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  1. Has anyone hit you up for that 8 spoke? If not I know a few takers...
  2. I went and corrected my original post. Glad you could use it. $60 is a nice chunk of change. @Tiutis, take a look at the rebate link in my post, it should tell you what qualifies.
  3. Anyone still interested in the Dunlop RS3 tires, I just received an email regarding a $60 mail in rebate when you buy a set of RS3. The email came from Chaparral-racing.com but I imagine this is a Dunlop rebate and wherever you buy them the rebate should apply. Of course, double check before pulling the trigger on your purchase but the rebate form is available on line here... Dunlop Rebate Good for purchases between May 15, 2017 and July 4, 2017. *Edit: Corrected starting date for qualifying purchases.
  4. Beat me to it JDM...
  5. Oops, a few more comments... Too much negative press is given to the 6 Gen, I actually bought my 6 Gen before the 5 Gen and actually considered getting a second one for my play bike, but ultimately went with the 5 Gen for the reasons mentioned above and figured it would be cooler to have to the two different versions. Yes, it has chain driven cams but like any vehicle, proper maintenance and care makes this negligible IMO. The VTEC is widely misunderstood as well. Most people think that you'll be in a corner and all of sudden the the VTEC will kick in and toss you off the bike! Once you realize when and where VTEC engages you quickly learn where to keep your RPMS. If I am touring, I'm usually under the engagement point and never have a worry. If I am being more sporty, I'm usually above the engagement point and riding with VTEC engaged. I wouldn't discount the 6 Gen if you can find a good deal on one but since you are coming from a 4 Gen, the 5 Gen might be closer to what you're familiar with.
  6. IMO, the 5 Gen would make a great replacement. I bought my 01 because I wanted the last generation of the GDC motor and because I wanted a VFR playbike that if something should happen to, I could get it back on the road more easily that say the 3 and 4 Gens. Parts, especially body panels seem to be more available, OEM in particular (albeit a little beat up sometimes). Looks are subjective but I have no problem with the looks of the 3 or 4 Gen VFRs, I would actually love to have a White 3 Gen in my stable but room, riding time and the wife, seem to say differently.
  7. Um, 5 Gens did not have VTEC...assume you meant early model 6 Gen (2002-2005)
  8. They're called Pan Head screws and are 6mm x 1.0 thread pitch. Although I'm sure you can source it somewhere other than Honda, I've had a hard time finding an exact replacement but if you're not picky I'm sure a nice Allen head bolt and a fender washer would work. http://www.partzilla.com/parts/detail/honda/HP-90106-KY2-701.html
  9. I think Duccmann may have mentioned this before but when we were at the WSBK race and he was signing autographs, there was a cut off time as he was scheduled elsewhere that afternoon. There was still quite a long line when he had to leave and instead of just leaving, he walked down the line and was signing autographs as he was leaving. I was also able to meet him and speak with him briefly at the D-Store grand opening just before he went to WSBK. A lot of people at the event were involved in the industry but there were also many guest who weren't and most were surprised on how friendly and approachable he was. I feel sad that we lost him but even more so for his fiancé and family. This was taken at the D-Store event. You're going to be missed Nicky.
  10. Unfortunately this time the statement is true. So sad as he was still very young. Godspeed Nicky, R.I.P.
  11. Here's a few more pennies to add. I have installed SS lines on both of my VFRs and the 5 Gen was a bit of a snap compared to the 6 Gen, probably because I didn't strip the rear sub frame off of the bike. That alone would actually suggest that the 6 Gen would require more work anyway as I didn't have to on the 5 Gen nor had the same amount of effort dealing with them. As far as bleeding, I now have it down to a science and have actually had several people come over for my assistance with it and once you put speed bleeders on (Something I highly recommend linked brakes or not) bleeding is a snap. I think bleeding linked brakes might be intimidating at first, ultimately it just means more bleed points.
  12. This is the one time I actually don't mind hearing the term "fake news"!
  13. My two cents, if you're fine with the 5 Gen brakes, then doing DMr fork internals is a very cost effective upgrade and is well worth the cost. I have had all three of my bikes redone by Jamie and all three have been revitalized! If you find that the brakes are in need of an upgrade, installing VTR forks and calipers would be the easiest upgrade and would most likely be worth the time and effort. Although I track my 5 Gen, I kept the stock braking system and just updated the internals. As I mentioned above, it is now a very revitalized and capable bike. I'm sure a de-linking and installing better calipers would do even more for me, I am not that interested in doing all that work for something that I'm happy with already.
  14. Looking very serious for Nicky Hayden after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle. Nicky Hayden in medically induced coma
  15. I have to say that is one gorgeous bike you have there Dutchy!