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  1. Not bad at all. I feel a challenge coming on.. The Mechanics reviewers got 123mph (198km/h) from the one they tested with 55hp so there or there about. That was at a test track too.
  2. Here's another dyno run from way way back. This is for an 1984 version with the 32mm carbs and different heads. 55hp, which is close to what Cycle got when they tested the 84 version (they got 53.2hp).
  3. As you spotted there is so little dyno info for the VF500F. A google search brings up bugger all. The chart I posted was from the original reviews way back.I suppose these then became the "truth". Your run is as valid as anyone elses. Have you managed to measure the top end on it? The best I have ever seen on mine was 183km/h on a GPS. Mine definitely doesn't deliver 59hp though. I might try and get mine tested..
  4. Testament to the build and design. You would be pushed to find a modern 500 pumping out out anything like much power. Just a pity it's a bit fragile in the valve train area. 31 years is a long time...
  5. Useful info. Gives me something to aim for. Possibly that dyno was a tad optimistic though.
  6. I'm really impressed. How close to stock is it? I doubt mine makes anything like that.
  7. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    THe 500C is chain drive but yes, I think the internal gearing is slightly different. The difference are small and I definitely know its been done before without too much drama. If the engine is good otherwise, then I see no reason to not make it fit.
  8. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    Don't use parafin then. Use a cheap oil or whatever you have to hand and spin it on a battery. While you are doing that you can use a compression tester to check the compression. There are posts on here and elsewhere where a 500C engine has been fitted to a 500F. Physically it fits but there are a few minor electrical differences. You will need to search.
  9. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    Its a Magna VF500C engine by the looks of it. You don't have to split it but you should take the cam covers off and look at the cams and make sure all the valves are present and correct.
  10. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    Yes, that's an oil mod alright. You don't often see them on a VF500. I hope it is all there and it works OK for you.
  11. Leave the DoB off your CV. Companies should not discriminate on age these days.
  12. My new (old) Honda VF500F2 RaceBike

    Well done. Looks mean without the fairing.
  13. My new (old) Honda VF500F2 RaceBike

    That is good. The best I have seen out of my sat nav was 182.32km/h.
  14. My new (old) Honda VF500F2 RaceBike

    Looks great. Did you win a race on it. Any problems with it?
  15. Endurance Racing VF500 build.

    No chance of a spare set of 32mm carbs (Non California)?