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  1. looking to buy some stock parts

    If you wind up needing a stock upper cowl, I put one in the Classifieds a few days ago.
  2. Buying advice - 8th gen

    I will have to at least partially disagree with Bent. Which is nothing new. Must have something to do with that heretic eschewing the gear-driven cam noise. ;-) I'm one of the biggest complainers about the TC. Yet the last one to say anything about the little switch on the left bar. That said, we can't all be MotoGP champs. Maybe it's easy to say that if you can't ride without TC (or ABS or whatever) then you shouldn't be riding but for some, it may not be the worse insurance policy in the world. After a half million or so miles not feeling like TC ever would have done me a favor, I almost always turn mine off. Others swear by leaving it on. Your mileage may vary. Yeah, the heated grips don't make all that much of a difference. And those allegedly curve-sensitive self-cancelling turn signals are a pain in my balls. Next time I have my plastics off I'm disabling that. The remote preload adjuster is handy if you like to tweak between pillion and pillion-free riding but it's not critical. Pit Bull stands are nice but they don't help much when you need to work on your bike 1,000 miles from home. None of the 8th gens use linked brakes, thankfully. The big disagreement is gonna be about the ABS. That disagreement transcends the issue of rider skills and awareness and has to do with physics and human reflexes. Maybe it doesn't apply if you live on a mountain road and that's the only place you ever ride, but it's a lesson that I've learned the hard way, and I can say that so far ABS has saved my 8th gen twice and once saved both a pedestrian and the bike. Allow me to explain with a scenario... Picture an intersection with crosswalk lines painted on the roadway. You're toodling along (see arrow) and someone blows a light and turns left in front of you. So you grab a handful of brake. The front squats and static friction is now your friend. And just as you reach maximum braking force and thinking "I've got this", your heavily loaded front tire reaches that "stop line" before the crosswalk. The paint on that stop line has a substantially lower coefficient of friction, so now your front tire is sliding. But, it's only a foot across, so it shouldn't be a big deal, right? Wrong! Once the no longer rotating tire hits pavement again, it's no longer static friction that you're depending on. So you have to re-apply/adjust your braking force. But your reflex time means that you've traveled ten or fifteen feet already. By the time you've done that, you're now well into the paint that delineates the crosswalk. And as you're re-adjusting for that, you're about to hit pavement again. And then possibly hitting the vehicle that just cut you off, just as your bike's nose dives under max braking force for the last time before the flatbed pulls it aboard. We're not all racer-boys and public roads are not tracks with reliable pavement that we've walked and inspected before a race. Public roads don't have corner workers with flags and bags of stuff to pick up slippery liquids from the vehicles that preceded us. $#!+ happens, and the ABS is a nice thing to have when it does. On the other hand I wouldn't mind having a way to shut off the ABS when I want. Good luck whatever you do!
  3. Buying advice - 8th gen

    Awesome, thanks for the info on the Travel Pack. I think I'll add it to my review web page for the benefit of The Masses. The Corbin on my 4th gen weighed as much as a kayak, tore up the bike's paint, and the backrest rusted in place, but otherwise I loved it, LOL. I'll be interested to see how that works out for you over time. If you plan on making it to a bike night here at Spiegel's some day, please let me know so I can have a first-hand look.
  4. New VFR Owner - Hi and a few Questions

    Fair 'nuff. I like that stretchy dry stuff too. I'm thinking some heat-shrink is probably a decent alternative to using adhesive electrical tape at the ends. Everyone: remember to use flush cutters when snipping the ends off your zip-ties! Your flesh will thank you later...
  5. New VFR Owner - Hi and a few Questions

    Smart move to simplify the power supply to the horn. At those current levels the tiniest additional resistance reduces horn energy. Nice to see someone who knows how to crimp. What kind of black tape did you use to wrap the wires? Anything special that won't turn into a gooey nasty mess in a few years?
  6. Super Charger Kit - 8th Generation

    Just in case you'd consider going Team Green... http://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/new-bikes/2017/october/kawasaki-supercharged-ninja-h2-sx/
  7. Buying advice - 8th gen

    I don't disagree with the Honda pricing being absurdly high, especially for stuff like the $300 (!!!) mounting plate, or that back rest. A hundred bucks for that effing back rest? Really? But given retail and prevailing discount prices for all those bits together, the US$1600 price tag is still a steal and becomes competitive with third party options.
  8. One Year Review Vid

    Interesting that it has both the VFR and Interceptor badges... The paint's sparkle really comes out in that lighting. But everything else looks too dim in the video. Couldn't see the tail tidy at 1:18. If you want the orange front marker lights to be white... hard to tell from the fiches but it looks like the "bulbs" (LED) are integral to the harness. Which means it would probably cost about US$65 each to replace them with Aussie bits. If the LEDS are integral to the lens it should cost you half that. Which markets have 'em in white? Shop around. Small possibility of harassment from a pedantic cop though. Here in the 'States, markers lamps are amber. If they're white, they are auxiliary front lamps, which means your DOT -required marker lamps are missing.
  9. Tires!

    Meanwhile my PR4s are up to about 12,000 miles or so. A little scalloping in front, probably because I brake way into curves, but they still have a few K left in 'em. They feel no more or less inspiring in the rain than the 023s I had on my 4th Gen but they don't seem to get as squared off as the Bridgestones did.
  10. Tires!

    Funny thing is, I thought the BT-020s were great in the rain, over road paint and metal bits. Later compositions, not so much.
  11. Buying advice - 8th gen

    Wow, that Travel Pack looks like a helluva deal! Where did you get that idea/info? It's about $2400 worth of stuff (retail) for about US$1600 plus freight at today's exchange rate. Possibly less since I don't think we'd pay the VAT. Even at Partzilla prices that would be over $1900 and that's with a 33L trunk. What are you paying in USD for that including shipping?? Oh, and how do you like the Corbin? Comfort? Weight? Fitment to the bike? What made you buy it?
  12. OEM Top Case install and Honda 1-Key System

    I've always pictured you as fairly capable. I'm sure if you were to sit down and put aside presupposed inhibitions you'd get through it just fine. Quick edit: Although, getting through it one-handed might make it more of a challenge. Did not immediately consider that. It's an annoying routine but not actually that mentally challenging. My biggest impediment has always been translating those awful line drawings in instruction sheets, fiches, etc. into the mental image that I need. -Brad
  13. New VFR Owner - Hi and a few Questions

    If I could figure out a way to make an air tank and compressor look like it belongs on the VFR, I'd have fookin' TRAIN HORNS on mine. It's not even for the cars. NYC's pedestrians are just something else.
  14. HISS

    I'm not so sure that you're missing much, not having the HISS stuff. It makes keys absurdly expensive to purchase and copy. And I'm not sure what they do up in Canton but here in NYC most of the thieves just brazenly drive up to the bike in a stolen van, pick the bikes up and pull 'em in. Any time day or night, and bystanders are hardly an impediment. Keeping them from starting the bike after pulling the lock cylinder with a slap hammer isn't an impediment to theft.