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  1. I'm acquainted with some of the people who pulled that off. It's an interesting lesson in politics and the importance of organization. Meanwhile the label law in CA is another lesson about keeping an eye on your legislative calendar.
  2. Wow, talk about lip service. When H-D gives up its Screamin' Eagle brand and forbids its dealers, er, I mean boutiques from installing exhaust parts not bearing the correct EPA labeling for use on public roadways, I'll reconsider my total dismissal of that COO's sincerity. As for banning loud pipes in this country... {deep breath} Loud pipes are already banned at the federal level for more than four decades and I can't think of any state offhand that also doesn't have laws on the books meant to address in some way illegal exhaust systems and modifications. The reason cities are getting more mention now is because the feds only enforce the laws at manufacturing and customs, many of the state laws are not well though-out from the standpoint of ease of enforcement and adjudication, and state inspections (where applicable) are corrupt. The People have become sick of the lack of tangible enforcement and the difficulties in making useful improvements to state laws, so they are finding satisfaction in compelling their cities and towns to step up their games with their own local laws. It is surprisingly easy to do. I hate to break it do you but these things do get voted on and the truth is, the majority vote is against the noise. I'll even go one further and say that the majority of folks in this country don't care for motorcycles or their riders altogether. But if you feel strongly about your perceived right to make noise, you should establish better relationships with your elected officials and rally your peers to do the same. If your stance has merit you should be able to get legislation written to relax the bans on loud pipes. If nothing else, you can make sure that new legislation meant to address loud pipes is reasonable in nature and work to kill it if it is not. Or you can just tell everyone you ain't got time fo dat and then complain about the tyranny of the majority. Most of us probably break various laws, particularly when it comes to traffic rules and motor vehicle regulations. But the "don't the cops have better things to do" routine is really weak. Feel free to call it a tax if that makes you feel better but nobody is forcing you to break laws.
  3. Trust in mechanics or dealers notwithstanding, the Akro is a more than decent pipe, and in some countries the Akro is what Honda themselves sell as an upgrade option. As such, one of the things the extra coin buys you is the certifications that tell the police to bugger off if they're tempted to cite you for noise or an illicit muffler. Not a bad thing to have in some places. YMMV, of course. And preferences for appearance will always be subjective. Personally I could never understand what VFR owners saw in Staintune cans.
  4. Given the 8th gen's tendency to be twitchy at low throttle settings, I'd probably set my sites on a progressive unit.
  5. So here's the thing... If the ABS engages it's because a wheel left the pavement. Even my car does this if I hit the brakes on shite roadway. If a wheel has left the pavement it sure as hell ain't gonna be good for braking. When the wheels both normalize, ABS should shut off. If it doesn't then that's something that needs to be addressed with the manufacturer. I definitely can't speak for what H-D does with its ABS. I confess that I'm bloody impressed with someone who can't stop in time for something in front of him due to a brake malfunction, but can still manage to swerve and avoid. Or maybe "almost" wasn't as close as it sounded to me initially. I guess I'm guilty of nitpicking...
  6. I don't usually look to H-D riders for advice about handling. For too long, too many of them have been the sources of stories about how they had to "lay 'er down" to avoid colliding with something, or how using the front brake will send you flying over the handlebars. Never mind all the stuff about how helmets are dangerous... The ABS can't easily be shut off so the only liability is if you spend a lot of time on fire roads. But I've managed just fine so far. Bumps haven't caused any problems but a couple of potholes have caused the ABS to fire, but not in a problematic way.
  7. Back to the technical stuff and sanity checks for a moment... I notice now that if I turn the bars to full hard left lock, I have a hard time turning the ignition key from OFF to LOCK. It locks OK if I let the bars just a bit from hard lock.
  8. Do as you wish but salesmen get paid to move the product. If he doesn't have an ABS model to move, he's gonna downplay the importance of ABS. ABS is the reason I bought this bike. If I wanted a simple machine I'd have bought an old H-D pan head.
  9. Gonna have to go back to the rehab place and insist on getting face to face with the perp and try to get her insurance paperwork. If not I'll do my own detective work, then sue. The NYPD has restored my complete lack of faith in this city's law enforcement. To Swerve and Deflect. I wasted bus fare two ways and blew my meal break to be told - after first calling and being told I could come any time and have the report amended - that (a) only the person who filed the initial report could amend it and (b) they won't do anything because "it's only property" and because they didn't personally witness it. Never mind that we can get them all this woman's info and her face clearly recorded. Never mind that it's clear she knew what she did. I think I have this whole job and taxes thing all wrong. If police are really that cruelly neutered then a life of crime is clearly a win.
  10. I'm a little conflicted. I don't necessarily equate turning an apathetic blind eye to conspiracy. But, it's not like any of the rehab staff were forthcoming. I will be letting the police handle this, primarily. The hit/run is a misdemeanor (if it's her first) with a $500-$1000 fine plus the threat of incarceration. But I will also be writing a letter to the place, suggesting that some of their personnel appear to fall short of the moral standards that should be expected of them. And while the perp was obviously done for the day and on public property, if any of her helpers were still on the clock then the argument could be made to drag the rehab place into the picture legally. The administrator showing me the video said, when watching this and seeing the helpers, "well, that's disappointing." Yeah, it certainly is.
  11. Thanks all for the feedback about the sidestand. It's one less thing to worry about. But so far I'm looking at tweaked forks, a smashed side case, a bunch of mid and upper plastic broken/scraped (even some small but deep front fender gouges), mirror covers and a mirror stalk, the stay that holds the gauges and plastics up front, etc. Plus the bike is my primary transport so I'm probably screwed for two weeks. Anyway, security camera footage for the win. This happened in front of a rehab place where my mother is staying so I paid a visit to the administration office and they were very helpful and they have excellent cameras. But it was heart-crushing to see this woman bullshitting with some employees by the front entrance, then walk right between the bike and the back of her SUV, get into the SUV, back up a good five or so feet into the bike, then realize what she did, then get two of her co-workers (all rehab employees) help her pick up the bike but nobody wanted to leave a note about what happened or say anything. But at least now the guilty party has been identified. So my dinner break from work tonight will be spent at the 19th Precinct amending the police report. Then I can give the insurance company the good news. And perhaps next Sunday I can do some of my own footwork and get info on the vehicle, just for laffs.
  12. Thanks. This really sucks. I'm thinking this one was intentional. The SUV was in a huge space, several feet to spare front and back, shouldn't even have had to use reverse really. Gonna go over security camera footage on Monday.
  13. ninjadiscussion.com??
  14. My until-now somewhat pristine (if unwashed) 8th Gen got backed into this afternoon by some idiot in an SUV parallel un-parking with a lead foot. I'm going over the damage and trying to figure out what isn't right. Which is plenty. The predictable plastic damage, left side case utterly destroyed, tweaked forks, the gauges are about 3/4" to the right of where they're supposed to be, the mirrors, etc. Something I'm not sure about is the kickstand, which seems to have a fair amount of play in it. I was hoping someone else with a VFR that hasn't been dropped could give me a baseline to work with. When the kickstand is down and the bike is upright, do you have any side-to-side play in the stand when pushing on it? Thanks in advance...
  15. That reminds me, I had searched hi and lo for wheel weights that would at least come close to matching the wheels outta the box but no luck.