works, most of them just can't get their heads around the flow of electricity, much less the math.
  14. Parasitic Drain

    A friend of mine who taught at an auto tech school said the hardest stuff to get through to the students was pretty much anything about electricity.
  15. Am I the only one who didn't know...

    At least we don't see Godwin's Law invoked much here.