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  1. One minor correction...it's JIS not JAS. and they do work better than Philips screw drivers. I bought a set of Vessel drivers along with a couple of their impact driver versions. When I first got them I was trying them out on just about every screw I could find! BTW, great post. I always forget to stop and take pics and document things when I do task that some find intimidating or difficult. I always end up getting done and then thinking why didn't I take pics. Having a good guide and the proper tools does makes a difference.
  2. The lens cable that connects to the recorder is zipped tied down, but the recorder itself can easily be removed and stowed away. If you look at the rear camera setup, I have the recorder on a ram mount that uses one of the rear grab handle mounting bolts to secure it to the bike. Both the front and rear recorders can easily be removed without a huge hassle, however I do use zip ties to keep the rear recorder secured as I cannot see it like I can with the front camera. The 6 Gen ram mounts though, have "anti-theft" mechanisms on the ram mounts hat help deter thieves. Nothing is fool proof but I have had both bikes parked in public spaces for several hours and not a hint of tampering.
  3. If I am not mistaken, the VFR800 uses a MAP sensor. In regards to the Power Commander, the PC5 has the ability to switch between two maps and is done via a contact closure. Open circuit = Map 1, Closed circuit = Map 2.
  4. On my 6 Gen I have a set of "flashlight" cameras that I got from a website called GearBest.com. These are "knock offs" of a SooCoo S20W camera. BTW both bikes have a power control module (PDM60) which I have programmed to turn on and off the power to them with the ignition.
  5. Check out a company called INNOVV, they have a couple of cameras that work really well and even have a dual camera kit. I have 2 of their C3 snake cameras mounted to my 5 Gen. I'm planning on replacing them with their new C5 version.
  6. Well, not looking guys. We are close and actually got a slight extension but that means working over the weekend! If some miracle happens between now and Saturday, I'll let you all know but at this moment, looks like I'm out. I'll be sure to raise a glass in honor of Ed this weekend! Have a good ride and come back safe guys. Cheers, D
  7. Crossing my fingers about being able to go but the project deadline is on Friday and it's going to be really hard to make it unless I put in some really long days. We also might get an extension on some room deliveries so there's always that chance. I'll know more closer to the date.
  8. Yep, Custom Rewind 2014 Pratt Hwy, Birmingham, Alabama 1-800-798-7282
  9. If you're talking Stator, I had my 6 Gen Stator rewound for $100 (return shipping included). I believe it was Custom Rewind in Alabama that did it. It was based on the recommendation of a few members on the forum. I'll see if I can verify the place and post the info here.
  10. Yes, LA is Hell Hole, everybody stay away, nothing to see here, please disperse...and take all of the others clamoring to be here with you when you go!
  11. See, us 'Mericans aren't that hard to understand...
  12. I'll be honest I did not watch the whole video but did see the semi truck part, I really have to chuckle at the term being squeezed out of the lane. Being in California I get to do what a lot of other riders around the world get to do and that is lane share/split/filter, whatever name it's given and as such have truly been squeezed out of a lane. One time in particular, I actually rubbed shoulders with a large "Dually" truck and even had my helmet touch his side view mirror. Whether he didn't see me or he was trying to keep me from splitting, I'll never know, but in my case I was literally "squeezed"out of the lane. Here's a clip of where I turned the tables on the cars...not my brightest moment but I knew I had it in the bag!
  13. Welcome Aboard! The goofy grin is pretty much standard fair with VFR owners. Even when I'm commuting on my 6 Gen, I get to experience the beauty of that V4 engine. Most of my miles of commuting is on LA/OC freeways but on the occasional trip, I do get to take alternate routes through some of our local mountain roads. Most times I plan my routes that way, I mean why noy not right?
  14. And not one but two! These had about 60k miles on them BTW.
  15. I could just send them in for analysis or I could get them cleaned and swap with another VFR owner, which is what I am doing. Dropped them off yesterday morning about 9AM and by 3:30PM they were ready for pick up. I picked them up this morning and here is the results of my original injectors. They were actually worse than the used ones I bought.