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  1. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    In my experience, my 4th gen didn't care at all what fuel I put in there, including crap grade tractor gas once while I was stuck way out in the middle of nowhere. But my 8th gen seems to be much more discriminating. At hooligan RPMs most folks probably would never notice but cheap gas grades really hurt low RPM performance. It was a difference I could both hear and feel.
  2. For the most part the same is true here. Though I did have a Scorpio motion/proximity alarm that a few years saved one of my VFRs from being loaded into a van on NYC's upper west side.
  3. Handlebar Muffs

    Actually I have a heated jacket liner and heated gloves. Heated grips don't do squat for you when it's 25F, and not only do unheated winter gloves not hold up in those temperatures, they block the heat from the grips. With muffs and heated grips you can use lighter gloves.
  4. Handlebar Muffs

    Now that the chill is setting in... has anyone tried installing handlebar muffs on their 8th Gens or similar?
  5. Any Fried Stators Yet?

    No bad news here yet. I've kept an ear on the tracks for related news and the only electrical gremlin I've heard about on the 8th gens was one person (here I think) with a regulator that apparently suffered some kind of semiconductor breakdown and was draining the battery while making faint squealing noises. When I took long trips with my 4th gen I carried a spare!
  6. After finding a Kryptonite disc lock in two pieces on the floor of my garage, in place of where my VFR used to be, I no longer place much faith in those things anyway. Your Mileage May Vary
  7. What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    If your fingers were the size of kielbasa, maybe panel removal is necessary. Maybe that's how the Japanese picture all non-Asians.
  8. Auxiliary Fender Lights

    So these things are advertised as 2190 lumens at 10 watts each. Which seems a bit incredible efficiency-wise but who knows. A friend of mine had been peddling 15 watt Cree units a couple of years ago and said they were just shy of 2000 lumens. All I can say is when he turned those things on it looked like a scene from Close Encounters. I'm sure you could find stuff for half the price if you wanted. Just check the build quality.
  9. Anyone Else Disappointed With The Head Lamps?

    In some places with bored Nazis wearing police badges, the missing reflectors can earn you a summons. Just FYI.
  10. Quickshifter

    Egads, man, glad you kept your foot but that sounds awful. Feel free to pursue the OEM quick shifters but bear in mind that there are at least a few businesses that for quite some time have specialized in modifying bikes for people with ability limitations such as yours. Good luck, Brad
  11. VFR800 for Home Depot run?

    I think the size of your load would be tension-dependent. ;-) On a serious note I think I see a marketing opportunity. Something to go in place of the handles, a la the old lamented franken bolts. Shouldn't be too tough to fab something, maybe make a production run via eMachineShop.com or somesuch.
  12. VFR800 for Home Depot run?

    That's what the Jesus handles are for. If you have side cases, the brackets offer you a few extra places to hook bungee nets. If not, the holes for the side case claws are OK too. Or, you may not want a top case, but you can buy the extended grab handles meant to carry the mounting plate, and that gives you plenty of options. You can put a milk crate there and make all the KLR owners jealous!
  13. K&N Oil Filter Recall - KN-204

    The magic of advertising, brand identification and sucker consumers (sorry guys, nothing personal, just the way it is). Especially silly when the OEM filters cost about the same as K&N's crap, perhaps even a bit less. Though I wonder if some shops might be using the K&Ns because of a better profit margin on them.