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  1. Congrats, even with the little sting of $100, beats a mark on the license and the $800 ticket!
  2. Motus V4

    Looks like Motorcyclist Magazine is looking at the Motus this month. http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/building-american-dream-motus-mst?spMailingID=30676565&spUserID=NjMwNjg1NDc2ODgS1&spJobID=1122426177&spReportId=MTEyMjQyNjE3NwS2
  3. The company I worked for was based in the United States of Texas and before I left they offered me a position at their HQ in Richardson. Although I am usually open to new experiences, my wife and I discussed it over and over and both of us decided that Texas was not for us. Even though I'd be earning more plus the addition to the cost of living difference, we both decided it would be best if we stayed in California. It's been 13 years since then and I still have my own business and doing well enough that I have several motorcycles, ride in awesome areas and get to enjoy the beaches, mountains, deserts and even an island across the channel as often as I like! I should add, if anybody wants to bail California, please do, it's so crowded here already, I'd really like a little less traffic when I ride!
  4. Nice job. I'll be looking into hoses too at some point. How was the kit? Any issues with hose length, bends or fitting them on the bike?
  5. Camp Edison was alright but I think we pissed off the camp host with our "loud" motorcycles.
  6. I have no problem with another body, not sure what the accommodations are like but I'm sure 4 should sleep comfortable. I'll tack on Crazybro to the list. Here's who is staying in the 2 story I reserved. duc2v4 sfdownhill BrianF Crazybro
  7. Looks like sfdownhill will be taking the third bed. So hopefully he'll chime in to let you all know he's going.
  8. Sweet. I'm sure there's plenty of room for more, although I didn't ask for the square footage was. He said 3 queen beds and 2 stories, hopefully that meant the building and that he's not going to read us a couple of stories before bed.
  9. Rather than risk losing the room, I booked it. Hopefully those who haven't booked theirs yet can just share this cabin with me. I have 48 hours before the date to cancel, so if you're hemming and hawing, please don't wait too long. Although I don't mind having a huge place to myself, I'd rather not have to pay the for the whole lot if I don't have to. Cheers!
  10. Well I got home very late and just procrastinated on looking into getting a room. I did however call this morning and found that the Musick Creek had one space left but it is a 2 story unit with 3 queen beds for $180.00/night. Anybody want to share this? He said it had a fridge, microwave, etc. If anybody wants to split this, I think time is of the essence!
  11. As soon as I get home, I'll book a room...I hope! At work and caught a quick break and posting this from my phone.
  12. Stompgrip is cheating [with pics]

    More work went into that than I thought, good job on the trimming though, takes a steady hand to use a razor knife.
  13. Well, you know my story...I'll be there!
  14. What is this?

    That's the time lapse knob. Turning it counter clockwise will make your engine appear to run at a low RPM, turning it clockwise with make it appear to run at a higher RPM. It works just like an idle adjustment screw...
  15. Exhaust Header Gaskets

    I believe the manual says to use grease. At least that's what I recall and ended up using.