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  1. Buying advice - 8th gen

    Hard to see $1600 for what amounts to maybe $150 worth of technology being a deal. The pricing on luggage for this bike (and in general) is just absurd.
  2. Under dressed

    You could feed a family of four with those chicken strips.
  3. Tracked the 8th Gen over the weekend

    I'm recalling mid 150's before I started braking.
  4. Argh

    RT, I can 100% confirm that the tab in question is not broken. Just disassembled mine and it matches.
  5. Argh

    I'll poke at mine tomorrow and see what it looks like. I have a feeling what you posted is not broken.
  6. Argh

    Having a hard time visualizing which fairing that is.
  7. Tracked the 8th Gen over the weekend

    The swiss army knife of sport bikes!
  8. I was lucky that a very nice Canadian member of the Facebook VFR1200 owners group sent me a set. The bushings completely eliminate free play at the spar.
  9. Returning owner for the third time

    Man, the silver looks great. Has a nice depth to it. Grats.
  10. There is at least 25mm of free travel before the brakes start to do any proper braking. Mush. New lines would be nice (if available), but the real difference is felt in the master cylinder.
  11. Dunlop Roadsmart 3's

    For what it's worth Revzilla drop ships their tires. Tucker rocky I think, was where the t30 evos I got through them came from.
  12. I feel the same! Brakes are a bit of a let down, though I feel front low speed compression would have to be looked at if proper brake feel was restored. I never thought to cross reference the calipers myself... damn, same as the '15 600rr and 1000rr! I think a set of Brembo MC's would look fine on this bike! For starters I might just try the MC off of one of those bikes. I'm going to replace the pads with Vesrah RJL's shortly as the OE's are getting thin.
  13. Tracked the 8th Gen over the weekend

    I've been riding for about... 28 years? Something like that. Don't be fooled, this was just the Intermediate group. I have a CCS racing license but I'm way back of the pack in a race. There were a few Panigale's in the group (one of them was clearly a fast rider, the other is the one I mix it up with some). Camera was a friends go-pro hero session, and the mount is kind of halfway below the windscreen on the nose. Real nice camera, which I had inadvertently switched to a 4:5 aspect ratio. Centerstand was still on -as long as it doesn't flop around they are ok with it. I do have the QS, and I have it converted to reverse-shift pattern. Slip-on and pair block-off plates are the only other mods. Riding with properly fast people (AMA racers) has taught me that you can pass anywhere on this track!
  14. Tracked the 8th Gen over the weekend

    Nothing wet, just patchy pavement. Summit has been around for a while.
  15. Tracked the 8th Gen over the weekend

    Wow, $99 is hard to pass up. Not a time I can do it though. Bummer!